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The SUPREME COURT 'S Landmark judgment delivered by Honourable Justice Swatanter Kumar and Honourable Justce Dr. B S Chauhan on 13.12.2012 on a SUO MOTU Writ regarding Amarnathji Yatra :
".    Taking notice of the persistent press reports dealing  with  the  poor
arrangements and number of deaths that occurred  during  the  yatra  in  the
year 2012 to the holy cave of Amarnathji, the Court  took  suo  motu  action
and issued notice to the Union of India, State of Jammu and Kashmir and  the
Chairman/President of the Amarnathji Shrine Board vide its order dated  13th
July, 2012.  It will be appropriate to reproduce  the  said  order  at  this
stage itself:-
           “Today’s ‘The Times of India’ and ‘Hindustan Times’  reports  67
           deaths of pilgrims mostly because of the cardiac arrests as well
           for other reasons.  As per these reports, this has  happened  in
           17 days.  Last year 105 persons died during the 45 days’  yatra.
           Thus, this year it appears to be on the rise.  In our considered
           view, the pilgrims have a constitutional right under Articles 21
           and 19(1)(d) to move freely throughout the territory  of  India,
           free of fear, with dignity and safety and to ensure  enforcement
           of such right is the primary obligation of  the  State  and  the
           Central Governments.

                 Where it is a matter of common knowledge that the yatra  to
           the ‘Holy Cave of Amarnath’ is  an  occasion  of  privilege  and
           pride for a devotee, there it is also a matter of great  concern
           for the Government of India, the  Government  of  the  State  of
           Jammu & Kashmir and the Amarnath  Shrine  Board.   Some  of  the
           events that have been widely reported in the  newspapers  compel
           us  to  take  a  judicial  notice  of  the  lack  of   necessary
           facilities, essential amenities and the risk to the lives of the
           yatris, en route and around the “Holy Cave of Amarnath”."

Judgment attached

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