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Dear, please help me to get answer of following scenario

I have a registered trademark. I buy goods from open market from various importers (who imports from china) and few unbranded goods buy from wholesale markets (Made in India). I make my own combos and sell them. e.g. I bought a mobile repair toolkit from china importer which has 10 parts.

Second unbranded Item I bought from Indian wholesale market which has 7 parts.

Now, created a combo with 3 parts from each item - total of 6 parts from various unbranded items and sold them to a consumer / retailer in my own packaging printed with my trademark name.

My question is - Can I give this new combo my name say " 'mytrademark' screwdriver / tool set for mobile repair" and mention this name on invoice ? Is there any legal formality I need to do w.r.t. "Excise, Job Work etc. or VAT & CST registration is sufficient ?


Retired employee.

First Register the unit as a small scale unit with District Industries center as an assembling industry.  Now the process is simple and single window system and can be done in first visit.  Submit your project report for finance to the Bank for finance.  There is one field officer locate at District Center who has to co-ordinate and guide the entreprenur in all legal forms, and it is a single window process.  (It is being done in mobile assembling and most popular during earlier TV and computer systems)


Dear Sir,

Thanks for your reply in detail.

My scenario is little different from assembling.

Let me elaborate via an example.

  1. I bought one screwdriver set having 10 screwdrivers. It is generic unbranded.
  2. I bought second item - "a screwdriver & some repair tool set with having 5 screwdrivers & 2 other repair tools". It is also generic unbranded.

 Now, I created a set of 8 screwdrivers ( Five from item1 & Three from item2 ). No special assembling. Packed these 8 screwdrivers in my box and sold them. and packed 2 repair tools separately in separate box and sold to another customer.

So, overall there is no technical assembling. It is kind of re-packaging.

Also, it is not a kind of small scale unit. There is no group of people doing this. I'm the only person who is doing this packaging as the volume is very small.


Retired employee.


You need not explain the process to lay persons and there is no such necessity.

When Govt. is guiding legally through Field officers in District Center and wish to promote SSI, use their services.


There is no need for SSI Regn. as no Mfg./processing work is involved.U have to get ur firm registered under VAT 7 CST Act in ur state (GST) for undertaking the desired business activity.Thereafter u can raise ur Retail Invoice under an own product name without any difficulty. As regards trading under exclusive Brand name, U have to get the same registered with the competent authority following due procedure. 


Dear Mr. H.M. Patnaik,

Thanks for your reply. It gives me confidence that I m going into right direction.

I already registered with VAT / CST in my state 'Haryana'.

I've also registered the trademark of my brand and got the registeration certificate.

Now, I think no further formality needs to do.


Dear Mr. H.M. Patnaik,

I've one more related question.

As I do packaging / repackaging of goods received from suppliers / manufactuer in my own trademark / brand packaging boxes. So, do I need to add "Job Work" in my VAT / CST certificate.






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