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I am new to Patent field.

Is patent agent responsible if he submit the information to patent office provided by the patentee is happend to be false?Will it be considered as offence by patent agent?

Could you please let me know what kind of risks involved in the working as a patent agent?

I was planning to go for patent agent but I am not aggressive in nature but good in technical and I dont want myself to put in situation which might affect me -vely while working in this profession.

Please guide me.. I am totally confused.

Your guidance will help me to take decesions.

Thanking you.



Indian Patent Agent

Why are you so much  worried  about taking risk


Mr.Mikya, first DECIDE whether you want to do patent agent's work or not. Once you decide, you will automatically be able to decipher as to what is patentable or non-patentable. Risk is a fact of life and shrugging it is the quality of a weak. If you are confident of handling technicalities of patent subject, please venture into it.  You'll learn to swim once you are in water - criteria is that you frame your mind to swim and not drown.




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