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Hari (ENGINEER)     11 August 2010

Reg. Road Tax for Non State Vehicles

Dear Sir


Many of my friends are having this doubt.


Suppose, If  I have a bike/car with TN registered plate number, Can I use the same in Karnataka or any other state wit out paying road tax for the new state, where I have been transferred.

Bcoz, Itz a own vehicle, also Road Tax payment have been made for lifetime in the origin state of the vehicle.


Why does the Police expects road tax for every states.


Also I heard that , there was a GO (Government order) stating that No need to pay road tax if it is own board & we can use in any state.

Is it true. Kindly elaborate Sir. 


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Surrender K Singal   11 August 2010

If it is ONE India, then, you are correct !

Hari (ENGINEER)     12 August 2010

India should always be one..


y we need to bifurcatee

Advocate. Arunagiri (Advocate High Court Madras.)     03 February 2011

You can use the other state registered car in TN for a particular period only (exactly not known), there after you have to change the registration to TN. You can permanently run the car in TN without transfering the registration.

Surrender K Singal   04 February 2011

After a fixed period say 30 days (in Delhi) vehicles registered in other sdtates are supposed to get re-registered in Delhi ! WHY ???

That may also be the case with other States of so-called One - India ??

N Vanaraj (advocate)     18 August 2011

road tax is paid to the state concerned as it is state subject. hence u have to pay tax at the state where u are using ur vehicle. u have to seek noc from the RTO where it is regidtyered and present it to the state where u are using it with in one month for re registration. some state govts give exemption to certain catogories of persons(like defence personnel) for the duration for which tax has already been paid in other state for which seperate orders are issued by the govt concerned.

Surrender K Singal   21 August 2011

Where goes ONE-INDIA ?

Most of Indian States charge for 15 or 10 years initially at the time of new Registration !

Would it not mean DOUBLE taxation within ONE-INDIA (if it really is) ?

venkatkrishna (AGM)     20 December 2011

Dear  All   Participants ,

As NV.Vanaraj said,  payment of Road Tax is sate subject.   Even though we pay life tax in one state and in case if you wish to move to another state,  for the remaining life of the vehicle you have to pay Tax.

Example  If you have vehicle of 2001 year with LIfe time Tax Paid,  and in the year 2005 if you wish to shift to another state,  in the new state you have  pay life tax for the  remaining life period of the vehicle. 

Act says aftre gtting the new registration,  you can ask refund of the  unsued portionof the life tax of the Original State.

I can say all these laws are bullsh*t and only to  loot common public.  I have suffered a lot .  Motor Vehicle Act says the Registration is valid  to drive the Vehicle in India.  on the other hand it says  you cannot use the Vehicle more than 12 months in  any other state. In such case you have to change the Registration Number.

The big problem we face with traffic police.  the moment  another state name plate appears, it will be a festival for them to celebrate.  No  RTO follows rules and Government also not ready to  amend the rules.

Diversity in Unity. No state police  allow another state vehiccle and really  treat the vehicle onwers as criminals.  It is utter nonsence.

Sreenivas (Service)     06 September 2012

I was transferred from maharashtra a few months ago to chennai i.e. in June.Obtained NOC on 24th Augst.I am prepared to pay Road Tax, However, i do not wish to change the registration No as I may be transferred back in another 3 years. Now what is my position?

Fijo Joseph (student)     22 April 2013

i am student studying in chennai (originally hailing from Kerala)  and have recently brought my bike from Kerala which is registered under my dad's name. As i had rode my bike from kerala to chennai i have no receipt or any document stating that i had brought my bike just one month back and also i do not have a NOC. i will only be using the bike for just around 4 months in chennai. do i have to get an NOC for it ?? AND PLEASE MENTION HOW MUCH IS THE FINE FOR NOT HAVING NOC for the vehicle??? i will be much obliged for your answer as soon as possible. And THANK YOU in advance.

P.S :: I was caught more than once in the matters of NOC and was not given a receipt for the same when i paid the fine. Chennai police is eating my pocket money which is very less which i get.

venkatkrishna (AGM)     24 April 2013

Mr.Fijo Joseph, according to Motor Vehicles Act,  you can use  Kerala Registered  vehicle only for  12 months without paying  any tam in the State of Tamilnadu.   For which, you have to keep some proof, like your date of admision  in to college or some thing.  Still you cannot escape from the corrupt cop on the road. Even you have all proofs also you need to grease the hands of police.  It is not only in Tamilnadu it is regular phenomina in every state. I can suggest you better take back the bike to your home state and take a new or old in Chennai to meet your requirement and when you leave sell the same and go back to your state OR  go for transfer of the Registration which cost you unnecessarily double.

In india our laws are clumsy, complicated and lot of confusing and the police in India are worst and never allow citizen of  India to live happily.  I don't think he will not leave his kith and kin unless he sees money in his hands.



bala   22 December 2015

Hi All,

I have similar kind of issue. I have AP registered two wheeler (TVS Scooty) and I have moved to Chennai temporarily for 1 year(may be extended for 2 more months) and will back to Hyderabad. Do I need to pay any road tax for this 1 year or have to re-register?



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