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Bhaskar for SOCIAL JUSTICE (Legal & Social Activist)     03 January 2011

Reasons for rise in Divorce in India

Reasons for rise in Divorce in India By Sunita ⋅ June 3, 2010 ⋅ Post a comment PATNA: It is said marriages are made in heaven. But perhaps broken on earth. At the rate the ancient institution is crumbling, couples are thinking twice before tying the holy knot. And, interestingly, love marriages are more at risk than arranged ones. According to records, 50 per cent of love unions crack, while only 30 per cent arranged marriages end up in divorce courts. “Even a small issue can result in a break-up these days,” said a lawyer, adding, “most women are working and if they are not treated as equals by their husbands, there’s bound to be resentment and later a rift. Adultery and extra-marital affairs are other reasons of discord among couples.” According to a marriage counsellor, lack of faith, trust, suspicion, impotency and understanding are also taking a toll on marriages. Even ego clashes, especially if the wife is better placed, creates tension between couples. According to Arvind Tiwari, a lawyer in a family court, women are now not thinking twice before taking up matters to the court. “They know they can demand alimony (one-third of the husband’s property) and then lead a normal, peaceful life.” In 2009, 1,36,000 marriages were solemnised in Delhi. Out of this figure, 10,000 ended up in divorce courts! Many are of the opinion that certain sections of the law in favour of women, are being misused. For instance, cases registered under sec 498A IPC dealing with cruelty and torture in a marriage, have become a tool to harass husbands and their family members. “The lawyers hardly try to help. They make things worse,” felt Ajit Kumar, a Patna high court lawyer. But ever since the Domestic Violence Act, 2008, came into vogue, cases under 498 A have gone down in number. According to him, 80 per cent of the “arranged” marriages have a chance of survival even after a rocking dispute. But in love marriages, there’s very little chance of reconciliation. “In a social set up like ours only 10 per cent go for re-marriages and only 5 per cent of the cases get settled through mutual consent. The rest of the cases go for protracted contests, mostly over alimony,” said Kumar. Narrating his traumatic experience, a former scientist of the Department of Atomic Energy, Deepak (name changed) said, “No one is a winner after a divorce. The legal advice for both sides further fuels tension. In my case, my former wife could not handle her ambition and home. She never joined me in my place of posting for seven long years. Even after our divorce in 2000, she continued to harass my family in different ways.” He was forced to remarry to overcome the trauma and feels because of him his son and wife are suffering. Eminent sociologist Hetukar Jha feels divorce can create psychological and social problems. “The very word divorcee itself is humiliating and agonising. The loneliness caused after the break up can be killing,” he said. According to Jha, the basic problem in today’s world is that everybody talks of rights but no one talks about duties.


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Michael Kushner (Manager)     03 January 2011

The reasons for rising in divorce:-

1)Urbanisation and financial stability of both husband and wife are a major reason for increase in divorce.

2)Modernization rises

3)Government is making more and more women related laws which helps a lot for the women.

4)Today's financially strong women are not taking undue pressure on their individual existence.

5) More affairs are taking place before the marriage and ability of trust,love,affection  and understanding become less after marriage.

6)The couples donot try to workout the marriage as they are confident of living independent as they are financially strong.

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N.K.Assumi (Advocate)     12 January 2011

I am of the view that man and woman married without knowing their spose to be properly and simply due to pressure from the family members, or simply they look at the status and position of the spouse without searching their heatrs whether it is true Love or not or whether the Love in their hearts comes from God, as true Love is born in the hearts of man and woman through the Love of God, and such love last for ever, and stick together through good times and bad times and it brings blessings to the spouse living happily in their home built by hearts and not by hands, that is the main reasons of rise in divorce in India.Marriage without such Love is sure to failed with a big bang and a broken marriage affects the society and broken society affects the Nation as a whole.

Supratim Paul (E)     13 January 2011

My case was very different.My wife is more influenced by her own mother and her family and never listens to me and her mother wants me to be like ghar jamai with which I had objection and hence she and her mother planned and she went to her house and never returned back.


Went once got humiliation and after that they have filled maintainance and now they are asking for alimoney of 10 lakhs or else they will file 498a.


so main intension was money. paisa aab bolta hain .... relationship doesnt matter.     

Supratim Paul (E)     13 January 2011

The biggest problem in matrimonial cases is that both side lawyers know hoe to eat money and how to leanthy the case or get huge alimony. I have seen lawyers generally torture and they will never suggest you good and they will suggest you in a direction where they can loot money frm you.


so in that case you money looted by lawyers and wife. 

rajesh (asdadad)     25 November 2012

@Supratim Paul , i hv same story as tht of u. . . Check my replies and various posts . . . My FIL is askin 5 lakh where my salary is 25k and i hv had only 6 months married life out of 1.10 yrs . . . Case has been filed by them . .the real Divorce reasons . She wanted me to leave my parents 4eva to take care of her parents nd leave pune ( my workplace ) nd cum along wid her to mumbai so tht she continue her previous job and her previous affair . . I refused her wish to abort our 1st child . . I m 33 yr old n she is 29 . . I dnt think tht after 10-15 yrs later , u wud b invited to any marriages as most of d gals wud b preferrin to stay single or in a live-in

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