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whether ststement of woman sufficent to attract u/s 376

There is an article in NewsPaper in which famous celebrity Shiney A was alleged that he was implicated in false case as DNA report itself shows that there was no even consensual relationship which was even corrobrated by footings of CCTV camera. Only on the basis of the statement of woman the police has filed the case in which the famous celebrity has to be put behind bars for several months and the matter is subjudice. tHE WOMAN HAS WITHDRWA THE STTEMENT

Few years ago, a judge of South Africa was arrested in Mumbai which the woman has alleged that the perosn has used force later she has retracted the statement

In Delhi, One professional worker too has filed the false case agaiinst the business which was conspited by Police

In leading hospital of delhi , one maid has alleged to have offence and filed the case against the doctor which too has brought in news in order to extort of time

The purpose of this posting is that this law was modified in 80's where the statement of the woman is sufficient to nail down the accused. But with the change of time, how much this will going to be reliable which we can see from the above examples. These are the famous leading cases which becomes limelight. But what about those case which remains hiden, then innocent must have been trapped in order to provide high extorted money to the Opposite Party and there is always of chances that innocent will easily get nailed down only on the fake statement of woman?

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In this era of women liberation, on one hand these women organizations and feminists shout at the top of their voice and claim that women have outrightly surpassed the men. but ironically they are twisting and turning the position on case to case basis. They claim they are ulta-modern and free bird when it comes to wear exposing dresses and to do similar things but in cases like these the same women suddenly turns into abla-naari


This philosophy of "Women speak gospel-truth" has now become obsolete and should certainly be over-ruled, especially in cases where the woman resides in metropolitan cities and belongs to well-to-do famliy and is aptly educated.


There was a case where a divorcee who was 30yr old, filed a case of rape (promise of marriage) against a guy. Police also happily registered the case and started seaching for the accused. The Hon'ble High Court of Delhi while granting Anticipatory bail for the accused, observed, "She was not born yesterday".


So such are the incidences where the testimony of the complainant should be corroborated to a level where no prudent man can doubt it. This is no ground that just because the complainant is a woman, sso she cannot lie. A person who has filed the complaint is only interested in making a strong case against the accused and getting him punished. Now it does not matter if the complaint is true or false.





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. They claim they are ulta-modern and free bird when it comes to wear exposing dresses

This statement is totally unwarranted. Stick to discussing the misue of said law, and don't post your knowledge of women's clothing, or lack thereof. You interest in women's clothing/ lack thereof can be indulged on other websites.




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