My firend want to suicide what can i do stop her.

Hi Friends ..


I have friedn she is married For last 18 year. Her husband has cheated On her 7 year ago.Since than she is in depression . she asked her family to supprot her But they forced her to living With her .During these last 7 year she was so depressed that she had decided to suicide when his son will finish his school.

In the mean time I used to speak with her and try to make her undersatnd that leave the idea of suicide and if she dont want live with Him she can divorce. i have made her ready to do So.

But when she told about this family and husband abt it. They all blamed her that she has affair with me and during last 2 year doing her mental harassment and she is again on the verge of suicide


Please suggest me how can i stop her doing suicide.



Dear varun

if she is ready to divorce her husband and her family is not supporting then she should left the home and live seprately and filed divorce before Hon'ble court with mentioning the real facts of harrassment.

in betwwen if she committed sucide then you and her husband both may be punished as abetor of this sucide.

then it is my opinion if you are in touch with you and you are a real frind of her then filed divorce petition gainst her husband if she is no able to live with him.



Dear friend..

it is noted that even if your friend is suffereing so much she is still living a in her in-laws house for the sake of her child.  I also appreciate YOU for supporitng her through her rough phase of life.  I suggest you to take her to any counsellor n try to make her strong and move ahead with life.  If her husband and other in-laws are harrassing her for many reasons including that of illigitamate relations with you, though she is committed for her marital life, then there is no point of living there and think of suicide.  according to me Living such harrassed life is equal to suicide itself.  Hence i would like to suggest you that stay with her, support her throughout this rough time, file a divorce case on the grounds she mentions,  and bring her out the trouble, then only you can justify yourself as a true friend. 


You must firstly Try to avert her suicidal insticts by telling that if she is alive she has a lot of options a whole of things to do , to fight and not to give up on life for One man alone..let her also help herself try to take her to a good counsellor to first cure her depression only after which she can stand for herself..its no use giving advice right now as people who are depressed get onto one track mindset and its really difficult coping up..spend more time in healing and after that think for other options to divorce fight or stay in the same situation but more boldly if only she can..

good luck..


I am agree with Mr mahendra. Here the first question is how to stop her to do an act which in not only wrong in the eye of law but also in the eye of religion. one must thank god for the life given by the him and instead of ending must face all the situations god wants us to face. You must take her to good counsellor and any thing else once she become stable in life.

she needs a pshychologist.


Thanks To all..

Just told my family about it.They are angry on me . They said I should have stop talking her when she told me that she want to suicide.


yeah tht has always been the most steady and stereotyped reaction from our parents..i dont mean they are wrong but they follow some thumb rules like.."dusre ke fate me tang nahi adana." as it may spoil ur life too..but have some conversation with her help her some time convey her tht ur going out of way to help her and she need to follow ur advice else ull be losing too by helping her ,ie ur parents may get more upset abt all what u can to save her best is take her to a counsellor a psychologist who can help her cope with this..tell her to meditate , go for yoga , do exercise or just breathe in and out daily in morning or teach some kids or help the slums..her pain is nothing compared to those people on street she must realise and life is precious no matter what..just give it a try but remember parents naraz naa ho jyada ..


Take her to a good counselling centre/ mediation centre and also to a psychiarist .  Also try to post pone the thing of suicide til her son's marriage. 


Yes  i will take her to good counselling centre.First need to get rid of his husband and her family . they are emotionally black mailing her




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