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Whether it is the wife against the husband or the husband against the wife, involving third party members of the public in family matters has now become the order of the day.

This benefits the vultures of society and brings more danger to the family members, if not less.

More often than not, for help, people approach others, when such help already exists as a governmental measure. Even mobile apps have been created for all governmental services, be it the police or the electricity bills or any governmental scheme.

The police web-site link, given below, leads you to a lesser known web-site. Select the police station and it would take you to a page with the police station name on it. Click on that name and it would take you to another page where the e-mail is provided. The police have to compulsorily attend to the complaint sent to this mail ID and they contact you and you too can reach out to the computer department-e-mail section - writer of the police station by phone between 10 A.M. to 3 P.M. and remind the person of your mail. 

They have been clearly instructed to treat these complaints as regular petitions and address them and either issue the FIR or with your consent in writing, close the matter.

Here given below, are some links for the residents of Bangalore, to lesser known governmental web-sites where you can file complaints online, generate acknowledgement numbers that are used by them to contact you and is a valid piece of evidence, be it at the police department or the court.

Make good use of these governmental support measures and help yourself, instead of rushing to others.


self-explanatory. the police station name arrives and click on that and it takes you

to the page with the e-mail ID that has to be strictly responded to by the police.



click on new user and create for yourself.



very important link. self-explanatory. select whichever you want.

Best. Sakaala...time bound service by govt.department.


Very useful



this one has the circulars etc. lesser known link. Govt.departments go mainly by the circulars that translate law into functional methods of daily operations at office.


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Good effort Mr.NATARAJAN IYER.




Decent job done by Mr.Natarajan AIyar.




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