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Clive Sinclair (Service)     26 March 2013

Process online regn & stamp duty payment wout using a broker

I recently decided to register my L&L agreement wout a broker. My Licensee was also game for this & so I started off. I found it to be a piece of cake. With below steps based on my learning, you can bypass the broker for good and save yourself a packet in fees. Govt has put systems in place but left gaping holes in educating the citizens. So I am just trying to help the govt & fellow citizens in filling such gaps. Now to business of registration...

1. First make your L&L agreement, calculate the stamp duty by going to https://igrmaharashtra.gov.in/default.aspx
CLick on Online Facilties - Public Data entry.

2. A new page will open. Read the instructions & click Start.

3. Select District where the property is located. Mine was Thane. SO lets use Thane for this process.
4. Select SRO office in Thane. I selected SR Thane 1.
5. Now create a password & note it as you will need it for all future entry/correction etc. If you forget it, just start again from SN 1 above with a new Entry.
6. Next page is 'Presentation Step1'. Here select Article as '36A - Leave & Licenses'
7. Fillup details of Licensor in English. It translates in Marathi automatically. Translation is poor but never mind. When you go to Registrar office, the correct all such error on the spot & are very helpful.
8. Select Presenter as 'Licensor', input details like Monthly License fee (Rent)and Deposit.You will see Stamp duty amount in greyed box.
You can also check Stamp duty by downloading the Help file at top of the page. It has lot of useful info.

9. Now you need to pay Stamp duty before you can progress further. You have quite a few options to pay STamp duty.
(a) Take printout of L&L agreement & goto one of the banks, Pay Stamp duty, get the stamping done on document. Here there is a catch. You need to ask Bank to send SMS to Registrar office at Cell no 82750 90427.Also ask bank to send the same SMS to your cell no also. When you go for registration, the guy at counter will ask you if Bank has sent the SMS. Reply confidentally with YES else he willask you to call your bank for SMS.
(b) If you are an Online guy like me, you can pay stamp duty online.For this you must have netbanking with SBI or some listed banks as you will see soon. Goto https://igrmaharashtra.gov.in/default.aspx
On Left side, you will see 'Important Links'. 4th entry is 'ePayment(GRAS). Click on this. You will be taken to https://gras.mahakosh.gov.in/echallan/
Now follow instructions for Online Stamp duty payment at my bottom of this page.

You will get Stamp duty rxpt with yoru details & a GRN no.

10. For this example, lets stick to Payment of stamp duty by franking (Sl No 9a above). POst payment, Note the Sl No of payment & Branch no (PBxxxx)
11. Goback to step 8 above where it showed stamp duty amount. Click next. Here fill date of execution. It will be after date of stamp duty payment.
12. No of pages - No of pages in agreement. Just fill any number. It will be corrected while regsitration. Say 10 pages.
13. Click on Stamp duty pay details. Another window will popup. Fill stamp duty payment details and click Next
14. Page heading will be Property Details
Here fill property details.
(a)Select village from dropdown, if you dont know the village name, refer your Prop doc else chk with Builder/Society.
(b)Fill Survey no from Orig Registrion of Flat sale deed or just ask the builder/Society.
(c) If you know CTS number or Plot number if you know else just stick to survey no.
(d) Area - Again this is built up area. Just check your property doc else fill approx. 100SqM = 1000 SqFt
(e) Fill property address & click Next after saving.
15. Page heading 'Party Details'
Input One party details & Save. Then input second party detail & again Save. Now you will see both party in below box. You can select & edit details if reqd. Once all is OK, click 'Next'
16. Next page 'Identification Details'. This is for your two witness. You can fill details here. If at time of registration, you have diff witness, inform the registrar guy who is dong verification of doc & he will make the changes in the system. CLick Save.
17. Now click 'View Data entry detail' and verify that all info is correct else go back & make changes. You will also get a 11 digit ref no here. Keep that safely with your password so you can make corrections/changes later.
18. Take print of Data entry form & click next
19. COngrats..You have successfully entered your data & txd the 11 digit no.

Now for registration appointment booking. Note you can book apointment after 2 working days only from today's date.
20. Again go to https://igrmaharashtra.gov.in/default.aspx
On left side, CLick on eSTepIn - Token Booking
21. Select Dist as Thane & Select shift as per your reqt. CLick on User Guide which has described process for Token booking. Book & take print of Receipt.
Also Download Input Form from :

Now you have done all hat is reqd at your end for Registraion of L&L agreement. Now goto Registrar office at appointed date & time. Reach atleast 30 mins before. Ensure you have below docs :-
1. Orig L&L Stamped agreement with Stamp duty payment rxpt pasted on back of first page.
2. L&L is signed by both parties & witness.
3. Put Passport color photo of Licnesor & Licensee at Last page to left of signature.
4. Carry Print out of Token Receipt (Sl No 20) & Input form (Sl no 20). Input form should be filled up with details of both parties, Stamp dyty payment details etc. ALl columns are not reqd for L&L agreement so dont try to fill everything.
5. Also take print out of Nodini form generated at SL No 18 above.
6. Get a Demand draft for Rs 1000 in name of 'The SUb Registrar, Thane' + Xerox of the draft.
7. PAN card or Driving lic etc photocopy (1 only) for both parties & two witness.

Arrange docs in below sequence :
Rxpt, Nondini form, Input form, L&L agreement+Pan card etc of all (party+Witness)

For Thane 1, goto Registrar counter on 2nd Floor opp Perfect Driving school, Near Lake. All Auto guys know the place.
a. On entering, you will see a Counter on Left side. He has the token list for the day. Tell him your timeslot so he mark your presence. He will verify your docs. Expect some ragging as you are on your own. But staff is quite helpful & if you request for help, they will go all out to help you. Thisguy will check Nondini form and make changes to No of pages, date etc on his own and direct you to next stage.
b. Now he will direct you to another enclosure where you can see a few computers. A couple of Ladies man this space. One lady is suppose to do corrections. Goto her & show her the Nondini form which is corrected by the guy. She will open your Nondini form in system & make changes. At this time, you can tell her to check marathi name erros, change in witness etc. Once all changes are made, she will fire a print of the updatd Nondini form & give to you for checking. Both party need to sign this form.
c. Now goto second Lady. She will take Nondini form & DD. She will make Both parties & Witness sit on the stool for photograph & biometric. She will generate 3 docs for you namely a colourd print with pics of all, two rxpts.
d. Each one of you have to sign against their pics.
e. Now in L&L agreement, where you have put photo of both party, go to table where stamppad is kept and put your left thumb impression on your pics (half on photo & half on paper)
f. Now go to the 3rd guy sitting next to this compueter cabin. He will take all docs from you including one copy of rxpt. He will stamp & sign a Joint copy of rxtpt & return it to you. DD remains with you.
g. Now go to Registrar cabin with Joint stamped rxpt & DD. Rxpt will mention Rs 1000 as Regn + no of pagesx Rs 20. This amount of no of pages will be paid in cash by you to Registrar.
h.Registrar will take DD+Cash & sign the Joint rxpt & tear half portion and give it back to you.

Wow....You have just registerd your document. But all is not over. You goback to gut at Step (f) & show him the signed rxpt. He will now takeout your orig set. He will write on the rxpt when you should come back to collect your Regd doc + CD. You can send anyone with rxpt with Auth letter to collect the docs.

Pl share your exp so this can be finetuned.
Thanks for taking this brave step of shunning the brokers & finding your own way. Bravo.....

Procedure to Pay Stamp duty online :-
1. Goto https://gras.mahakosh.gov.in website & create a user id and fillup details.
2. Login with your user id & pwd.
3. select - Make payment & then click 'Add Dept'
4. As I wanted to pay stamp duty for L&L, I selected IGR
5. Then I selected Dist as Thane, Office name as 'Sub Reg', Type of Rxpt as'Non-Judicial Customer-Direct Payment '. Click Add & the profile is created.
6.Now click 'SELECT DEPARTMENT TO SEE PAYEE PROFILE:' and select 'IGR profile from drop down.
7. Click on Dept Name. A new Page opens
8. In top Right side, Click on Article Code & select L&L 36A from drop down list.
9. CLick 'Scheme Name' & select 'Rest of Maharashtra'
10. CLick on Period & Specify your L&L agreement period for which you will pay Stamp duty.
11. On Right side, You have a panel where in we insert Name & address of Parties & prop details
12. Field shown 'Survey / GAT / CTS NO.' and 'Area (Sq.M/Hec.)' are to be filled.
13. Last Field 'Consideration Amount' . This is Annual Licence Fee + Deposit amount. I filled my Annual Lic Fe + Deposit
14. I wrote Stamp duty amount in 'Sale of NonJudicial Stamp' field.
15. I selected my Bank as 'SBI' & click on SUbmit.
As I had filled S No 12 above with Survey etc, I get to next page.
16. Now this is confirmation page
17. Go ahead & make payment, You will get Ack. This is your eTamping rxpt. Pl take 2 printouts. Attach one to your L&L agreemement & carry the 2nd also with you.


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Kunal Patel (-)     27 January 2014

Hi Sanjay,


From where can I download the L&L agreement for paying stamp duty at a bank? Does this have to be on a stamp paper?

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