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Aslam (IT)     31 July 2012

Pre-marital affair

Hello Experts,
I would greatly appreciate your expert advice on the following situation as mentioned below:
My concern is over a caller who had been continuously calling & mentally harassing me during midnights and early mornings along with obscene messages.
This is the guy who in the past have s*xually molested, harassed & in the name of love forced my wife to have intimate relations with him by emotionally blackmailing her “before our marriage”
Which all came to an end when she got married to me.
But this guy on the news of her getting married couldn’t take it & somehow he managed to find out my number & non-stop keeps sending me obscene messages describing of what he use to do to her and how & swearing at her with all sorts of dirty names!
I find it extremely disgusting and disturning & it very much affects me mentally, as he has no right in any ways to abuse her or accuse her of anything & breach our privacy.
What he wants is her to keep in touch with him forever even though if she is married, which is morally & ethically unacceptable.
I didn’t know how to go ahead with this so I found your contact throught web & hence writing for assistance in how to proceed ahead legally for this matter.
I will really be grateful and thankful to you if you can let me know what sort of case i can file to put this guy behind the bars & what shall I do next in order to prevent this abuse?
I really want him to be punished for what all he did to my wife in the past & is currently aiming at doing!
This guy is clever enough as the sim card he is using to send me messages & do all this isn’t registered in his name, but he keeps that sim with him.
But I do have messages sent by him & I am 100% sure that law & justice can certainly help me in this matter & teach a nice tight lesson to this abuser so that he doesn’t repeat all what he did to my wife in the past, to any other woman in future!
My wife had been very clear with me from the day 1 we met and she told me every little thing with full honesty and sincerity, which is why i hold high respect for her & fully trust her.
I am positively looking forward to a response from you & will really appreciate if you can guide me through the next step of what I shall do in order to get this guy arrested & taught a lesson.
I appreciate you for taking time to read this & will await a response from you.
Thank you.


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Kundan Kr. Singh (Advocate)     01 August 2012

Lodge police complainant against him if police not take action go to the court.

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Aslam (IT)     01 August 2012

Thank you for your replies Experts.

I forgot to mentioned that i am not residing in India at the moment but an NRI & my wife stays with me.

The abuser is from Vadodara & i did try to lodge complaint online through Vadodara Police website but No Luck despite sending several reminders i havent heard from them.

I am unware if i can lodge the complain against him through Indian consulate here or is there any other official/legal way to do so.

I will really appreciate your advice.

Thank you.

Vijay Kumar (Supply and Distribution Management)     01 August 2012

Hi i some simple and easy advise hope this might be suitable to you.

1. Change your contact no.

2. hand over this sim temperarry

to a known person in India (specially female) and when she get any one msg than local user can immediate file a policy complaint with complete history.

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