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For To By Green Kindness Perpetuity Selfsustainability Always

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Orders have been passed to have a clean environment. Some Rules abruptly break the livelihood of some people (Eg: Banning diesel vehicles after some years / banning diesel vehicles etc. These , change the equations in society, change the demography etc. Not that diesel is good, or diesel need be promoted etc, but the people get forced in a particular direction & invest their everything on some vehicle, gadget etc & get stuck abruptly when such orders are passed.      ----    The better way would be to enable new alternatives, train them in new ways, make them comfortable in the new lifestyle & encourage the masses to junk the old equipment / vehicle to a new one & the new one could be one that works in desirable ways, say CNG etc). Thus, this is an effort to suggest money could go into R&D in areas like the ones below. This generates useful employment as well.




IDEA # 2 does not mean that we can chop off trees. Trees are nature's Oxygen generators, food & medicines in many cases, homes for many creatures etc. Thus, mankind should not attempt replacing trees. But, the amount of pollution that mankind is creating is far too much. Mankind has to own responsibility & work up ways to nullify the poison that it creates, leaves behind.






5th solution proposed alongside:


Jan 14 2017 : The Times of India (Delhi)
Flying water taxis to beat traffic in Paris and London


For To By Green Kindness Perpetuity Selfsustainability Always

# 2


Above shows that London is amongst the most polluted cities. We need to learn that society need lessen vehicles, lessen travel per se. This was aimed in the 'Global Village' concept. But, the policy has vanished with the changes in Gvt in India & elsewhere.


For To By Green Kindness Perpetuity Selfsustainability Always

# 3



Special bins for malba at 11 places




Consultant & Legal Analyst

Thanks for inputs. But I can only say, easy said than doing.

No doubt, ideas are good, but always individual liking, economic conditions and necessities do control the habits and living styles of the people. What you may think ideal, others may not think like that. Similarly, what your neighbor may think good, that may be bad in your views. So, people get inputs from various sources and adapt themselves, as per their own requirements and liking. Neither any specific policy can be forced on them, nor the local bodies should forget their own responsibilities, rather than enforcing anybody's will on the people. They should do their duty to create awareness among the the people about the facilities, their pros & cons, etc. People make their own way as per their own will, economic conditions, environments and living styles.

For example, those VVIP celebrites profess for global warming, but they are more responsible for creating green gases, rather than the common man. They have plenty of airconditioners, fridges and freeazers in their own homes and offices, which thrust more and more warmth in the outer environments for the common folks. Multi storey skyscappers do appear in metro cities of the world, like New York, London, Paris, Mumbai, Noida, Gurgaon, etc. with hundreds & thousands of ACs and fridges located in each multi storey building at each place but with scant greenery their to bear with the heat thrown out of those buildings. Each year such structures multiply with such type of infrastructure. So, what global warming can do, except causing their devastating effect to the outer environments, causing severe dust storms, more and more evaporation of water, deepening of underground water, more rains and floods due to more and more evaporation of ground water and melting of glaciers and ice of the mountains, adding millions of cusecs of water to the raise sea levels every year to have devastating effect on human lives.

I don't know how many ACs or freezers you may be having in your own home. Just for experiment sake, you may like to close all the doors of the place where your fridge is located. Just after a few hours, you will feel that that places has heated up more s compared to other times.

Now about the picture of special bins for Malba in New Delhi. For the present the work may seems to be laudable, but some time later that may prove to be causing a roadblock for the ever increasing traffic of New Delhi not only due to their spacious volumes, but also the malba may be found to have spilled over the roads, like in the case of garbage dumps, when the garbage dumps were never cleared on day to day basis, the stinking garbage used to be spilled over the roads as compared to the much more larger areas of the dumps. Some time later, you can very well see that people and other safaiwalas would start dumping bio-degradable garbage also in those bins, if no strict vigilance is kept and regular cleanliness is resorted. Moreover, such bins may be useful only in developing areas, where construction is rampant, not in fully developing colonies, where malba is negligible. Not only that even in developing areas, most of the people in order to void expenditure on trqansportation would still prefer to dump their malba to nearby isolated places, vacant plots or non-maintained and even well maintained parks to make them more filthy.

So, it is easy saying than doing without creating adequate awareness among the people of the areas concerned. Writing on the pages of website of Lawyers Club India may not help in any way.



@ Mr. Dhingra

Apprecfiably, a great analysis, in deed!


Consultant & Legal Analyst

Thanks for your appreciation, Mr. Jigyasu.


For To By Green Kindness Perpetuity Selfsustainability Always

# 7



Different Gvt bodies are currenlty focussing on these areas & thus chose these ideas. Hope it would help frame policies.




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