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santosh Tiwari (artist)     13 December 2014

Police calling for counselling

We got married in Dehradun on 28th of Nov 2013 and my native place is Gorakhpur  I was working in Noida and living in Faridabad she came there on 29th of Nov 2013  with her cousin and stayed for 2 days and went back to Dehradun according to some traditional customs and all.She denied for any physical relation saying that she needs time i respected her decision.My mother and four sisters were there,my mother said this is not right but i convinced her that its OK we have time and why to hurry so i slept in another room and she with her cousin.

I married her against my parents wish so my father and peoples from my community and close relatives didn't attended the marriage except some friends,my mother and my sisters and one of my sister's husband whose married in Gurgaon.However it was an arranged marriage through matrimonial site.

She lived in Dehradun till 14th Of December as her parents were saying that let her live here from some time as she is the youngest daughter and don't have any brother so they feel alone, so never forced her to come back ,during this period she had an accident with her scooty in Dehradun and was not well had some scratches on her leg and elbow. 
She came back to faridabad in my rented house on 15th of December, one of my sister was with me when we headed for Dehradun on 13th night of nov 2013 to bring her back.

She stayed with me for seven days my sister took her to hospital for bandage and medicines. During these seven days also i never asked her for physical relation as it didn't sound good to me, on 21st of Dec her elder sister visited our house along with her two kids who lives in Ghaziabad with her husband and she went to her sisters house saying that she had to take her B.ed. exam and from there she will go to Dehradun.
She remained there till 7th of march 2013 and came back with her parents including her uncle,aunt and her sister who lives in khatima with her husband they stayed with us for 3 to 4 days and left. After this her mother asked me to take some job as i had resigned from the job because of appraisal and i said that i ll work as a freelancer and we can earn through that and i will also get some recognition because if you are working in company you are working as labour and nobody knows you out in the world i tried to convince her mom and my wife but they refused and said she is going back to Dehradun and she ll only return when i ll join somewhere, i said ok i ll look for a job but her mother came up with one more condition that you ll give all your money in my daughters hand then only she ll live with you it was very shocking for me and i strictly denied to this and said go wherever you want to go i cannot live with conditions as i have three sisters to marry and my whole family depends on me my father was labour in a private company and it got closed 15 years back so it s my responsibility to take care of them.

I worked very hard to complete my studies from selling news paper to wall paintings and so many other part time jobs and when i achieved something in my life these people came in to it for ruining my life and my family it was a very disheartening for me and I was in great pain. 
After this her mother asked me to come along with her to Dehradun i denied them as i was not happy with the behavior of my wife but her mother convinced me that all will be OK please come with us so i went to Dehradun with them.there she came with another proposal that "you stay with us then only she ll have any kind of physical relation with you" they tried to convince me but i denied and return back to faridabad without saying any thing to them.It was like blackmailing me in the name of physical relation.And they are using their own daughter for there personal gain.

They never bothered to even call me and on 16Th of April 2013 i sent her  birthday gifts as it was her birthday hoping that everything ll get all right ,  but it never happened i tried to call her but she never picked the phone nor her mother i sent her messages to return back stating that i have joined a company but never got any reply, I also asked her even if you dont want to live with me please reply but no replies from her and after this i never tried to called her.

On June 8th her father mailed me to return all the jewellery and home appliances which he had given to her Daughter on the eve of her marriage i accept that i have home appliances which is with me right now bit i don't know anything about jewellery whether she came with the jewellery or not or her mother took all the things with them including her clothes,which i found when i returned back from Dehradun.

I called her father and asked him are you trying to finish this relation he didn't answer, I tried to call her mother but she didnt answered and i got message from her father,plz send all the things of my daughter and then try to talk.He also messaged me to send your present residential addrees and office address,which i told to my friend and he said that don't tell them as he can come to office and do anything to you as he is a influential person so dont send them address and i did what he told me.

 I got call from Dehradun police on 31st of nov to attend dehradun PS on 19th of December(Friday) for counseling, she didn't even told me in which police station. Why she asked me to come after 18 days.


Thank you very much for all your support!


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vicky (manager)     13 December 2014

@ author

you may be heading towards 498a +406. So be carefull. Take proer legal advice then join councelling in Ddn.

santosh Tiwari (artist)     13 December 2014

Do i need to attend counselling as i have not got any letter in this regard and she didnt even told me in which police station?


Thanks a lot for your quick response

vicky (manager)     14 December 2014

No need to join counseling until you get letter from PS. If you want her back then you can file RCR.

santosh Tiwari (artist)     14 December 2014

Actually they do not know my present address, they have my native place address  where i dont live. the letter will be send by speed post or mail, what if i go without letter some people are saying that  they can arrest you if you go there without AB and can force you to give something in writing in their favour as her father is a influential person. 

thanks a lot for all your support

vicky (manager)     14 December 2014


Letter will come from registered post. As far as Uttar Pradesh there is no provision of AB. You will check for uttarakhand if there any provision for AB.If you are right then no one is above law. So dont worry if they are influential or rich.Join counseling only when you get letter or call from PS.Even PS cant force you to join counseling.

santosh Tiwari (artist)     14 December 2014

but i already got  a call. 

Thanks a lot brother for helping me i dont why you  are doing these and for what but i am sure because of people like you who are not less than god, humanity is still alive on this land of feminazis.

vicky (manager)     14 December 2014

1. So you got call from PS. Ok read Judgment of arnesh kumar and keep it handy.

2. Well i am also facing false dowry case so i know pain of a men. At that time i was naive about all this things. That time lot of people helped me. So i am returning a bit.

3. God is supreme so never compare any one. 

SuperHero (Manager)     14 December 2014

Just consult a Family Lawyer immediately and take proper Legal advice. There is something called Abstrained Order.

Please check with Lawyer. He will be the best resource to help.

If possible file for RCR and start collecting evidences. Buy a good phone and record all the conversations.


Good Luck. Don’t Sign any document.

Rajkiran123 (Manager)     14 December 2014

Brother, looks like they have decided to end the marriage and extort maximum money and even jail you as you have not obeyed their orders. As far as I know I don't think police will send letter for inviting you for counselling.

There are high chances that counselling will fail and they may get you arrested immediately. Consult a good criminal lawyer and apply for AB for you and your family immediately or please be prepared to spend at least couple of days in jail....

Not too sure with recent supreme court guidelines if there is any change in the way police arrest in 498a cases

santosh Tiwari (artist)     14 December 2014

thanks a lot to all for your suggestions 

should i avoid gong there? what if i avoid for this time as they have called me on 19th friday.

SuperHero (Manager)     15 December 2014

File RCR send it via registered post.

Then tell them, already the Matter is in the Court.

Contact Lawyer immediately.

Sudhir Kumar, Advocate (Advocate)     24 February 2015

filiong RCR is almost time tested methond to force awife to file 498a

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CompelledToLearnLaw (Financial Examiner)     25 February 2015

I agree with Sudhir Kumar ji's observation: filing of RCR does have that effect. And what SuperHero said makes no sense. How will telling the police about a civil case stop their investigation? Just like sending a wedding invitation, to someone who lodged a complaint of assault against u, won't help u anywhere. Try not to run away from any trouble u face in ur life because the same trouble usually comes back to u later on with more of it's friends. They only multiply when pushed under the bed. Send a lawyer, or someone else, to the station and find out what is going on and deal with it. U do not have to resurface to find out about ur case: accused r known to stay underground until the cloud of arrest is gone. U can apply for bail or stay of arrest while underground. Personally, I do not think it's the end of the world if I ever have to spend some time in judicial custody. Also, try to educate urself a lot about ur rights. And no where from ur post it appears that ur wife is interested or happy in this marriage. So try to close the whole relationship amicably without paying them anything. Do return all her belongings through the police station and get the confirmation in writing.

surabhi   09 March 2015

I think you people have some misunderstanding. In our society, a woman faces a lot of issues after divorce / separation. I would suggest you should go for the counselling. And if you are not guilty of anything, no one can file a case against you or trap you. Lay needs proof and if your in-laws don't have a proof, they will not be able to trap you.

It is easy to end a relation in a fraction of a second, but it takes years of hard work to build one. I wold suggest you attend the counselling.

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