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keshav (manager)     01 February 2011

pls pls pls help n guide

hello. my wife is living seprtly since 2006 and having one 4 years daughter with her from our wedlock. now the scene is she filed complnt in CAW cell. i want divorce. she wants to come back. i denied. then CAW people asked her for settlement out of court. previously she was not agree for divorce, then she demanded 54 lacs. CAW persons recorded in writtn dat she wants 54 lacs for divorce. m having good bussnss having mnthly incme of 1.75 lacs per mnth, she is working in private cmpny earng 30k per month.

1. wat is the benifit/loss of the paper where CAW people reocrded that she wants to come back, i want divorce, and she wants 54 lacs oderwse legal actn should do agnst me??

2. wat she can do to harass me?

3. wat should i do, as i want divorce


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She harassed you?My my!

You have deserted her.So she went for reconciliation at CAW.You denied her the right to live with you also,without thinking of your little daughter whose mental health may be affected due to divorce.


After lots of pressure she agreed for a divorce also.It's obvious she will demand a heavy compensation for her future and for her girl child.She has to raise her alone and also get her married which is costly in case of a daughter's marriage.

Instead of empathising you say she's harassing you,while you harassed her enuf.

She demanded heavy alimony as you are earning almost 2 lakhs.Although she earns 30,000,this salary can't give her same standard of living which you have.If she plans to file DV in future,court will also consider this.


Yes the statement at CAW will go against you if she decides to file any cases in future.You'll be accused of desertion.

So either live with her happily after 4getting all the past,with a fresh life,or give her a handsome alimony or be ready for long litigations,if she decides to file cases.Mind you,your lawyer will also expect a heavy fee,when he comes to know your salary!

You can't have your way always,that you dump her and throw a few thousand or lakh rupees on her face

I am sounding harsh,but this is the reality.



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Ambika (NA)     01 February 2011

There are some threads which I have just now gone through which suggest how an organisation called SIFF can transform you to Rehadiwala, Khomchewala, Chaiwala etc. to circumvent the sensible demand which your wife has made on fact she has asked for a pittance keeping in view your prosperous business and her economic status and that she has little daughter with her. 

Tajobsindia (Senior Partner )     01 February 2011


@ Author,

  1. It is cheaper to concede to her ‘demands’ keeping her future ‘incapacitation’ and side by side a ‘girl’ child in between ‘present and future needs’ coupled with ‘change in circumstances’ which both may use in ‘future’ against you irrespective you re-married or living like a begger.

  2. Harassment is a word which can be used by both gender and it is not the prerogative of only ‘wife’s’ that she shall only use this word as wrongly inferenced by feminists here. Listen, in marriage it is not 100% binding that only a wife gets ‘harassed’. I am not touching the respective reasons here hence no reasoning follows.

  3. Solution to married couples problem does exists and they are;

(a)   Legally you can get all copies of documents as in ‘file’ of CAW cell so relax.

(b)   Secure child’s future first by forecasting reasonably a child’s needs for another 15 years and onwards by investing into financial kitty for child. A father drawing currently slightly 2 L is a person of ‘means’ and no story can be cut before Bench on this material facts.

(c)   A reasonable sum of 20 K per men sum till she remarries or dies whichever is earlier could be offered as MCD terms. Raising this bar to 30 K per men sum as final negotiations to get over with respective non-conducive lives of parties. These figures are quite logical even all permutations / combinations of Ld. Judges application of mind on parties ‘status’ even applied hence showeth herein as ‘offer’.

(d)   Seek sub para 1 docs. Invite wife for negotiations and ensure her side calls you. File ‘criminal intimidation’ pvt. Complaint case against her. Get witness summoning issued for freezing cellphone datas and seek such statements on record from cellphone company providers. Now during this if she uses IPC sections then your apprehensions which prompted you to file a ‘pvt. Complaint’ comes true and she will be declared ‘accused by way of summon’ and now her side will come to negotiation table where in you are meant to follow above sub para c suggestions as ‘reasonable settlement’.

At the end advise is that donot ‘chase divorce’ in present Family law format. Instead make it happen the “legal-logical” way by following above sub para advised.

Rest advise of feminists I donot subscribe as they are indirectly meant to sound as ‘gospel truth’ to build the pressure on husbands!

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keshav (manager)     01 February 2011

@meenal mam: u dnt knw she is so cunning, always speak ill to my parents. i cant tolerate her behaviour. mam my question is that-


regarding little daughter, i m ready to take my child. but not ready to take wife back, as now i feel risk as she can lodge complaint against me/my family to take her revenge.




You  WANT ,you have to pay hafty alimony to your wife along with daughter for final settlement .

Invite wife for negotiations as she demand  54 lacs.

First tell me why you want to get divorce?

As you said she wants to come back. I denied.Why?


If you dont want to live with her then ready for giving the maintenance  to wife and daughter irrespective the fact that  your income of 1.75 lacs per mnth, she is working in private cmpny earng 30k per month.If court consider it also you want to pay for alimony.Better try to Invite wife for negotiations for final settlement for divorce.


Chapter XXXVI of the Code of Criminal Procedure providing for maintenance of wives and children intends to serve a social purpose.

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keshav (manager)     01 February 2011

@tajobsindia: thnks for ur reply sir...but i m not getting ‘criminal intimidation’ ....wat is dis...n how can i file dis case???

@kushan: i want divorce, coz i feel risk as if she comes back , she 'll certnly file compalnt against me/my family to take when she was living with me.. and second thng is she filed a huge complnt in CAW cell against me/parents...which irriattes me a lot

Tajobsindia (Senior Partner )     01 February 2011


 @ Author

1. if you are not 'criminally intimidated" by her actions then what your wife went to CAW cell for and asked 54 L for ?  Was she planning to go on Around The World Trip kya curtsey CAW cell tagging parties most affected 4 yrs. old kid ............

2. I pity you men who are still naive and ignore the basic 'signs' of a breaking marriage on the garb of being busy counting 'moneyrama'. 


4. Study last "175" messages in Family Law forum and then probably you will understand what actually is the 'motive' of 'both' of you on un-reasonability grounds. 


Sanket Sharma (AM)     01 February 2011

Dear Friend,  Do u think u will find solution in Divorce ?, please think twice, you cant give mother to your daughter. please find a solution to live happyly insted of finding new family

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Jamai Of Law (propra)     01 February 2011

Straight calculations!!

It would be better to pay monthly installments (20k, 30k p.m.) rather than 54 lacs!! Its economical.


You can invest 54lacs properly and keep paying from it and you would retian the principle amount as well as some surplus of income from it.


Do cost benefit analysis!!

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I 25,000 monthly will be right for her.

You said she complained against your parents in CAW,so you want a divorce!I don't know who's truthful here.

See if her complaints are genuine,she had every right to go to CAW,since you could not protect her from parental harassment.If you could,there was no need to go to CAW.

If you leave her on this ground,do you think your next wife will be a sita devi or sati savitri who will' take all abuses of your parents,with a colgate smile on her face?No modern Indian gal does so now.If you are nevertheless confident you may find such a girl,please take a diya in your hand and cross the length and breadth of India to find such a partner in 10-15 years.



I don't know what makes you think that a lady into job as well as child rearing has so much shaatir dimaag(cunningness) to hatch such plots against your parents.If she wants to harass them through cases,she may do so now.Why would she do so after coming back to you?

I think I have advised enough.This is my final reply.Rest as you please!


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Please read I 25,000 monthly will be right for her




25,000 monthly will be right for her


Rajeev Singh (Law Student)     02 February 2011

I agree with meenal ji.  This is not a reason Mr keshav that your wife ill treats your parents so you will dump her. Then marriage won't exist anymore, because if daughter in law won't make tea for inlaws husband will file divorce.  You both are married & your relationship matters the most ,so you should thing accordingly. I mean family certainly matters but that does not mean that you will leave your better half for them, agar aisa hota toh females ko roz divorce file karna chahiye because maximum husbands don't treat their inlaws nicely, and they expect their wives to be like daasi's and care takers of his own parents.  If you think this way then even if you are thinking of a second marriage, think 100 times, do you have a gurantee that any other girl will be good with your parents or will live accordingly. And can you please give me a defination or elaborate that how & why your wife ill treats your parents??? Have you ever tried to balance things ??? Do you consider your inlaws like god, and pay them that much respect , if not then Why so much of partiality yaar ?? Don't mix up your parents relationship, their behavior with your husband & wife relationship . 

You should be happy that your wife is not filing any false case against you, because that would be real revenge. She is just asking for her right, which is no wrong, you have good income, so you should atleast think about your daughter, your wife has tried atleast to be with you , but you are adament for divorce, this is wrong and on top of that you are not willing to give her a decent amount.

And she can use CAW recording against you, but you cannot because if your wife denies for divorce, or if she say that she is still willing to stay with you, then you will have to make 1000 rounds of court to get divorce from her. It can take 2-3-4-5-6 yrs or more then that.   Discussing about allimony, or settlement amount is not a crime,  so you cannot frame your wife wrongly, instead she can frame you.

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Rajeev Singh (Law Student)     02 February 2011

I don't think that your wife is that much cunning other wise she could have filed serious & strict cases against you. but she didn't . This is the problem these days husbands don't balance things, they always support their moms or parents and leave their wifes. And troubles arise more & more, and that forces a wife to file a complaint .  If you want to spend your life alone as spinster for the rest of your life happily with your parents then i have nothing to say, but if you have plans to marry some other girl expecting that she will tolerate everything like dumb then you are mistaken.

So i will suggest, do not break your marriage this way by preassumping bad things about your wife. Think about your daughter, she won't agree to live with you without her mom. so think properly.

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Avnish Kaur (Consultant)     02 February 2011



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