perjury in domestic violence case (pwdv act)

Respected members,

I have drafted my perjury application (under CrPC 340 r/w CrPC 195) in the false DV Case filed on me by my Knife and ready to submit it via Advocate. I wanted to if this will be filed as Miscelleneous Petition or any other case type? I want to search for previous perjury petitions and judgments on the same on ecourts app. I do not know the short code used for such perjury applications to search on ecourts app.

Thanks in advance for any information in this regard.


Perjury Application is always by way of Interim Application or Criminal Miscellaneous Petition.

I couldn't make out from your Query whether it is perjury.    The desideratum in your query is  the details of the offence.  


Yes, It is perjury. I have docuemntary evidences against the averments of the OP in DV Case that she does not have any source of income. This I am marking as Willfil Omissions.

And there are false statements made that are not substanciated with any evidence adduced. One set of false allegations are such that they have given some jewelry to my during marriage and in reality that jewerly was never given to me and in fact are used in her borther's marriage. And the interesting part is that there are pics from this marriage on her brother's facebook page.

I know my perjury has those allegation on her that she cannot deny in any way.

My question has been how to find such cases on ecourts app. Do you know how?


Still I'm not convinced it's perjury.

You say you have documentary evidence.      Perjury is attracted only when a document ( deposition, for example ) is made in a court.       It's not applicable to false documents created outside a court and produced in the court.

The false statements, the allegations and the pictures are all made outside the court.       This's not perjury.


Fine. Let's leave it at that.

My question has been how to find such cases on ecourts app. Do you know how? Have you used ecourts app? It is CRLMP or something else?

I'm not in the know.




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