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Paying monthly maintenance to ex-wife without court order

Dear Sir, Madam, Members,

I am still paying maintenance to my ex-wife through online transfer.

1. i am not appearing for 125 case, assuming it should not harm me.

2. will this beneift me during any of the cases? she has lied in her petition/FIR everywhere that i am not taking care of her - in 498a, RCR, divorce cases..etc.

3. should i stop this otherwise? because, if there is no point, she is using my money to harass me.

thanks a lot.


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Dear 498a victim,


You are the Satya Harishchandra of this Decade.


You are no where in obligation to pay the wife any alimony, I suggest you to stop paying alimony, such women do not deserve to be rcv alimony.  But made to roam to courts, for the 498a she file you are feeding snake milk, which has already bitten you.


Nothing will happen if you dont pay alimony to wife.  You pay only when court orders and not like this.

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advocate nitin kumar (lawyer)     01 April 2016

Contact me for proper legal solution to your problem, if you live in Delhi NCR.


sir, thanks for your kind response. i am paying because, it is important that i need to be remain good person in life. but, my question is, would that help me on the records somewhere?

Also, is there any option for me to file a civil/criminal case on her for perjury - that she keeps going on and on to file cases?


Born Fighter (xxx)     01 April 2016

why dont u donate the money to charity rather. Be good in your own eyes rather than hoping to get a good character certificate from the court or world. 


You should STOP paying the money immediately. Is she withdrawing the money ur depositing ?. If u stop depositing do you think she will inform the court that u have stopped paying her ??

Be ready to file Perjury. You should sxpose her lies , why are u not appearing for the cases , it will backfire. Bahoth hua seeedhapan Sir...wake up !

T. Kalaiselvan, Advocate (Advocate)     09 April 2016

If she has approached court with different cases against you including maintenance, what is the use of sending her money even without a court order.  You cannot pretend before the court to be a very good husband by doing such type of acts. 

The court will decide about the case before it on the basis of merits on both sides and ot by such created evidences. 

Better stop making the payments and challenge and concentrate on the strategies to challenge all her false cases against you. 


Don't pay money without the order of the competent court.


Khush   24 June 2016

you are saying you want to be good.please remember you have to be good with those who are good to you. otherwise you will get defeat.

why you are paying to her. she is using the money paid by you to file false cases against you.

only pay the money  if you think her allegatations are ture........i am sure these are not true, so stop immediately.

only pay if court has ordered you to pay. 

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