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muniswaran (self)     06 September 2011

Patta transfer

My Grandfather gave some property to my father by settlement & registered. But the patta is still in my grandpa's name. My father passed away few years ago. Now my mother , myself and sisters are Legal Hires. How can we apply patta under our name. My grandpa is still Alive. Please Advise with a  good approach.


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M.Sheik Mohammed Ali (advocate)     07 September 2011

as per documentation your father only owner of the property so  you get the certificate for legal heirs  from the thasildar or collector,or by  court, thereafter you can transfer all things including patta also.

muniswaran (self)     07 September 2011

Thank you Sheik. Let me explain the Scenario . So you or other experts here can Advise/Guide me quickly.

Year 1990 : My Father bought one plot of land from my grandpa by paying him and registered on my Father's name. No number is mentioned but the boundaries in the document/sale deed and survey number is mentioned correctly according to Layout Map which they had already. During that year only one Row ( row1) of land is shown with numbers starts from 1,2... 10 from Left to right direction in the Layout map . It should be number 10 but it was missed in the document. Year 2004 : In that row1 my father again recieved a plot as gift and the plot number is 8. Same time my father bought another Plot from his brother and registered in my father's name and the plot number is 9. So in total my father had owned 3 plits numbered : 8,9,10

Year 2006:My father Constructed a commercial complex .Got panchayat approval with just boundaries +EB connection etc ...

Year 2007: My Father Expired.

Year 2009 : My Grandpa had left with X acre of agricultural land after selling some plots on various occassions. Out of which he registered in 2004 ( X/2acres ) in the name of my father + his other sons , then gave those documents and remaining X/2 acres is still with him. While registration , he numbered the plots from 1 , 2 .... 10 ( Right to left Direction ) in the row1and other rows in their respective numbers.Due to the numbering way is changed our plot numbers got changed from 8,9,10 to 3,4,5. Till now the Patta is my Grandfather's name itself for entire  x acres.

Note : My father is Expired , Grandfather is Alive.

Questions :

1. My father's legal hires include my mother, myself and sisters + Grandpa too.. ( Issued by Tashildar ). Could we get NOC from my Grandpa inorder to exclude him from our Legal Hire certificate ?

2. Which is best ?. Rectification Deed from my grandfathers inorder to change the plot numbers from 8,9,10(already missing) to 3,4,5 and then we apply the Group patta under our name and can have full control over plots + complex ? or else my grandfather should re register in the name of our mom + myself + sisters ? Which is best and easy solution to solve this probelm.

We are looking to pledge the Complex for housing loan and what my documents must carry ? We have paid all Taxes from year 2006 till date. Kindly Help me as soon as possible.



R.venkatesh Naidu (.)     07 September 2011

once settle the propety to a registered settlementr deed is could not revoked.  Hence,you proceed to transfer the patt in your name with sufficient documents.

muniswaran (self)     08 September 2011

Hi Naidu,

       Thanks for your reply.Could you pelase answer my Question 2.



muniswaran (self)     09 September 2011

Anyone please help !!

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