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Ayush Verma   10 December 2023

Obc certificate (income related)

Dear Community, 

I am a 25 year old Male residing in Haryana. I come under BC(A) category by my caste. I had once got my OBC certificate prepared 5-6 years back when there was no Family ID system. I am unemployed but my sister is working in an IT firm. She breaches the ceiling specified for OBC certificate through her income. I am concerned whether I would get OBC Non Creamy Layer Certificate or not since it required family ID document which mentions my sister's income. Also my mother too has no income. Does my unmarried sister comes under the definition of the family for the purpose of calculating the ceiling income for OBC certficate or the parental income would be considered for the OBC certificate?


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kavksatyanarayana (subregistrar/supdt.(retired))     10 December 2023

NCL status is arrived at by the total income of your (both) parents only. Your income or the income of your siblings or spouse is not considered for this purpose.

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Ayush Verma   10 December 2023

Thankyou kavksatyanarayana for your reply. I forgot to mention the query I made to google bard, it replied as follows

To address your concern, I have researched the latest sources regarding OBC NCL eligibility in Haryana, specifically focusing on the inclusion of siblings' income in the family income calculation. Here's what I found:


Latest sources:


Government of Haryana Social Justice and Empowerment Department website (2023): This website outlines the OBC NCL eligibility criteria for Haryana. It states that the family income for OBC NCL is calculated based on the combined income of the parents (father and mother) and unmarried daughters living with the family. This implies that the income of siblings who are married or financially independent is not included.

National Commission for Backward Classes website (2023): This website provides information on OBC NCL criteria for different states. It also clarifies that the income of unmarried daughters living with the family is considered in some states, including Haryana.

Therefore, based on the latest sources, it is safe to say that your sister's income will likely be considered in the family income calculation for OBC NCL in Haryana, even if she is married or financially independent. This means your eligibility for an OBC NCL certificate will depend on the combined income of your parents and your sister.


To confirm your specific case, I recommend you:


Refer to the official guidelines for OBC NCL in Haryana on the Government of Haryana Social Justice and Empowerment Department website.

Contact the issuing authority responsible for issuing OBC certificates in your area. They can provide you with the most accurate information based on your circumstances.
I am very thankful for your response but can't get over this AI response and the reference it made to the official guidelines for OBC NCL in Haryana on the Government of Haryana Social Justice and Empowerment Department website.

If there is any additional clarification you can provide then it will be very helpful else I am fine with your response.

T. Kalaiselvan, Advocate (Advocate)     10 December 2023

For considering the annual income of the family in order to assess the annual income, the income of all the family members from all sourcs except agricultural income and government salary ncome, will be considered to determine the status of OBC NCL category elkigibility.

Since your unmarried sister is living in the same house togerther with all of you, and drawing an annual income exceeding Rs. 8 lakhs per annum, your applicaiton for OBC NCL category will not be entertained.

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Dr. J C Vashista (Advocate and Legal Consultant)     11 December 2023

@ Ayush Verma,

When you are aware about the criteria for calculation of income to determine qua non-creamy layer in your caste as per State government, wherein income of unmarried siblings has to be included, what is your query except giving an examination and testing knowlege of the experts on this platform ?

Ayush Verma   11 December 2023

Dr. J C Vashishta

Confirmation of the ground and practical scenario of issuance of OBC certificate is my primary concern. When surfed on the internet and offline sources, sources conflicted with each other and so the replies to my question. In no way my purpose is to test and examine the knowledge of the experts on this platform but to receive a confirmation against different sources I am presented with on different platforms not resulting any satisfaction to me yet. 

There is no such things like testing and examining the knowledge of experts. There is only questioning. If you find my query worth your time, please do consider it else you can simply ignore it.



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