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I,ve taken a loan for Rs.48 laksh under cgtmse scheme for purchasing 2 tourist buses froms SBI.  Unfortunately the businesss went on loss due to severe breakdown and accidents on my buses.  For the last 5 months I.ve classified as NPA category, the banks telling they willl go for claiming security recovery.  What will be the action taken by the banks if i couldnt repay the loan. 

They have taken a blank cheque at the tiime of signing the deed for security, they have remitted the cheque in the bank by writing the dues amount for rs.5 lakh on march. on the cheque and given a suit under 138.  I.ve paid more than rs.4 lakh after march on the particular  loan account.  Will that paid amount after  will be  treated the balance amount for that bounced cheque for rs.5 laksh.

Does it affect my  other bankings/loans, cibil ratings or they will take my properties under securitisation or any kind of threats? 

Kindly advise


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The bank will do all tactics to recover loan, but you can defend  in the court. and can get some time to repay the loans.


How the bounced cheque is treated as?  As I've paid around 4 lakhs on  the loan account after that.   Bank has filed a suit for 138 for this whole 5 lakhs.   Wont the court treat this 4 lakhs paid to this account on this cheque amount.

simple solutions for criminal legal problems -- yourpunch@gmail.com

The cheque law is for punishment and not for recovery so what was in balance is not relevant.


However there are many other technical issues through which you can come out of this problem. Please send complete details for proper guidance.




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