not received provident fund amount after 3.3 years

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Hello sir/Madam

I have applied for my PF amount on 3-Dec-2008 , but since there were some errors in withdrawal form I have sent withdrawal form last year again. On asking for status PF officer saying the cheque already assigned and sends to my SBI bank branch. On asking to Bank officer they are saying they didn’t received any cheque. Bank officials already cleared on emails.
Currently I am out of India and so I can’t personally visit PF office. On calling to PF office one of the officer’s answer me to visit personally otherwise the issue will not be solved.

Will appreciate if any one helps me out to find out the way to solved the issues and get the amount.

My PF account number is:


Thank and Regards
Ashish R

someone has to go buddy. not you personally though. if that is not allowed, then ask your person to get the name of the person who is not allowing and then you can get the number of higher ups from the ebite whre you can call and complain. 

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Thank you Doveson. I'll ask someone to please visit them, infact I visited them in Nov-10 personally and tried to resolve the issue but no success. As it is government office so they keep on playing office office. Thank you once again, ill try to get it done. Regards Ashish

Meanwhile you can register your complaint on the website under the tab 'Register Greviance' by filling up the form..I know our government system is quite lethargic...but still since a year their management has improved so you can just give a try. You never know..your problem may be resolved without your presence.

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The cheque is sent to the bankers by registered post and copy of the advice to the PF member/applicant by post.

You have the option:

-to register complaint online at, and you shall be issued a complaint number alongwith contact details of APFC , and resoloution time of one month. If you are not satisfied, you can escalate to cpfc,and PRO.This shall move them.

- to raise RTI and ask despatch detail and POD.This shall certainly move them.

_ You can complain against the erring employee to the reporting authority.

All contact details are on website.

If nothing works issue legal notice thru your lawyer who shall quote from emails of bank that cheque was never supplied and ask for interest, penalties, damages etc......

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Thanks a lot Kumarji and Ashaji. I'll definitely lodge a online complaint and will see how it will goes. I believe this time issue will resolve. Thanks for your words. Regards Ashish
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Another option is to ask for your bank's statement of the relevant period and write a simple letter to PF office asking them to look into the matter. IF you don't get a reply, you can then file an RTI. But, first you should try the polite and firm way (letter to PF dept). It really helps :)

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Engage a consultant and provide them with the background papers. It would be useful to have regular follow up and rapport rather than choosing a litigous process, especiall you are abroad.


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Thank you Vasudevan & Avani. Thanks for your words.

@Vasudevan: Pls share contact information if you know any consultant who can help me. You can email me at

Regards Ashish

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Yours appears to be a case of fraud or a misplaced returned cheque. If the cheque has not been cashed then it may have been returned and misplaced . You may better make a request under RTI seeking details :-


(i) Cheque No date and amount for PF account (A/c.I) and EPS amount (account.X)

(ii) Date on which the cheque has been passed by SBI (Bankers of EPFO)

(iii) Details of the banker who has presented the cheque to SBI (Bankers of EPFO).

(ii) Name and designation of the clerk dealing with the returned cheques.

(iii) Photocopy of the page of the relevant Returned Cheque register on whihc the cheque was entered.

(iv) Date on which the amount was recredited to the account on expiry of cheque.




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