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nafees (RM)     02 November 2011

Non payment of idea bill

Respected Authority,

I am Nafees Shaikh resident of Mumbai ,Maharashtra want to know about non payment of bill to Idea Cellular.Today I got a call from Delhi Court that case has been filed on my name for non payment of INR:1300. I was taken 2 numbers on my name but one number has been lost and i informed cutomer care to deactivate the same but doesnt happen and un-necessary bill comes which i refuse to pay the same . but second number is still in use from last 3 years and i am always paying bill on time. So i just wanted to know what will happen in that case?? advocate also told me apart from 1300 Rs u have to pay additional 45000 and if u fail to come tomoorow in court then non bailable warrant will be issue against you. and i am very much tense now plz suggest me some thing on urgent basis.


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Kumar Doab (FIN)     02 November 2011

The phone call by so called advocate from Delhi is hoax and is a tactic to terrorize and extort. You can lodge a complaint with local police station, and request them to locate and provide you also the name and address of owner of the phone number from which call was made. The Idea Company shall refuse to claim ownership and responsibility of the action of their recovery agency, and even if you may write shall not divulge the detail of recovery agency until or unless you are able to build sufficient pressure thru your resources or courts of law/police. The Govt. laws/rules are clear and threatening/intimidating calls can not be made. However it still remain the practice and companies have become habitual offender.

Did you obtain the unique docket/reference number of your complaint when you called the customer care to report loss of sim card? Deactivation of sim card does not amount to close the number. You need to visit the company office and complete the formalities for closing the number. If your number is post paid and you had been getting itemized call detail and you still have the copy you can quote the date and time of your call and claim that you had called the company to deactivate and close the number.

You may visit the comapny office with resourceful persons and visit he local BM/Collection head and resolve the matter, in your favor. You should collect a letter to this effect.

Company can add the amount of old bill to your a/c number also. 

SURESH GODBOLE (ADVOCATE)     02 November 2011

First and foremost

You MUST and SHOULD HAVE APPROACHED A POLICE STATION TO REGISTER AN FIR/ or Complaint of loss of the  IDEA  SIM  with particular  Number

Do it so NOW

Write clearly that the SIM  was lost in such and month and yr in such and such area

After doing this , file an application to IDEA to block the SIM

Also attach all your previous applications

they will block the sim

the question remains of non payment

did you get non payment bill earlier

to be present in a Court of Law  the Court issues written summons to your address Registered Post with AD

ajay sethi (lawyer)     02 November 2011

when did you take second number?


did you iinform idea in writing about loss of second   sim card?


for how long a period bill has not been paid?


you must have rcords of bills received in respect of second number?


any legal notice received from idea?


any remindrs sent by you for deactivation?


the call from delhi court is a hoax . summons would hve been sent to you by post

Kumar Doab (FIN)     02 November 2011

Learned Mr. Godbole, Mr. Sethi has given valuable advice. Kindly follow it.

You should be mentally prepared to pay the last bill, to the date you lost sim card/advised the company to cancel the mobile number/connection, if it was left unpaid till date, by you. However you should negotiate hard and obtain in writing from company that since they did not deliver the last bill, they enclose the certified copy and the final amount to be paid by you is the last bill amount only and after the payment of this amount company shall have no claim pending against you and shall withdraw your name from list of defaulters from all credit bureau, CIBIL, etc and shall clean  your credit history in manner that in future you shall have no bearing on your credit rating and eligibility to avail loan etc.

Under no circumstances you may give your pan number to them. BSNL collects Pan Number and self attested copy in case customer wants ISD connection as additional service. Private telecom operators activate ISD as a default service and claim that activation is free, and are now demanding pan card copy citing some imaginary rules.

RBI has set clear guidelines (available on their web site) for recovery agencies. It is suggested that such agencies be run by advocates so that operation is conducted in a lawful manner. Companies disburse handsome incentives on collections/recoveries, hence the illegal activities of coercion, threats. You are within your rights to post your complaint to them, and demand penultimate action on Idea and recovery agency. You can complain against this lawyer to Bar Council also. Some concluding action needs to be taken by some vigilant and aware customers or their lawyers to contain the menace being perpetuated by them and nuisance being littered by them. Since majority of the citizens/customers either being unaware or because of “why should I” approach, at the most, file a consumer complaint and the companies escape with a mild financial penalty, and thereafter continue with the same illegal and bad conduct.

As per the SEF signed by you company at the most file a complaint under 7-B, at the jurisdiction civil court, duly expressed in SEF, which in your case shall be Mumbai. Demand a certified copy of SEF in writing if the need arises, although in all probabilities company shall not supply it. The court can issue summons, so as to enable you to submit your side. The summons if not  delivered are routed thru “ Pyada” of the court who shall come to your address, and in case still the summons are not delivered may ask the o/o commissioner to help delivery of summons, and local SHO may ask you to receive summons only. The police shall not arrest or conduct any enquiry. Nothing moves without money. Hence companies cause telephonic coercion, and arm twisting now e.g. spoiling the credit rating like banks.

In case you chase company can not decline to reveal the collection/recovery agency.

Also first the company shall send communications by SMS, letters, arrange field visit by their collection staff/agency, who have to carry their ID cards, with prior appointment only and they are duty bound to collect facts and resolve the matter, and supply the bill. It appears you never received any request for appointment or visits. Company shall supply legal notice. It appears that company has not fulfilled its lawful obligation. Hence company is deficient.

Have you obtained second connection by supplying same ID and address proof, and did you mention your previous mobile phone number in SEF for 2nd connection. Did the company conduct verification at your address? If yes company could have added previous bill in bill for 2nd connection.

Kindly be careful in future and maintain proper record of each representation carefully in your file. You never know at a later stage you may need it.

Next time if some one threatens you record the call and ask him to utter the date, his full name and address, stating that you shall try to send some of your relative/friend to him/her to settle the matter. You can reproduce this conversation at appropriate time to appropriate authority.

Nadeem Qureshi (Advocate/ nadeemqureshi1@gmail.com)     04 November 2011

kumar deob is right

SURESH GODBOLE (ADVOCATE)     04 November 2011


Registering an FIR a must

approaching Idea with a copy of FIR to vblock the SIM is necessary

In my opinion

Before doing anything

The first and foremost is to register an FIR

Kumar Doab (FIN)     04 November 2011

3 years back when SIM/phone with SIM  was lost, registration of FIR was not mandatory.

Your fault is  you did not visit company office to cancell the number although you were receiving the bills for monthly rental+ last usage+ late payment charges.

You may approach local person of repute e.g councillor, corporator, welfare society, president office bearers of local societies of temple/chuch/mosque and visit he local BM/collection head  of company, and reach an understanding to pay principle amount of the last bill date ( 3 years back) when SIM was lost and reported to customer care and obtain NOC/NDC. These local people can make the company understand that they can tell their members to boycott the comapny.

Our members have tried it and have succeeded, with some comapnies e.g. Airtel, Tata Sky etc.

ideacellular (Socila executive)     09 November 2011

Dear Sir,

We regret the inconvenience caused to you. May we request you to reply to us with your complete account details such as Full name, mobile number, and the type of Inconvenience you are facing. Also mention the token ID 205IC118971 in the subject.

Idea Cellular

mamata (engineer)     06 November 2014

Respected authority,

I am mamata resident of pune ,Maharashtra want to know about non payment of bill to Idea Cellular. Today I got a call from Delhi Court that case has been filed on my name for non payment of INR:1350. The number which they have mentioned was not used by me at all. When I called Idea customer care, representative informed me that the numbed against which case is filed is registered on my name, even it has my company address also.

Long back I'd requested for another idea number,  got the SIM also, but that number never get verified, hence remain in-active state. I never use that number at all. I am still wondering how the bill is generated on that number. on top of  that they have sent court summon to old address, Thats  why it didnt reach to me and today I get a call  from Delhi court. I'm not getting how to handle this matter, what should be my course of action. Kindly suggest.


shashank   16 January 2016

Same thing happens to me today..since i have no proof for disconnection i have to pay 1375 and close the connection. but they told my case no. as 8050/16 done by Mr. vikram rana(mob. no. 9910194735) and delhi saket cort (8459763621).

Should i fill a case against giving me warning on phone?

piyush gupta   26 September 2016

I Got a legal notice from idea for not paying the due 1103 even after i paying the amount till i used that number and then i asked them to close my account and they didnt do so and asked me to avail new offers

I've asked a customer representative to close my number and i don't know what they did. they offered me some offers that they'll keep my number for free but i denied and stopped using my number.

Kumar Doab (FIN)     26 September 2016

@ Piyush,


The matter has been discussed in detail.

Prefer to transact in writing, under proper acknowledgment.

Rudra   06 June 2018

I am Rudra resident of Bangalore  want to know about non payment of bill to Idea Cellular.Today I got a call from Delhi Court that case has been filed on my name for non payment of INR:1025. I was not using  that mobile no  and i informed cutomer care to deactivate the same but doesnt happen and un-necessary bill comes which i refuse to pay the same .  So i just wanted to know what will happen in that case?? advocate also told me apart from 1025 Rs u have to pay additional 25000 and if u fail to come tomoorow in court then non bailable warrant will be issue against you. and i am very much tense now plz suggest me some thing on urgent basis.


Vickie   13 August 2018

You have an interesting point!

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