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Needed an expert and honest matrimonial lawyer

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Supratim Paul (E)     23 January 2011


Hello All,


I would like to add to this. I have seen and experienced 99% of the lawyers in India are corrupt and know very well how to arm twist the law and the client and even both the parties in the case. They only know money and money and nothing else and unless it is paid they know how to harass people. 


Look my case where lawyers from both side forced me to pay heavy amount as alimony in my divorce case where they had good amount of share.


Next recently one of my friend died in road accident then the lawyers asked for 40% share of the money they will get from the case and as insurance. 


Next in hired one more lawyers who ensured me that he will get anticipatory bail and took huge money from us and we paid of fear and the lawyer never got us any bail. 


See many lawyers are there who take huge money and will ask u money like anything and they never understand the problem of client even if they have financial problem but still give the money in the sense where the case gets over.


Also most of all the combination which is discussed here a honest lawyer.I think you will never get.It is next to impossible.


They know money guys.and even the police people do the same thing when 498a is filled. 


The lawyers well know how to take advantage of the situation and also suggest client in a way where they can earn money the most and not the benefit of the people and people have no choice but to follow them.




I and my wife are living separately last 14 months. I was in abroad and she is in India.

Now affter 14 months, my wife has given complaint for reunion of life to the police. In the complaint, few things says like she gave 50k to me and some gold etc. But in the last line of the complaint, she asked for reunion, and no where mentioned to take action under dowry and harrassment.  Police has registered this complaint under 498 A.

 I have filed the petition in high court for Quash. High court arranged for Mediation. In the Mediation, she says, she gave simple complaint asking for reunion, but police thrown away that complaint and asked her to write by mentioning something which points out the dowry and harrassment. Based on force by police, she says she mentioned the above allegation. She also mentioned in the mediation that my husband didn't ask any dowry and she also didn't give anything till the date. She also accepted that she has threatened me by trying to call police when she was with me. 

Suppose if I have recorded everything whatever she said in mediation, can it be used as evidence in the court?

 Is it also legal and can be accepted as evidence if we record in the Matrimonial mediation center which happens in front of court approved mediator?

veenzar (Advocate)     29 April 2011

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Nu.Delhi.Law.Fora. (Advocate-on-Record Supreme Court of India)     29 April 2011


In a complaint under 498 A, IPC and Quash Petition in High court thereof are to be dealt with strategically for getting longterm favour from the Hon'ble Court. As per law & practice in a Mediation process constituted by an Court's Order, whatever happens are not something which can come under purview of the Indian Evidence Act for the purpose of proving.  

Recorded conversation may be mentioned by way of oral submission in the Court while arguements are motion.

Option before you appears to be limited since mediation has failed to deliver. You may wait for the Order of the HC in your Petition u/s 482 CrPC. Advance very hard arguements. Study the Order to be passed by the HC in your matter. And if you feel aggrieved, you may strategically consider of moving SC under Article 136 by way of filing SLP which appears worthwhile in given set of facts.

However, unless complete set of facts are disclosed and what contains in the Order u/s 482 CrPC by the HC, it may not proper to advise with conviction.

Trust this would suffice.

Rabin Majumder
Supreme Court of India

Originally posted by :Jamai Of Law
India is slowly waking up to the plight of 'mischievous' 498a/DV  victims and laws arising out of such upper courts.......are also a noisance to genuine victims.



This is everywhere in each profession. Ld. legal counsels (a very few only) indulge into such activities which tarnishes the whole fraternity. Same with medical profession.



 When you make an agreement with the builder to buy apartment, don't you notice one sided agreement?



In short, you want to be in control..............but after filing 498a and DV ............... where is the control left in your hands? ...I am not saying 498a and DV are only meant to be on papers of law...........But for every illness, surgery shouldn't be used directly.



(check LCI as to how to retreat from such cases. But there also you need a GOOD and EXPERIENCED lawyer)


, that's why people are developing tech. to diffuse the atom bombs mid-air after dropping the same from a jet !!!!! It at least gives even more and greater control over atom bomb.....

It's evolution..



I want to suggest that every person be made to go through two years of law and public admin. as additional compulsary subjects untill 12th !! It is necessary!!



I find that the field of law is as rewarding and fulfilling as other professions. One should have zeal. Corruption is there in every field.


Agree with you totally!

I encourage the present youth, my cousins and younger family friends to go for law studies along with their tech studies/sciences, etc.

In present day India, v all need to equip ourselves with at least basic knowledge of these laws so as to be able to safeguard us all through our life.

One should not become vulnerable in the hands of extortionists, and its never too late for "education"..

Satyadarshi Kunal (advocate)     27 August 2011

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Usharma (Lawyer)     18 May 2014

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Kiran singh (Lawyer)     04 June 2014

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