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Vijaya (MBA )     10 January 2014

Need help in divorce...

Hi my name is vijaya...

I am married on November 24 2013. From the starting day of my married life I am not happy with my husband and my in-laws. Just because, my husband doesn't like me, only the reason is I am black in color. That is not my problem and even I can not solve of my color. He was forced for marrying me by my father in-law just because of dowry. All these happened before and never complained about these things because every one will have there own feelings. Once if u tie knot to girl it means that u need to be with her life long happily. Even after marriage my husband did not have a s*xual relationship with me. I kept silent for 3 months and after that accidentally my parents come to know the issue going on between us. Then due to their force he started a relation with me, but even that is not in the name of love.... Apart from these my in-laws started harassing both mentally and physically. Even though I kept silent just because for my husband. 

And after three months I was conceived, but my husband does not want to have a child with me. So he asked me to have an abortion, but I rejected for that and informed to my parents about this, then they convinced my husband. When I was believing that every thing is going well my dad met with an major accident and shifted to another place for operation. At that time when my family members all are with my dad in Hospital, both my In-laws and Husband and her sister who is residing beside our house forced me to have an abortion and finally I lost my baby too at 3rd month. And sent me to my fathers place, and did not have any communication with me for three months. 

After three months my father was discharged from the hospital then again he tried to resolve the problem. I kept silent for all these things expecting that my husband would change and accept me in his life. But the situation is going on in the same way. I am really fed up with all these things and I do not believe that my husband will change his attitude and accept me in his life. 

So I want to take a divorce from him. I don't know what is good and what is bad, but I want to punish all of them so that no another girl will be cheated again like this. 


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sandykrish (Interested in Family LAW)     11 January 2014

Hi Vijaya, Technically speaking you have to wait for 1 year to apply for Divorce under section 13 1 of HMA. Always try to save the marriage you have time till Nov 2014 stop communicating with your husband for somedays and let him realise your value. If nothing changed go ahead with divorce but sincere advice from my end dont go on revenge mode and don't act on some lawyers advice for filling DV act and 498A anyways if you have decided for divorce go peacefully partways if you believe in Karma what goes around will come.

sandykrish (Interested in Family LAW)     11 January 2014

@vijaya sorry to intervene again you told you were married on Nov 24 2013 how come 3 months came into picture? Dear members please take an extra caution against this lady who contradicts her own statement I still go with my first advice I strongly believe something is wrong with this lady!

aap (manager)     11 January 2014

U say ur husband is not doing s*x with u then how u conceived the child, ur giving contradicting statements, plz plz dont use this law of 498a against innocent people by this ur not spoiling ur lifre but runing the life of others 2

Vijaya (MBA )     13 January 2014

Hi Sandy Krish it was a typing mistake I was married on nov-24 2012 

Vijaya (MBA )     13 January 2014

Hi aap it is mentioned clearly in line 11-12 that due to parents force he started a relation. " I was crying when I was typing the message so it is a typing mistake of my marriage date" hope u guys can understand. For your clarification I will attach a marriage certificate with in two days. At present I was at my in-laws home with in couple of days I will go to my parents place then I will attach it.

Avadhesh Paliwal (advocate)     14 January 2014

Vijaya I am requesting you that please file a case 498a for all the in law member immidiately and dont fear and coordinate with your advocate which you will appoint....and help to your best freind which is brave and bold and can help you without any profit. or you can take help any your relatives.....

and please complained it on women welfare organisation at your local body and letter to collector of your city and magistrate...and if you are educated then go on the social sites on your relative groups and post a message about the criminal activities of your in laws.....

or you can write a letter  to SP office and other women welfare organisation.....because they will help you fianancially and morally.....

if you can not do please mail me your detail so i will send it to national women welfare and political parties president of mahil prakosht 


avadhesh paliwal


Samir N (General Queries) (Business)     14 January 2014

If what you are saying is true, and that is a BIG IF, then I am sure that some member from the legal fraternity here will be happy to provide you even free services. Just be careful in not putting your phone number or basic personal information on the site for public consumption. Only if you are sure that the person is an advocate, do so. You can specify the state or city you are from to enable advocates to volunteer free services. There is no other way for them to find out where you are from.

You husband's attitude towards you based upon your color is pathetic. He ought to be taught a lesson if dowry is involved. But then... all this only if your facts are true. 99% of women make false allegations so I emphasize on the if part.

Rajesh Mehare (member)     01 February 2014

is there any procedure in pri litigation for getting mutual consent divorce. if there is please tell me what is the procedure

Gautam Kapoor (IT professional Studying Law)     03 February 2014

@ Vijaya , a typing mistake on the keyboard is okay and can be well percieved, but  a mistake  one's conscience cannot be..  Philosopy aside.

The doctors would surely  have recorded who accompanied you to the abortion center and on what legal grounds the abortion was done.

a.Do you have any records of this ?

b.Why did you agree for abortion ? What made you do so ?

Since you are contemplating on divorce,My advice ,Try starting a life afresh, don't have a revengeful attitude.



Saurav (Engineer)     15 March 2014

Vijaya go and find a good lawyer and make your ex pay for his sins.

Note: I am not a lawyer so my advice is not legal advice.

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