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Chetan Singh (SE)     19 December 2011

Need advice to give one chance to exwife


Dear Lawyers,

Since I earlier posted the topic as below, so I wanted some legal advice since I met yesterday for compromise the case.


Below are yesterday conversations.

Today, I went to meet my exwife, since our marriage is null and void last 4 months ago.Only 498a, 125,DV act cases need to be finished with compromise.

I again said to her , I am ready to provide her food and shelter for her and son.But she was weeping with this fear what if I can run away to laeve her in mid-between.


1.Her humble request is with me to take her in my home/flat so that she has not this fear in life that I will run away.

2. She is ready to sign bond papers that she will never do any cases on me. she will quit all cases from me.

she will never oppose my next marriage. she will always give respect to me. 

3. She said , what ever I want in written , she is ready to sign.

Her positive factors I know, So please suggest , the risk and negative factors.  What neccessary things are required?

Because no will marry me if cases will be going on, also last 1.5 years I am only getting next dates .......


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**Victim** (job)     19 December 2011

Chetan despite of whatever took place between two of you are you sure you want to remarry again ? Brother you have one son just think of your son atleas i believe  this is the main reason court is not doing anything about those pending cases. Right now she is ready to sign papers but i won't believe that she can tolerate your second marriage and that also with her permission. What makes you think that she will allow you to get married ? Just think of a feeling someone gets when you see your ex with someone !!!

**Victim** (job)     19 December 2011

Although you can always remarry as long as you maintain her and your son. You said that you already got divorce then better arrange her another rental apartment and pay her on monthly basis but if you keep her in your house then you will be inviting DV my friend because even after divorce you are maintaining domestic relationship with your wife and that will be enough for her to prove occurance of DV.


Shantanu Wavhal (Worker)     19 December 2011

nothing given in writing by her can shield u from DV.

infact, asking for such written statement from her will be treated as cruelty.

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Chetan Singh (SE)     19 December 2011

Dear all,

Thanks for reply, but if you see my thread linked. I clearly mentioned there, the son she have was her first marriage which she hided me.Since her first husband left her away 10 years ago so she is alone and her family also left her so she is staying in dhramshala with her son. 

Our fight was this thing since she has hided her first marriage and son to me .so when I was leaving her she filed 498a,dv,125 on me.Now after hearing this neither my parents are ready to accept me and her. Untill I getrid off these cases my life is also in traped in cases.

**Victim** (job)     19 December 2011

Oh boy you got trapped with fraud marriage sorry i didn't notice your previous thread but i guess now you know that no matter what if you bring her to your house or if you sign any contract saying that she won't do it again then you are making a big mistake don't do it my friend.....

Chetan Singh (SE)     19 December 2011

DV and DP is a criminal case? What a exwife can do maximum with DV.

Can i booked for jail also? can i make a written agreement to her so that she cant file DV also in future?

Shantanu Wavhal (Worker)     19 December 2011


What a exwife can do maximum with DV.

can make the life of husband & in laws a living hell.


Can i booked for jail also?

depends upon her alligations


can i make a written agreement to her so that she cant file DV also in future?

no use of such agreement.

Shantanu Wavhal (Worker)     19 December 2011

testing of poison is never wise & advised.

Shantanu Wavhal (Worker)     19 December 2011

cases filed by her are not maintainable after u get decree of nullity.

apply to HC for quashing.

asendilvel (Consultant)     19 December 2011


Either you listen to issues & feelings else

Make her listen to your innerself & feelings

If you cannot convince your own wife, how can you be able to convince either a lawyer or judge

Tajobsindia (Senior Partner )     19 December 2011

@ Author

From professionals (i.e. members of Bar) and/or general public (i.e. several writers herein) you will always have two versions as remedy to your cause title.

A. Both remedies will confuse you.

B. You will never get opportunity to take your own independent decisions in such moments of truth.

Carrying forward once life with “sentiments” and “emotions” when several matrimonial nature cases are there on floor of various Courts, it is either and/or both parties final call and none from above two advising circles probably should advise what suggested finality shall be in such situations!

2. Sooner in the coming day you remove from your upper story once for all ‘sentiments” and “emotions” the two sworn enemies of once mind, all the societal decision that you now take and diligently follow those decision will enlighten all affected parties concerned for a happy future when still some pending cases are there.



Hence till that time you will remain in duality stage(s) asking remedy from people whom you have never meet – never seen face to face – i.e. they all are total strangers to both of your cause title; yet you are giving them colly. power to decide YOUR FATE which is a self –destruction way to see end to a sensitive cause title called “way of life” now that you have come to crossroads !. 

This bridge only you are supposed to cross now.

Secondary reasoning:

One shall be a strong self believer; parties approaching Court must bring a solution to Court themselves and not that they themselves become problem to their solutions in life!

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