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Ankit Goyal   20 April 2023

My bank account debit/withdraw freeze by cyber crime cell

I am not able to withdraw the money from the bank account as the debit feature is blocked due to some reason. I tried reaching the home branch (HDFC Bank) but they are not cooperating and saying that they are not authorized to share the email which has come to them to block the account. Though I got the number of the Cyber cell who did authorize to block the account but they are also not responding properly. I am not sure what to do in this scenario. Seeking help.


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Siddhi   20 April 2023

Looks like some criminal complaint against you involving bank account. Visit local police station & ask.

Ankit Goyal   20 April 2023

I reside in Kolkata and my home branch is in Bangalore and they gave me a number that belongs to the Cybercrime branch of Bhubaneshwar. Visiting the local police station will help? Or should I contact the Bhubaneswar CyberCrime branch?

T. Kalaiselvan, Advocate (Advocate)     21 April 2023

You can contact the cyber police in the number provided to you and clarify the details.

If you hae been implicated in the complaint then you may have to verify the same and if possible cooperate with the police to clear this and get your bank account unfreezed.

Ankit Goyal   21 April 2023

Thank you Sir for your response. I have tried reaching them but haven't received a proper response. What is the best way to connect with them? Should I hire an advocate or go physically(it is in a different city), mail (mailed them today and hope to receive a response but haven't got it) or continue to try with the number? If you have ever handle such case, can I contact you?

Dr J C Vashista (Advocate)     21 April 2023

Either to wait for response from cyber crime police or hire services of a local Odisa lawyer to contact police and find out actual problem / issue.

P. Venu (Advocate)     21 April 2023

Nowadays, such freezing of accounts has become a really challenging issue. Such freezing of accounts is of grave civil consequence if such action is only because a third party has credited a small or neglible amount. It is a moot point whether Section 102 CrPC confers unlimited and pervasive powers upon the Police -

102. Power of police officer to seize certain property.—

(1) Any police officer may seize any property which may be alleged or suspected to have been stolen, or which may be found under circumstances which create suspicion of the commission of any offence.

(2) Such police officer, if subordinate to the officer in charge of a police station, shall forthwith report the seizure to that officer.

(3) Every police officer acting under sub-section (1) shall forthwith report the seizure to the Magistrate having jurisdiction and where the property seized is such that it cannot be conveniently transported to the Court, or where there is difficulty in securing proper accommodation for the custody of such property, or where the continued retention of the property in police custody may not be considered necessary for the purpose of investigation, he may give custody thereof to any person on his executing a bond undertaking to produce the property before the Court as and when required and to give effect to the further orders of the Court as to the disposal of the same:

Provided that where the property seized under sub-section (1) is subject to speedy and natural decay and if the person entitled to the possession of such property is unknown or absent and the value of such property is less than five hundred rupees, it may forthwith be sold by auction under the orders of the Superintendent of Police and the provisions of sections 457 and 458 shall, as nearly as may be practicable, apply to the net proceeds of such sale.

It is hightime that legality and reasonability of the police action is tested before the High Court in a Writ Petition.

Sudhir Kumar, Advocate (Advocate)     04 May 2023



Contact Advocate.

Vipin Chaudhary   07 August 2023

I am having same issue. Some one reported ammount X INR as  fraud. HDFC bank marked blocked the same amount till 2 month, after that they freeze my account. 
I keep requesting them, that in my annual statement, I do not have any ammount X transactions. You should check first after that you should Hold/freeze account. But they told me that Cyber Crime officer from Telangna reported to us so we need to block that ammount.

I am still keep emailing them, calling them both(bank and Cyper Police Telangana) but I am not getting any response :(

I am living here in Delhi.Can any one please help me to resoleve the same.


dilip ghongade   15 August 2023

Hello vipin

Please contact me on 8830612497

marian pascal   23 August 2023

Hi have a similar querry. THere is UPI related fraud registered againt my account and its freezed now from Telengana Cyber Police. I tried calling them several times bank also is not responding me properly. Finally today after calling continues Police picked the call but they are asking me to visit them. Me staying in bangalore travelling to Telangana i dont know what to do. Can someone guide me please what needs to done.

Gaurav   29 August 2023

The same thing I faced in my case my 2 accounts was freeze by cyber cell Bihar and after that I done this and now my boths accounts are fully operaional. I can help you In this regard and even you don't need to go anywhere, If you need any proof or want to get unfreeze your then connect with me on 8116292423. Note : Have to pay my charges of 5000


Munish Goyal   29 October 2023

please collect information first from the bank manager  regrading the complaint number and concerned cyber police station and disputed transaction and its amount then you can contact. i will surely help you.  

Munish Goyal Advocate
Cyber Crime Cases Expert

Tax_Buddy (Tax consultant)     12 February 2024

You need fo file a petition to state reforms for unfreezing you can google about it. By this you don't to go anywhere from home you can do. Also if you want to process from my end then yes I'll definitely help in this regard Whatsapp on 8597060256 (I'll charge 10k). Did this for many.

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