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Kumar Krishan Agarwal Advocate (Lawyer)     25 August 2017

Muzaffarnagar Judge Review - Gopal Tiwari [2017]

In this year 2017 these are the list of those judges & Magistrates who are not right according to me. It is true as I swear in the name of God and just put it hereso that my learned lawyers friend get aware about judge real identity than they makeover their fake personality traits in court appearance dais before litigants. The list is amended time to time as I observed and notice the behavior of judges thru my cases or client case or get acquainted by the local Bar advocates. We have to survive in this law badest environment as they are no escape route from it neither any necessary legit action might taken by any person as judges are immune and untouchable from any wrong act they done in the color of his position. Once they get on Government secured job then only their retriement or voluntary retriment may get away from that alleged Judge or Magistrate. Today Mostly Justice of God turned to Injustice of God.  

That a Judge named GOPAL TIWAR S/o RAM SUNDER TIWARI  I.D No. UP6251  is P.O of "Chief Judicial Magistrate" of District Muzaffarnagar. That a true and genuine complaint case was registered by me against named accuseds in Complaint under Sec 190 Crpc then my personal Self statements recorded and One reliable witness put it before Court and her statments also recorded as Sec 202 Crpc in written. Then after the Case several months Case laid idly for getting Summoning order but on many dates goes in vain and finally on many date by date request the magistrate Gopal Tiwari put it for final order dated 21-08-2017. That when I get checked on next day dated 22-08-2017 I found that the magistrate dismissed my true case on false and made false pretensed concocted reason that Sec 200 and Sec 202 of looting chain and beat up not meet equally. That the Magistrate forget, ignored the fact that when many months and year of times passes human memories erode day by day then some minor discrepancies may comes in every criminal cases and before witnessess as no one crammed the same ditto lines of crime in all complainant and witness mind exactly. The magisrate also forget & ignored that the prima facie case is of not merit and demerit to decide in limine before Summoning order. The central focus on incident and when the Crime Occurred then only Sec 200 Crpc as 100 percent is just sufficient for Summoning the Accuseds although witness in Sec 202 Crpc makes more relaible picture to get summons 200 percent sure to go. That the Magisrtate Gopal Tiwari and Jitendar Kumar Magistrate [ACJM-First] are bosom judicial friends and both keep extreme jealously to me as I am legal system activitist and figther of legal loopholes and mostly complaint in written before Higher State Courts and SCC if something wrongdoing may prevailed in District Courts by Judges and Court Staff etc in day to day misconduct. That the mischievous evil Sec 203 Crpc is a boon & immnunity for the magistrate for dismissal moslty complaints in this false alibi that Sec 200 and Sec 202 Crpc not give grounds to summon accuseds and thay why in dilemma the Complaint would be get dismissed by them as it goes in my cases and other client cases. This is the real dirty picture of the enacted laws that an advocate like me not get first step of justice in last 2 years eroded and destroyed then how ordinary man may get from lowers Courts of India. Mostly Judges are time pass and enjoying the fruits of power and Money and rest nothing they have to think about society Welfare and stopping crimes for petty to High class crime in this cold hearted Selfish world.

Today mostly the Judges like to see all negative aspects in each matter and unnecessary issues and try to first dismiss the cases on just that unwarranted reasons they find out besides considering what the heaviest pain litigant suffering from this case presented before him. Kindly See his Final Order which I attached here for veracity of this matter comes before the Judge Gopal Tiwari  When a lawyer like me not get Justice and relief from Courts than how an ordinary and simple man without money can get legal aid from the Court or the National Legal Service Authroity free legal aid for poor people of Citizen of India.  Today Justice rely on hefty money and without money no roads of justice get ride to get travel and pass through Justice path till Supreme Court of India.  People getting crying today Justice in Judiciary is alike a climp up on mountains upwards on 90 Degree path projectile where there is no oxgen and food to survive.  


At last In Shree Maat Bhagvat Gita the Following lines exactly fit for these weak wrongdoing Judges are:-

In Chapter 14 , text (Sholak) 16 :-The Result of Pious Action is Pure and is said to be in the mode of goodness. But action done in the mode of passion result in misery, and action performed in the mode of ignorance result in foolishness.

 In Chapter 14 , text (Sholak ) 17:- From the mode of goodness, real knowledge develops ;  from the mode of passion, greed develops ; and the from of ignorance develop foolishness , madness and illusion.

IN Chapter 18 , Text (Sholak) 22 :- And That Knowledge by which one is attached to one kind of work as the all in all, without the knowledge of Truth and which is very meager is said to be in the mode of darkeness.

In Chapter 18, Text (Sholak) 16:- Therefore one who thinks himself the only doer, not considering the five factors is certainly not very intelligent and cannot see things as they are.


From:- Mr KK Agarwal Advocate

Member of District Bar Association , Muzaffarnagar.

Mb:- 09319365499, 09675730306.  



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