Dear All, one of my male friend got molested in a trial room of a famous clothing brand by a male employee. He instantly complaint about it to the manager but the manager and other employees ignored and verbally abused my friend. He then raised the issue with the company grievance portal the very next day, and the company said not to raise any complain with the police, the company will financially settle it. Now after 3 weeks the company is saying that they have removed the employee and closed the issue without any financial aid to my friend.
Now he is not sure what to do! Can anyone please suggest? Shall he send a legal notice to the company?
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Yes. send a legal notice through a lawyer along with grievance copy submitted through company portal


please send a legal notice also file a criminal complaint.

How your friend accepted the financial settlement? You ask your friend to complaint to police  


What sort of molestation (s*xual abuse) is stated to have been committed upon your male friend ? 

Retired employee.

The molested employee was terminated and the employer performed his duty.  In what way the financial compensation is involved is not known. If you are not satisfied make a complaint to the police and still expecting compensation from the employer may not appear proper.


Thank you Rama Sir and Ganesh Sir for the advice.

Sankaranarayanan Sir, when he told the company that he would

complain to the police, they said and i quote "you will be more harrassed if you go to the police,

I am not deying polce efficacy, but we can resolve it in a better way", now even he is afraid to

go to the police and explain what has happend and all.

Vashista Sir, the employee without his permission went inside the trial room and locked the door.

Then although he was very clear that he would purchase only a Dopatta, the employee made him wear

a pant he already purchased from a different shop, and in the name of fixing the lower part of

the pant, the employee kneeled and was rubbing his hand all over his lower part and then grabbed

his private part and then he pushed the employee.

This is more or less the story.

Mr Prasad Sir, when he complained to the manager and wanted to speak to him privately to explain what

had happened, the manager made him explain what had happened in front of at least 10 employee all

circling around him and his gf and infront and not only the manager didnt say anything, other employees

supported the molestor and said "ho jata h sometimes" also verbally shouting at him and when he said

he would complain to police, they said "jo kaar na h kaar lo, dekh lenge"

now the point is even he doesn't wanna go to police and lawyers and make it public.
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1. There is no legal bar in making complaints for your mentioned grievances, to related authorities.

Keep Smiling .... Hemant Agarwal 


Hemant Sir, I'm sorry but i could not understand your point, if you can explain it a bit more

If he do not wat to make a complaint with the police then he cannot get any relief against the grievances he suffered.

If he do not want to take it up legally then there is no point in approaching this forum asking for legal opinion to your problem




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