Miscarriage by violence

Hi, I m 40 yrs woman, lives with my husband, son and mother in law. I had an incident inside my house porch last month describing as follows. There's an ongoing issue for becoming society's leader since few months. Society s dividied in 3 parts, Few of my relatives live in 2nd & 3rd part. I myself live in 1st part. Part 2 of society got seprated last month due to non maintenance of their area. They started collecting money from their area and started paying to gardners and security guys. From this incident, part 1 s few members got upset and made a social media group on watsapp where they started defaming my relatives and my family too in that group for not paying the maintenance charges, though i have slips signed by them since last 5 years. We never missed a single payment and We never had an issue with any one in society as we travel a lot due to nature of business and pay our dues on time for society's maintenance. This verbal topics kept going for few days, 1st part was unable to collect and pay the dues to security and gardeners. So they planned a meeting and came to our house last month and asked for society s mainetance, which never happened in last couple of years, as security guys kept doing this collection task since few years. Anyhow, My husband came out and asked them why they defamed us on social media, as we never missed any payment so far. On this, they kept saying that we all relatives are together and started abusing and threatened to put more bad language on social media group and to teach us a lesson. Then one of them started abusing my late father in law in front of my family. My husband confronted him and all other members to not to do so; as my father in law passed away 3 years back. On this few members tried to hold my husband's hands. This all lead to pushing and pulling for few seconds. And then 4-5 members came inside my porch holding my husband. When I saw them doing so through the porch door, I came out in porch and tried to stop them and during this incident I was pushed back by society members and i fell on the ground on my belly side. I woke up and again tried to stop them but they went out back on the street till then. No society member bothered to help me. I was shocked, scared and terrified to saw this brutality by society members. I was 11 weeks pregnant that time. After this fall, I had little to mild cramping started and lower back pain since then for 2-3 days, and then I had a heavy bleeding and clots next evenjng which kept ongoing that whole night. Next day I went to see my gynac doctor who was already handling my pregnancy case. They checked and done another ultrasound and informed me that baby s no more and some part of baby s flushed out during bleeding and some part s still inside and I had to undergo a surgery to remove that, or it will start posioning my internal body parts too. I was in deep shock and trembling to hear this horrible news. My body was so week, Doctor did some tests and told me to go for antibiotics course for few days and then come for surgery, as per them I wasn't psychologically and physically ready for that operation that time. I had to undergo a surgery after prescribed medicinal course and was referred to the psychiatrist. During all this, one of them by using political links filed a FIR against my husband for hiting and threatening and case 325 was filed against my husband. It seems like forged MLR report was filed too. All society members held together and put false accusations against my husband. Though they came to our house and threatened and hit my husband. Police also approached one sided and dint even bother to act on our complaint, which we filed. My husband s the only man responsible for bread and butter in the house, me, my mother in law ( age 76) and my 10 years old son all are dependant on him. He was running all around to save our baby and my life. We had to undergo immense stress and harassment during this interval of time. On top of that,this gulit is killing us every moment that what was our baby's fault? What kind of social work is this, where few members can kill an unborn child over a minor issue and no system or law can provide justice? I m slowly recovering from surgery but still visiting my psychiatrist, can I file a complaint against society members after one month? Though they keep threatening us that they are all together and know how to manipulate system and have political links and no one can touch them and cases lasts many years And they can harras a lady easily. We are highly scared , Kindly advise can we do something? Can we count on law & order to provide us a justice? Regards Mehak. 8360864733.

The Society can always take legal action to collect the arrears of maintenance charges, the members of the Society had no business to trespass. You may prefer charges of trespass, criminal intimidation and physical harm. Rest will depend on the tangible and verifiable evidences submitted by both the sides.



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