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Lavisha Mamtanii   13 December 2022

MCRC 482 in MP highcourt against 306 on my mother and brother

Hi Experts,

I really need help , could you please share the contact number and the right time which works for you ? I really need advise.

My brother got engaged to a girl in February 2022. My brother started getting messages from Girl's known that he should not marry her and step back as she is my forever crush so it is better for you to step back. my brother got message twice on Instagram and the unknown deleted the insta id and messages everytime he sends such messages. We reported this to the girl and her bua because her bua was the main point of contact. Girl said she has doubt on few boys. We did not mind getting messages but few days later girl ,herself started talking and dropping messages that my brother should step back and talk to her bua and cancel this engagement. my brother is businessman and she wanted a professional partner. She said she agreed to get engaged because her bua forced her.

we informed all this to her bua.

Girl also started talking that she likes to smoke cigarettes and hookah and even take sleeping pills. Her mother , brother and she herself takes sleeping drugs. She does not Have father - we are not aware of reason of death. He passed away when girl was very young.

Dear expert, Taking you back to the time when we got her Rishta.

We had clearly asked her whether she or anyone from family takes alcohol or smokes that time she clearly denied. My brother had asked had asked her personally and even I asked her personally but she had denied. everything was positive in investigation so we said yes and got them engaged.

Now that after messages from unknown and she herself talking of addiction to her after engagement , my brother and whole my family were not at all happy and we informed this to her bua.

Her bua called my brother and said you should not be revealing hese facts to your family and then she said girl and my brother should stop talking for a week as all the untold facts are coming up.
they did not talk for a week.

As soon as the week got over , girl's cousin uncle said you both should not talk as it appears you are way too childish to handle the relations ,until the elders from both the family setup a meeting and get things sorted.

Girl informed us that her uncle has gone to pune to investigate her ex boyfriend.

We did not mind that and there was zero communication.

her bua called us to step up a meeting but during those days my brother's scapula got fractured so doctor had advised a month of rest.

Still bo communication and meeting got delayed.

Then finally meeting was scheduled In May and girl's family and my family both sat and cancelled the engagement in the presence of two persons from panchayat.

The girl committed suicde ,leaving a text message to my brother.

Main highlights - My brother talked to the departed soul for just around 15 days from the engagement. Evidence is CDR report.

Police without any investigation filef 306 on my brother and mother.

her bua gave false allegations.

We have in proof the chats of girl saying she is bit interested for this relationship. Which we showed to their family and then they took back the allegations. We signed a settlement also on proper stamp papers which is signed by her family.

Still her bua filed a case with false allegations and police with zero investigation filed FIR.

We know and even few members' know that we are innocent. Her uncles are in support of us ,they even tried to explain whole to her bua.

hence we have filed for 482 in MP highcourt against 306.

not even single hearing has taken place - our adv had assured that he would qaush this within 2 months.

please advise what should we do to qaush this and what should we do to get the case dates listed asap and the hearing takes place.

we really need to close this before the new year starts. my family is in trauma, all the illness have stucked us.

Your support and advise is greatly appreciated.


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Real Soul.... (LEGAL)     13 December 2022

Quashing the FIR is only availble option with you , just colect the evdiance and engage a good prfessional lawyer who deal in such cases ... 

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Lavisha Mamtanii   14 December 2022

Thank you so much. How many hearings does it takes to quash the case ? We have hired a good professional lawyer

please advise

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