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Mentally Depressed (will tell you later)     26 March 2012

Matrimonial sites are flooded with divorcee profiles

There was time when Divorcee was not considered good among the society but if you see any matrimonail site, it has flooded with Divorcee people majority of them are freshly married and have children.God Knows what happ groen to them and their children..How they feel secure in the absence of one parent? We at times have both parents feel unsecure for uncertainity but how these children grow and react .Surely there will increse in crimes and social evil activites and who are responsible for all that?


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Democratic Indian (n/a)     26 March 2012

Anti socials, psychopaths, gays, lesbians and jerks are all products of modern economy, modern society and "mordernness". People need to be very careful before marriage or any relationship so that it succeeds and not taken over later by selfish interests only.

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Avantika K (House wife)     28 March 2012

Why will it not be flooded? when every married couple has a third party to interfere and do the brain wash silently with either spouse and force them to leave, living them mentally stressed.  I'm one of them who is fallen prey to such a husband left me immediately after my son was born and now trying all sorts of things to get a divorce from me so he can get married again....the couples are not always at fault they are victims of other psychopaths....

Aishwarya (Teacher)     28 March 2012

it is depressing to see so many couples getting divorced, innocent guys with false cases, and innocent women suffering due to other social evils..

what is more saddening is the kids who suffer the most, the frustation and wrath of the single mother or father who's divorced or may not be with everyone but ive seen many such examples..

still we can start the change with us..we know all this exist ..but we can change the scene a lil maybe..

Avantika K (House wife)     28 March 2012

But how can we make a change...when lawyers, judges,courts don't believe in social evil or any other kinds of evil acts.....i wish they believed and gave support to find the root of such evil acts to prove who is wrong and who is getting affected....Children are the major part of a family who get affected and they are left so broken coz they do not get the love of both parents....I wish atleast the cops of Mumbai could support such cases and bring such activitied in broad day light...and destroy such practices from our societies..

Aishwarya (Teacher)     28 March 2012

sure its hard to change , but i stress about the people who "now" know about all this and can guide others in right direction to avert such problems they may encounter as part of married life altogether..

we can hope for a better future, acknowldge the mistakes we've done in past and pledge not to do so in future relationships..

its not that ki its may be a complete one sided mistake..i can never buy that thought..

But afterall we can reshape oursleves so that we gift our future generations a harmonious environment.., bring change in our thinking, break the stereotypes, and always keep intact with the vows we make to each other at the time of marriage and not let oursleves get brainwashed.

"Moreover to learn that not to use power in hands is the best power we have and can show..,"                 this goes for the females., as ive learnt and i dont see men having any of that until now atleast the knowldege ive gathered so far i always find them on the losing end or behind bars..

i know i may be rebutted for this comment..but i speak what ive seen so far..

"make me aware of something i know not ,,then please do.." surely

its all wierd i know good to hear and talk about but actually if at all one or two or maybe 2 % of ppl would apply this thought maybe we can see a change and some relief...

Roshni B.. (For justice and dignity)     28 March 2012

many yrs. back couples lived harmoniously and accepted each others' flaws and srengths,believeing that their spouse is now everything to them.they believed in once married,forever married. 


when divorce laws were passed,couples came to know that they now have the opportunity to get a new person if their current partner "does not fit" their expectations.


consequently, this generation started finding faults in their spouses and became intolerant.back of the mind they knew that they have the option to separate.divorce laws gave this option.



suppose you have been living in your small 2 bedroom flat for the past 30 yrs. and despite a few flaws in it,you become so much attached to it,that you will never shift to a new home.

now let's suppose one of your rich,industrialist friend gifts you a new bunglow on your birthday.despite the fact that it may have high maintenane costs and pose other problems in future,suddenly you'll start finding faults in your 2-bedroom flat which was so dear to you always.


so why did you suddenly started hating this flat?only because your friend gave you the opportunity to move in a new bunglow.if this opportunity had not come in your life,you would have continued loving your old flat and never left it.


in a nutshell,that old flat of 2 yrs. is your spouse


the friend who gifted you the new flat=the judges who passed divorce laws


the new flat is the divorce law

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bhima balla (none)     29 March 2012

A good example:

But from the same

1) The old flat is the institution of marriage

2) The new flat is the divorce and separation

3) The Rich Industrialist is the Government, Feminist and Women's right (without responsibilities) movement! Laws are passed by Parliament. Divorce decree by courts.

Mentally Depressed (will tell you later)     31 March 2012

@ Aishwarya..Your wording shows that your views are much sympathetic towards the man community..The majority of women speaks one voice when any thing has been drafted in favor of them. It also seen that some profiles are fake and may have been posted in differnt I.D to give false impression to the public

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OMG .... I saw Doobie's profile looking for a hairy scary hunk on  !!!! 

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