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Innocent (foo2)     19 July 2012

Marrying in tamil nadu the safer way

I am from Tamil Nadu, I am very prowd of my state in that we are leading in the number of Divorce cases in the whole of INDIA. We have a lady chief minister who has not tasted marriage. Being a faminist she has launched more than many Ladies police stations and continues recruiting a battalion of lady polices and Lady SIs'. Our honerable chiefminister is also responible for sighning the "Pengal van kodumai chattam", (possibly) Dowry harassment act etc. These laws are visibly biased towards women. And the present IT generation girls are taking too good of an advantage with it. They are using it to take revenge of their husbands.

Now My story: My wife left me and went and forced me and got her divorce.......I have worked abroad in Europe and I am aware of the marriage system there. They marriage through making legal contracts. Both agree to each other's contract, sign it and then they wear their marriage suits and gowns.

My Question to you is: Residing in Tamil Nadu, I am afride to get married again in the usual Indian way. So is it possible that I sign a marriage contract when I remarry? 

I want to prepare a legal contract like this:

If my future-wife demands divorce OR if I am compeled of making a mutual divorce, my (future) wife should pay me few crores as "Nastayeedu". And all my children will come under my custody and my wife is free to go her way but can not visit my kids. I will resiprocate the same with her and will sign a simillar contract with her.

Your Opinion on this:

What do you think of it?

Could there be legal loop holes with this setup?

If so what are they?

As a fellow human what would you advice me?

Thanks in advance for all who respond.


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Tajobsindia (Senior Partner )     20 July 2012

1. Your pre-nuptials ideas are not that popular in India, though few Indian couples have done it here but there is no effective mechanism for giving it tombstone - foolproof validity as yet.
2. As fellow human being I would suggest you to go for "economics of arrangements" for long term happiness. Now, if you really understood European marriage system as you say then it will not be difficult for you to understand above quote - unquote simple English.
3. You are not "innocent" divorcee but a stupid person to me. Stop using Indian women's tag line "innocent" and now start behaving like a MALE.

BTW, what is wrong with European woman; marry one of them as it will provide you with better "escape" from prosecution under Indian Laws and who knows the child born out of such union will be better in skin color than your current muse - Madam Jaya!

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Innocent (foo2)     20 July 2012

It is really hard for me to understand the above quote pl explain....


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Tajobsindia (Senior Partner )     20 July 2012

"economics of arrangments" = is a temporary marriage under Islamic law (means you change your religion now from Hindu to Muslim). Literally translated, a muta marriage is a ‘marriage for pleasure’, which is valid for a fixed period of time. Such a matrimonial practice is believed to have been practiced since the time of the Prophet in Saudi Arabia. The concept continues to be held valid in the modern school of Muslim law in India, except in case of the Shia’s and the Ithna Ashari Shiite’s..

Innocent (foo2)     20 July 2012

I see that you you have sent me a personal message, but an unable to open it............ Can you please mail it to



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@Innocent , he sends sometime in codes..if you decode that pm you will understand.May be it is your divorcee wify..:P

Taj...., how this profile photo is connected to you?

Innocent (foo2)     22 July 2012

I am not prepared to risk marrying again, with out a marriage contract. Someone pl suggest me wiith your opinion on, how I could go about doing that.




Amit (NA)     23 July 2012

What kind of contract do you need.

Only Islamic marriage has the form of contract. You can try that if you wish (you can convert back post marriage).

But then you are not immune from 498A, DVA, 125CrPC and other IPC sections.

Best is to marry someone who's earning as much as you are or even more (have proofs). Has property on her name. Make sure you have no property on your name. Do not buy her anything extra (it'll be gone as stridhan). Share all the expenses. Do not have kids until you are confident about your wife. Gather evidence for any mistake from her side. Live separate from your family in a simple house for a while (1-2 years) with basic amenities. Do not buy car etc.


I could think of those. Members, please feel free to add some more.


Dear self proclaimed Mr.Innocent,

Glad to know your Love and affection towards ur home state and more particularly ur CM.Contract marriages are not prevelant or either incorporated in Indian Marriage Acts,except Muslim Personal Law,hence your aspirations cannot be fulfilled in India and better try ur luck in Europe.I do have concern for the troublesome first marriage of your's,but you have not come out  with the true facts in your original query.Tajobsindia  always advices aptly and correctly as per the contents of the query and hence u need not have a negative attitude towards him.

Marriage is  not a contract,but a religious and a traditional ritual bestowed on us by our ancestors,so it is the bonded duty of both Male and Female to safegaurd the values of it.

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