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Savitha (software)     23 May 2014

Marriage by giving false employment status

Dear All,

I got married on December 6th 2013 arrange Marriagee by parents. after a month of marriage i came to know that my husband had lost his job after engagement which was not all informed to be and my family. When questioned about it to my in laws they said if we would i have told you what you and your parents would have done. it is been six months now he is still unemployed and not willing to go to work in different city.

 my in laws have left the town and not even ready to us discuss.

Plz advice if we can file any case against my husband and in laws for not giving proper information at the time of marriage




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nabeel (law student)     23 May 2014

  • am only a law student. PLEASE REFER 498A. 
  • Divorce after a 498A is guaranteed. 498A is a nuclear weapon. It should never be used for any other purpose than what it was intended for, which was to protect women from dowry harassment. It was not designed to allow it be used to settle scores or as an extortion tool. If the accused fight back, the filers of a false 498A will face the consequences.

Sugam Dayal (Business)     23 May 2014

What is your Aim right now?
try to find out what you want to pursue...

your marriage life?

divorce from your husband?

teaching lesson to in-laws?

living separately from your in-laws and with your husband, pushing him to join a job?

first be clear about what you want to achieve? then think about legal or social steps.

Mahesh R. Sonawane (Lawyer/Fight for justice)     23 May 2014

search the employment for your husband...

stanley (Freedom)     23 May 2014

Jobs come and jobs go , it is better to suggest to your husband to try for a job . Now your life is between you and your husband forget about the in laws if they are not responding .


Alternatively if you wish to seek for Divorce than you have to wait for  a period of one year . Talk to your husband if he wants MCD . There is no point wasting your time in court cases as this involves time and money .

Adv. Chandrasekhar (Advocate)     23 May 2014

I strongly and sincerely advise you not to take any legal course.  You should understand the way in which the international and national economy is going on and how young boys and girls are getting pink slips at the fall of hat due to plummeting economic fortunes of the many medium sized enterprises.  There is not an iota of fault on his part to lose job.  Vagaries of nature, economies, fortunes and fate are part of matrimonial life.  If your husband is kind, considerate, good and decent, then forget about his peccadilloes of not revealing his unemployment status at the exact event of marriage to you or your parents, as he is sanguine enough to look optimistically to grab another job in near future.  If he is endowed with the above good qualities, do not push yourself and him into the quagmire of unterminable legal battles.  Stand up with him in his lean period and round the corner a sinecure job might be waiting for him to throw both of you in the lap of matrimonial bliss.  Avoid the long dreary corridors of courts.

stanley (Freedom)     23 May 2014

I am seeing stars in our Uncle Chandu :-) 

He seems to have changed his stance and his replies are no more gender biased :-) 

May God bless him .

Savitha (software)     27 May 2014

Dear All,

Thanks for the suggestion. It me add upon few things

1. There 3 different story of last employment from there family. My Father In law says he lost his job after engagement. Mother In law say he lost job after marriage, My husband says he lost job i December. When i asked my husband to give a copy of reliving letter from the company to find out truth. he is not supporting and he is telling me not to call and he sent a message saying he wants Divorce.

I am really surprised with behavior. I have referred his profile to my friends but he very adamant with location.

Plz advice is it wrong to ask for reliving letter to find out truth.

I want to teach lesson to my husband and in-laws for giving false information and marring me and this kind behavior. I waited for 6months.






Sugam Dayal (Business)     27 May 2014

if you want to separate, file DV Case and win it, but remember one thing...though law favours woman to express more, decisions are taken on evidence

Adv. Chandrasekhar (Advocate)     27 May 2014

If your grievance is that the non-disclosure of his loss of job, then go cool. For a fraction of moment, forget that you are short changed and look at the bigger picture. Despite his bumming around now, whether is he sincerely trying to find out some job that brings decent dough. Is he considerate enough emotionally and good in character and be decent with the people around him? Does not he look at you and your parents a meal ticket? Huge amount as dowry and marriage expenses had gone to drain? If the answer for the first two questions is yes and the last two questions no, then drop the idea of taking revenge and assist him to get job. In the meantime, enjoy the matrimonial life, without creating progeny, which is not advisable in fragile relationshp. But if fat dowry had gone into his till and your parents sweat out holding ostentatious marriage burning their hands and prince intentionally short cheated you and your parents and became incommunicado at present and pretending hurt and demand for divorce, then, I see merit in your seething annoyance and you can go to court of law to take revenge. But court cases won't be settled in a jiff and takes the precious time of wrong doer as well as wronged. So, before taking such step, think cooly. warm regards.

Samir N (General Queries) (Business)     27 May 2014

@savitha,  From a legal perspective, you cannot get divorce pr file any case of fraud because there will be no evidence of fraud that you can produce. For example, he can claim that you were informed about the facts of his employment/unemployment all along, whatever the true facts turn out to be. There will be no way you will be able to prove otherwise. From a practical perspective, you have ended up marrying a loser. Any man who is unemployed for six months and is not earning anything for that long of a time is a loser, in my opinion. All this talk on economy and other factors are lame excuses. One can always find jobs to earn something rather than just staying home and doing nothing...

Other facts of your relationship are not provided by you: His nature, character, health, vices, family background, physical relationship, education level, general smartness, financial condition beyond job, etc.  You will need to take them into consideration in any decision. But take a decision and stick to it firmly: To be with him or not to be with him. Revenge should not be one of the factors in your decision or action. Do not file DV and other such cases.  Indecisiveness in this matter will torture you. 






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Sudhir Kumar, Advocate (Advocate)     31 May 2014

Please wait for some time ( I do not mean for any long time).  You have enough material to nail husband and all those who abetted cheating.


by the way why he lost job?

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Savitha (software)     06 September 2014

Hi All,

As discussed already regarding my husbands job status i have discovered few important things like my husband was already married and the wedding was null by the court. This information was also not told to us. Now my husband and his entire family is absconding. All family members mobile switch off

Plz advice the next process.




Sudhir Kumar, Advocate (Advocate)     06 September 2014

Originally posted by : Savitha

Hi All,

As discussed already regarding my husbands job status i have discovered few important things like my husband was already married and the wedding was null by the court. This information was also not told to us. Now my husband and his entire family is absconding. All family members mobile switch off

Plz advice the next process.





NOTHING NEW.  Usual behaviour of a person apprehending arrest for the first time.

Happily Divorced (TL)     06 September 2014

If his earlier marriage was Nullified by the court, then he bears no reason to tell you. Thats not cheating going by the legal definition. It looks like you are looking ways to get out of this marriage. Good luck.


If a criminal case come on you, no wonder you will abscond too. If interested take it up as a similar to Ice Bucket Challenge and experience all by urself.

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