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delhiwallah (Mr.)     24 February 2011

Marriage at arya samaj. Is it registered even if i dont wish

I m stuck in a strange problem. I m in love with a girl for 3 years. We love each other deeply. She had a boyfriend before we met who suddenly disappeared. Now he returns and says he was suffering from blood cancer and thats why he left. My girlfriend's parents want her to marry this boy(he is somewhat better now). She also wants to marry him,but more out of pity than love. She thinks the boy is not well and needs her for the time being. But again she says that she cant live without me and will come back to me after 4-5 years giving him divorce once the boy is better. She believes the boy will not hold her back then once he hears the entire story and will let her have a mutual. I have agreed to wait for her. She and that boy are going in for a court marriage shortly. Now, before that, we want to have some sort of bonding between us and so we are thinking of marriage in the ARYA SAMAJ. We want this marriage not as a legal stamp but purely for our own mental satisfaction. now my question:

If we marry in the arya samaj,will it be automatically registered? Imean,will she get caught when she goes for court marriage with that boy bcoz we are already married at the arya samaj? I certainly dont want that. Plz help. 


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Avnish Kaur (Consultant)     25 February 2011

playing with relations , need psychitaric help.

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I think you are in a mood to joke with LCI members.So you have presented this odd case,only to have fun.You may be an old member here who's being mischevious by making a new ID,about which only the admin knows.


However if you are telling the truth,read on:


Aap teeno me sirf uska boy friend normal lag raha hai.Wo halaat ka maara hai.


Aapki GF ke parents bhi paagal hai jo ek cancer patient se beti ki shaadi karwa rahe hai.

Wo use widow banaane ki taiyaari kar rahe hai and aap use ek adulterous woman banwaane ki taiyaari.


Please go to a good rehabilitation centre in some good hospital that deals with your kind of persons.Just google search.You will come across many that suit your needs.


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Oh you are from Delhi.


Go to VIMHANS.It has a good rehabilitation centre.Or else take psychotherapy,if your reports come out to be normal


Good luck!

Sonia Saini (advocate)     25 February 2011

Making a mockery of a holy institution of marriage ...u certainly need help . Even if you dont get the marriage registered , performing a second marriage when ur spouse is living is a crime. Marriage is never for mental satisfaction.

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Tajobsindia (Senior Partner )     25 February 2011

@ Author

1. Couples marriage done at Arya Samaj are provided with a Certificate. It is not Registered Marriage as in Court Registration.

. All Arya Samaj Marriage Certificate are to be Court Registered under Special Marriage Act to make it valid in case any legal trouble expected.

 Not disclosing earlier marriage yet going in for second marriage is un-lawful for either party. 

4. For momentary peace of mind suggest to exchange garland at a multiplex that is always equal to floating with a peace of mind, well there are thousands of foot fall witness therein hai ki nahi and what better that one can romanticize as our the puppy love!

In romance (which you are doing with this girl) is a European concept brought to India post Vasco-da-Gamma from Europe hence we Indians are always left with a vacuum called peace of mind trying to describe our un-conditional romance to another person and our such peace of mind is always for the "moment" and may not last that long proposed for 3 - 4 years!  Blood cancer does not get cured in such short time other than in some of the hindi cinemas and it is one damn expensive treatment and life threatening experience a patient goes through. Marriage for experiment should not be done by either party it is your life which is getting spoiled first and the other person is equally affected on the go. Better to opt for live-in as in stated briefs situation.

Another option shall be march ahead and there is no shortage of good boys and girls in marriage market now-a-days and who knows a better match is just waiting as in destiny by chance and or destiny by choice for you.....…...........

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manjit kalra (system eng)     25 February 2011

mockery of institution of marriage,

after 20 yrs school books will mention: ancient humans used to engage in a social disease called marriage.  ABC a great social reformer brought in a social revolution to bring end to this.

Roshni B.. (For justice and dignity)     25 February 2011



Good joke!

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Arup (UNEMPLOYED)     25 February 2011

" after 20 yrs school books will mention: ancient humans used to engage in a social disease called marriage"

not exactly 20 years but after some more time this will happen must.

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Arup (UNEMPLOYED)     25 February 2011

i think the cancer patient boy from rich family and after the death the said widow alias lover of the author will be rich and returned back to author.

good business.

i heared. at america such cases happened where young male send his lover to a person who is about to death bed. after her return as a rich widow, the said young male marry her.

please note that arya samaj marriage is a full flaged marriage,  if any one do it, as described by the author, will be punished under ipc.

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K S Narayana Rao (District Registrar)     26 February 2011

Contract marriage is better suited in your case. in that contract you 3 can enter and sign all terms like; 1) You and your girl friend will bothe act as wife and husband for one year. 2) After one year your girl friend and he will be on marriage contract for fivers or till his death whichever is earlier 3) After classe 2 You and your girl will be on marriage contract forever.  terms may be written in such a way taking leagel advise. 

Marriage will be registered in registrar Office only not by arya samaj.  They issue a certificate to that effect of your marriage which helps in you marriage registration at registrar office.

My dear young man it is life not law becareful before doing anything counsult with your wellwishers.

Arup (UNEMPLOYED)     26 February 2011

" Contract marriage is better suited in your case. in that contract you 3 can enter and sign all terms"



contract marriage is seperate thing. in india it has no legal support.

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Avnish Kaur (Consultant)     26 February 2011

kaku sir are u registrar in a court?

ur advice does not stand in eyes of law in INDIA.

delhiwallah (Mr.)     27 February 2011

thanx 498a victims,for some support,at least. we have given up the arya samaj idea. i will simply wait for her till she retuns to me. if she ever retuns. 

u r right. i m not a psycho,but i m very much in love. and trust me friend,she also loves me the same way. but her idea is foolish. and love has made me such imbecile that i m ready to agree to her rubbish than lose her for ever. so i wll keep my promise and wait. i wil not betray her,let her betray me if she may.

thanx again. 

Arup (UNEMPLOYED)     27 February 2011



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