maintenance to wife in foreign country

Dear Lawyers,

After my marriage, me and my wife moved to USA and recently I started living separately in the same city in USA because of disputes between us. Since my wife doesn't work here in USA I am paying rent, electricity, internet, water bills of my wife so far.

So my question is....if I dont pay for rent, electricty, internet, water bills do I need to face any consequences from the court in future?


There has to be a legal case ongoing for the court to intervene/ take any action. If you both are living seperately then why ur wife is still hanging in US, is she working anywhere ?

If you pay for her living in US she will enjoy staying there. Either resolve the matter amicably to reconcile or go for MCD before matters turn worse. Your wife will continue staying for another 5yrs and moment you stop paying her maintenance she will snap and file divorce claiming hefty alimony. So take a call or keep paying happily wondering what going to happen next.


Vakeel No. 1

Local or some other country.  Husband need not pay a penny to wife if she does not stay with him.  I advise you to stop paying for her, let her find a job, you inturn try to discuss mutual divorce with her, as you both were married in India.


Hi if you live out of india and your wife not loive with you thna why you pay for her all kind of things 

in us their no these type of rule and your wife not live with you than why she can t find job nfor her and why she depend on you 

stop pay for her if yoou want to help her than find job for her and pay her owen expence 

she cant file any case here in inida for maintaince so not to do it 






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