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later   16 April 2018

Maintanance, 498a,3,4,34,506- suggest me not to pay singlers


I got married on 2016 and as my wife not interested to stay with me and as they dont want to send her doughter to matrimonial home, she went back to their parents home and in 2017, with in 3 months of marriage, and alter after 6 months we dont have any type of communication eighter she dint tried to communicate with me and when i tried her parents not allowed me to talk with her and and she moved out from me ad by claerly saying am not interested to stay with me. and she kept a case on me under 498A, 34,3,4,506  and later reported to PWD, and kept maintanence case on me. and after 95 days i went to police station and they arrested me and sent to remand for 8 days. and police took my personal phone and handed over to my wifes family and they deleted all my personal/official documents and details and contacts lists etc.. and misused my simcards for 8 days . as i daily asking them to return they returned it back. the alligation what are she kept is a fake we can prove it, i we have a right lawyer who keep speak in court. and the maintanence i cant cant give and i dont want to give a penny of ruppe. so please suggest me how can i safe from maintenece case. istead of paying her, its better to get suiceide. because lawers and police,politicians all are talking their side and not making me to speak because they maintained everyone by paying lots of money. i dont have money to pay and buy such people. please help me or atleast suggest me how can i not to pay money. she did mtech 2015 passedout. and they are looking for money from me. no children yet. and she left the home and even from busstand. 

Its in andhrapradesh, kurnool district. in <abcccccc> jurisdiction civil court.


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TGK REDDI   16 April 2018

I support you.     The whole world and even God want to exploit the situation.     My support is of no use.       

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Siddharth Jain   16 April 2018

Following factors will be useful to reduce/deny alimony by husband:

1. Wife has good income through business/job. The longer the job/business, the better. The lesser (or zero) breaks in the job, the better.
2.There are no child(ren). 
3.The wife has enough means: Even if the wife is not working, but she has enough means to maintain herself in a standard life, she may not be entitled to get alimony. The means may be received in the form of inheritance.The wife remarried: If in the time between the divorce granted and the alimony matter is taken up by the court, the wife is remarried, then the husband is not entitled to pay the alimony.
4. Husband is unable to earn: If the husband is disabled, or unable to earn enough to pay the alimony (it does not include husband not willing to earn), the court may not grant the decree of alimony.
For any other queries feel free to contact me at isidjain1@gmail.com

Rishi kumar   16 April 2018

It would be most welcome if lawyers here write some tips and points to help the hapless victims of marriage(mostly men) rather than giving a terse “contact me “. This is a free forum and I see most lawyers canvassing by giving vague replies. Giving a few points will definitely help the querest,readers and ultimately it will help the lawyer himself.  Here I see that most of the tips and helpful points come from the non lawyers ie, the litigants themselves. 


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Siddharth Jain   16 April 2018

I am a lawyer, and i give advice, that too free here. The reason we write our email, so as to save the time of both litigant as well the lawyer. Moreover, i don't even charge for email consultation, so you need to stop making wild accusations about lawyers who help a number of people on this forum everyday. In the present query also, i had tried to explain the querist as to how to avoid paying maintenance.
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Deepak joshi   16 April 2018

Litigations are not matter of few points and tips, every advice depends upon the circumstance and facts of the case. It will always advisable to do details consultation with lawyer personally not socially. Please don't focus on saving few bucks focus on getting correct and Worth consultation with competent person.

Rishi kumar   18 April 2018

Dear Siddharth Jain and Deepak Joshi,

 through my post, I did not intend to offend anyone, and I am sorry about it if it has caused the slightest offence. Tips are surely required. Because we already have a lawyer.  The problem is , to the lawyer, it is only a case number and as far as the litigants are concerned, it is a matter of life and death situation. Unless you know a little bit of law yourself, I mean unless you learn, the lawyers take us for a real ride. We hire the lawyer to save a few bucks from the looting opponent, but the lawyer doesn’t seem to realise that. He simply says. The court may ask you to pay a small litigation fee, etc etc, rather than finding out a way to argue about it. These posts come out of sheer helplessness. So unless you are able to argue with your  own lawyer  things do not move forward. This is where we need helps and tips.

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later   18 April 2018

Yes Mr Rishi, I have a thought in my mind to discuss clearly  and if any of his words are hiding/talking about his fees then will hire a another advocate. and mean while am a accused person am a not the right person to ask/ defend my self. if their is any law where the accused person can procute his case himself instead of hiring that would be really great. and fed up with these lawyers now a days so about to do a llb this year. and a new website mentioning the all departments, officials, politicians etc..  and common people needs to give reviews , so socity will come to know who is wat, and due to this every one will do their work for society and sincere and honestly instead of money/bribe..  have a plan in mind will excute soon by Next Year. 

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