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tired and exhausted (Production Manager)     22 June 2015

Looking for experienced divorce lawyer in bengaluru

Hi All, 

Looking for experienced and not so expensive lawyer in Bengaluru.. Please recommend/ suggest who have successfully defended male. Please leave name and no. 

Thanks in advance.



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Rama chary Rachakonda (Secunderabad/Telangana state Highcourt practice watsapp no.9989324294 )     22 June 2015

Please browse LAWYERS SEARCH option in this portal 

tired and exhausted (Production Manager)     22 June 2015

Dear Ramachary Sir, 

With due respect Sir, that way i can google also.. the whole point of asking in this form was to get a recommendation or suggestion by the people who have been n situation themselves. 




sandykrish (Interested in Family LAW)     23 June 2015

The only way you can survive this case by knowing the legal knowledge, I would recommend you to be part SIFF and you have weekend get together, strategy meetings, by this way you will have fair idea of managing your case and lawyers.

This SIFF Bangalore chapter is headed by Pandurang Katti, Virag and  Anil, google them and enlighten yourself.

No one will endorse you for lawyers here in this forum. You want to win the case start struggling. Nothing is tough in this world.

If you feel that I have money or I dont have time for this you need to forego your precious time and money and rely on advocates..... At least you should them or let them believe you that you will pay their fees.

Good Luck...

Shekhar (Proprietor)     23 June 2015

Hi Contact Mr.N.J Ramesh, Ph +919449823025, My Name Is Shekhar Babu.N.V

LegalFighter (test)     24 June 2015

Try finding a trustable lawyer rather than an experienced lawyer @ blore(That too with the help of internet)and take care of his travel expense.

Shekhar (Proprietor)     24 June 2015

Mr.N.J. Ramesh Is Trustworthy and experienced  lawyer. Take My Word.

Shekhar Babu.N.V

sandykrish (Interested in Family LAW)     25 June 2015

Don't go with NJ Ramesh, he is good initially and expect you to do everything right from court admin work to other aspects. 

Mr. Shekhar, Can you let you know the status of your case, I believe he is dealing your case.

@queriest: Better you learn the court process and find a trustworthy lawyer who not only charge you less money should be able to listen what you are trying to convey.

The above advocate is just opposite, once you give your case, you should listen to him.... So please stop by and take appropriate decision. Identification of right lawyer is just like winning 80% of your case rest 20 depends upon other factors

LegalFighter (test)     25 June 2015

SandyKrish is right.Try finding efficient ,trustworthy, approachable and who listen & work for you.

By choosing a perfect lawyer, you will win 50% of your case.Be very careful and cautious while choosing an advocate.


I have worked with 3 different lawyers(whom i went through reference) for my personnel case and i have seen 2 different lawyers in my friends case.In  my experience and view,out of five advocates, 4 advocates are greedy,money minded,never listen to us,they force us to listen them, hide proper law points/information, misguide us by handshaking with opposite advocate,drag the case for thier conveniance, threaten us in the name of court & police and try to exort money from us.


Finally I got my man who is trustworthy, listened to me  and suggested me all possible pros & cons & approaches we can take as per law.And finally he executed and won my case 80%. But he costs more!


There are very few points that i would suggest:


1. Find trusty lawyer.

2. Never ever afraid of false cases like 498a,DVA if you have not commited any mistake.Face it boldly on merits.

3. Never afraid of Maintenance cases  if you were perfect.It will ruin your money and time if you have commited any mistakes





shashikant bhardwaj (content writer)     26 June 2015 find a lawyers click on............



Yella kallare magaa.. Obba dodd kalla, ennobba chikk kalla aste difference.... I suggest you better start reading law books and hire a per date lawyer who takes 300 rupees per date and see what he does and or ask him to do what you want.  Do couple of rounds on this great online forum, ask questions and get free legal advise.. that way you save lots of money.  There are lawyers who take 1 crore and also who take paltry 300 rupees per date and still do the same job.. 99% of the lawyers are callous, initially they will show some interest in your case but later on you will be ATM machine for them.  hence you find some young lawyer who has little experience and charges not more than 300 rupees per date.

Or Handle your own case, anyway its your case and not the lawyer's !!!

All the best.

tired and exhausted (Production Manager)     28 June 2015

Thanks a lot everyone really appreciate eachone of you for your suggestion and advice... I have managed to get a lawyer through a known source and we have readied the divorce draft... just need to file soon... 

victimoffraud   28 June 2015

LEX CURIAE is good. google it. it is in basavanagudi. they also finish case fast. and they know tricks also.

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