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simara   07 December 2016

Legal advise

I was married 3 years ago in Punjab,i have a daughter. im now in my parents place overseas.its been a year im here now. i came back to my parents place because i could not take my husband extra marital affairs and his cruelty.his torturing me mentally and psychically.and his parents was aware of all this but chose to stay quite and keep on telling me to be patience.but after 3 years he got more worst and even demanded a car from me and money. as my parents have spent quite a lot on my marriage to fulfill their demands. his aunt and sisters was also involved in torturing me mentally and physically. i want to know if he can file for one sided divorce? he will do anything to get rid of me so that they do not have to pay any maintenance to me and my daughter. he also demands my daughter so that they can escape the maintenance part. its been a year im here no one called me back and he calls my daughter regularly.i still allow him to talk and tells me to send back my daughter but you no need to come. he is still continuing his affairs. his family is on his side now. and asking me to sign on the divorce so that they can get the son to remarry and spoil another girl's life. on what grounds can i seek justice. as im here overseas,i dont intend to come back to india,but i have my uncles who r willing to do anything for me to get my maintenance and justice.


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Ms.Usha Kapoor (CEO)     07 December 2016


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Suri.Sravan Kumar (senior)     07 December 2016

you can approach women protection cell for necessary action


Woman needs husband, you are woman, you will need husband.  Dont listen to people who want to destroy you marriage.  Mistake is human nature.  Forgiveness is God nature.  Adopt a forgive and forget approach, go back to your husband and start living insted of sitting far and letting him marry.  Court cases cant be handled properly sitting here, face to face, you sitting far letting your uncles attend the case?  Dont expect wonders if you want to do like that.  Maintenance getting is very difficult.  Think about all this and make a move.

simara   07 December 2016

i always wanted to reconcile,but my husband dont want it as he is a cheater and he has cheated with far too many ladies. things has got so ugly that there is no way things can become better.the best part is he dont admit to his mistake,he feels he is not wrong. when there is no respect or love or trust in a relationship, idont see a point i should go on now. i have tried....its been a year now. i give up...

i m not sure if i need my husband now coz the pain he is given me is greater than anything.

Suri.Sravan Kumar (senior)     07 December 2016

Then he should be taught a lesson

simara   07 December 2016

yes i want to but what cani do? im not in India and i dont want to come to india as i fear i will get into a new problem with him and he might create problems for me and my daughter. all my things are still there...i came bak to my parents place just for holidays back in January 2016 and suppose to go bak after 3 weeks but he demanded me to bring money from my parents coz he wants to buy a car and a bike. when i said i cant, he said stay there and dont come bak. till date im still here staying on my parents completely and im not working as my baby is still small and i dont have any financial support. im badly in a mess..


im paying for something  i did not do..and he is roaming free and enjoying his life. his whole family is supporting him ..and looking for a new victim, as in new bride for  him,

Suri.Sravan Kumar (senior)     07 December 2016

you can file complaint through your father or mother.

Rama chary Rachakonda (Secunderabad/Telangana state Highcourt practice watsapp no.9989324294 )     07 December 2016

Talk to your husband and in laws about your problems in a religious nearest place peacefully. 

advharminderdhankhar   07 December 2016

if u are independent n u can earn money for yourself then u should leave him and dont give divorce to him start litigation against him and his family they must be realise about the problem after the litigations he may be ready to settel the dispute without it he is not able to understand the problems

advharminderdhankhar   07 December 2016

one more thing u have no much expense in litigation n u can get money from them after one or two dates n u have only solution to resolve ure problems


Kumar Doab (FIN)     10 December 2016

Do your home work if you want to settle or even otherwise.

If you want to settle, settle ASAP and focus on your future. 

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