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Ks Singh jiii (Partner)     05 November 2011

Law firm registration

Dear Friends


I am an Lawyer and Practising in Delhi for almost 2years now. I have gained expirence by working with some senior counsel now I want to open my own Law firm. So I would like to request you to please tell me the procedure of getting the law firm registered in Delhi. I am planning to have a law firm on sole propritorship rather than having in partnership though my other friends will be working with me but i do not think that they will cotribute any shares in it so i guess i will go for sole propritorship firm only though they will be working with my company only.


Please tell me the required documents to get the law firm registered in delhi..

Thanks in advance waiting for reply eagerly


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Atul D Suryavanshi (Attorney - JC Law Firm)     07 November 2011



Dear Karan,

Incorporation of Law Firm is not much complicated.

You can either way. But the essential requirement for incorporation of  Law Firm is, all the partners must be Registered with State bar Council as  Practicing Advocate. Else you cannot name it LAWFIRM. Even Advocates Act  andd BCI has many restriction in this regards. Better way,  have one more Registered Advocate who will remain in your favor and can act as sleeping partner and go for Legally incroporation to avoind descilpinary Action by State bar Council. sole_Prorietorship or One Man Comapny is not good funda in Indian Legal Market. BCI always have some barrier for such  Firms. Better you go for LLP (Limited Liability Partnership) where you can controll all the thing as per your wish. Then get it register with State Bar and avail many benefits  such as Legal Support of BCI and State Bar, Global Legal market, TAX benefits, protection from harrashment or threat from the existing Law Firms and so on...

We would like to Assists you to get incorporated your Law Firm.



Atul Suryavanshi


  JC Law Firm

Mobile- 09923552956





Nadeem Qureshi (Advocate/     08 November 2011

Dear Karan

Atul Is rightly informed

Ks Singh jiii (Partner)     08 November 2011

Dear Freinds

Thank you very much for your Kind reply its always good to get advise from the member of the same fraternity. Mr. Atul I am based in New Delhi and recently i purchased a office space in Jangpura , New Delhi. In total we are 3-4 person who are advocates and registered as an Lawyer with Bar council of Delhi. We are planning to go for an LLP only but the thing is that the other 2 partners are not contributing anything as everything is owned and provided by me only. Like Building, Books ,etc expenses will be borne by me only.Only thing the other partners will be doing is to fetch the work with their own contacts and together we will be handling the cases initially. I have one year experience with Standing Counsel Union of India in High Court and Supreme Court of India but I have learned one thing that its a ongoing process because its a vast subject and one will learn by making mistakes only so I am planning to open an law firm with my Law School friends. I am confused that how should i go about LLP i mean how to divide the Profit sharing ratio or the shares ratio. I hope I am not dreaming too big as until and unless we wont dream we wont be able to live to that dream. Also tell me about registration with the state bar council or BCI I hope you will be replying to me as soon as possible and Keep in touch and tell me something about yourself too.


Karan Bindra

Atul D Suryavanshi (Attorney - JC Law Firm)     17 November 2011


Dear karan,

Let me congratulate you First.

Those who believe in dreams and steps towards definitely get achieves the Goal. And have Done it very well.

Back to issues –

Firstly  - Profit Sharing – Only you can decide the Profit sharing. Considering your Hardwork and Contribution,  I can say – take a Pen and Paper  - calculate the expected business  and revenue you partner  can give to the Firm. What else they can do for the Firm (Eg. Business, Hardwork, Client Support, Litigation Standing, Public Connection and approach, Advertisement, Paper-work, , Clerical Work, , Travelling if required etc.). All this things will give you clear vision to take decision. You can take Office Rent. You can fix the profit in ratio as 50-60% for you and 25-25% or 20-20% for the Partners. You have full liberty to amend the terms of LLP Agreement at any time. At the beginning don’t run after the money. Do some safe experiment with your partners.

2. Secondly – Registration with Sate Bar Council (SBC) –Rules are different as State to State. You need to Contact SBC. Else you can Put you Firm Name at Address Line of you Vakalatnama.

Hope this will help to take appropriate decision.


Atul Suryavanshi


  JC Law Firm


Mobile - 09923552956


Atul D Suryavanshi (Attorney - JC Law Firm)     19 July 2012


Dear All,

I just wanted to let you know all that, we have changed our domian form to

for your queris kindly visit or Email us  - /




Atul Suryavanshi


  JC Law Firm

Mobile- 09923552956


Aseem Shrivastava (Advocate)     23 August 2013

Dear all,

i am also a practicing lawyer and wants to open my own law firm after gaining 1.5 yr of experience. though i have a team of 5-6 juniors till date, i wish to work on a sole proprietorship basis and does not wish to make my firm in question is, does bar council of india restricts sole proprietorship law firm formation and if no,then what is the registration process of such sole prop. based law firms. any certification is required from the bar council ?


yours truly,



Adv. sachdeva (Advocate)     13 February 2014

I want to register my law firm(LLP)in Delhi. what is procedure how can i register my law firm?

Atul D Suryavanshi (Attorney - JC Law Firm)     14 February 2014

All information have been given in earlier post.


you can contact us for you further queries at below mentioned address.

Atul Suryavanshi


  JC Law Firm

Mobile- 09923552956


N R Dash.. (Advocate)     06 December 2014

LLP is a good option to get the Law Firm registered...

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