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shatrunjay sahai   01 December 2016

Landlord of rented flat giving back old notes

i live in a rented a flat in navi mumbai for the last 6 months. Now the flat owner told us that he will give us 40k old notes and wanted us to give him a cheque instead and said that we have to submit the old notes in our bank account. I and my roomates denied doing any such thing fearing that it could be his black money. Now he said that we should empty his flat and he will return the deposit in old notes only as we had given him the deposit by cash. But we gave the deposit in july when these notes were still in use. NOw after demonetisation he is doing this to us. What should we do? 

please help us sir. We are in grave trouble. Where will we go and we also dont have that much money to go to a new flat


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Pavan Kumar Reddy (Law Student)     01 December 2016

All you can do for now is to request him to do a online transfer 

shatrunjay sahai   01 December 2016

alrdy tried..he said he wil give only cash in hand. any legal procedure? We have just passed out of cllg and ahav been rendered helpless by this act of his


File a police complaint in written and get the diary no. Mention everything in the complaint. It is illegal now to transact in old currency and no one can force you to. He is trying to take advantage of your innocence. Dont get duped.

shatrunjay sahai   01 December 2016

ok thank u sir. But will the police there help us or the landlord, who is a localite. 

i also wanted to knw what else can we do as students to solve this problem


Why should police not?? and further if you have the written complaint it is only for your help later on if the matter excalates. Well being a student you may then call your parents to your rescue.!!

shatrunjay sahai   01 December 2016

I have told them.We are from a middle class family and dont knw anyone in mumbai. They say they will talk to the landlord and in worst case scenario i should accpt the old notes . But i knw they are sayng it with much sorrow in their hearts


I am stunned with your emotional reply. Signing off from this thread

ADVOCATE TRILOK (CRIMINAL family PROPERTY )     01 December 2016


shatrunjay sahai   01 December 2016

ohk thnq sir. so if i open an account in mumbai post office and deposit the mony there, i will b in no problems? and can the money be withdrawn ?

Kumar Doab (FIN)     01 December 2016

Since you are a student, then probably you have NO income.

All funds are probably sent by parents.

Try thru Student Unions and have him agree with you. 

shatrunjay sahai   01 December 2016

ok i will try this now.

thank you sir

Kumar Doab (FIN)     01 December 2016

You are welcome.

Change to some other location.

shatrunjay sahai   01 December 2016

means i should look for a new flat?


Kumar Doab (FIN)     01 December 2016

Ideally yes.

Spend your contarct term here if you can.

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