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Kindly pay ur kind attention in my case plz.

My mother in law taken all jewellary back which she gvn in mrg. Wife supprting her and she misguiding all. From our side jewellary is with my wife, wife is with me now but she is now saying that will go and never come back. she was in love with a boy and still loves him.I m afraid only of that mrg certificate. What should i do. I have strong evidance in call detail got through RTI and call recordings of them recorded by her.I have their voice recorded conversation recorded by herself in 3 parts each 2-3min.other than it i m having 800MB clips in audio and vdo. I afraid only that fake mrg registration certificate.She was with me everywhere during the process, at registrar also. She contacted me to a lawyer who helped to make affidavit. After the certificate become, I came to know that she is in cnt with another boy and loving him. I got proof in call detail got frm RTI and voice call recording recrded by her. They continuously in contact from jan10 to april 11. Certificate made in july10 and mrg in may11. I never used that cert any where as mrg proof. Should i register for new certificate now. Can it be a void mrg.She(her mother)is totally of negtv nature, all knows, trying to file a case, not filed, i know that she is trying. my father is no more, my mother is in village, not with us. My wife misbehavioured with my mother when we went on leave to vill home for 2 days. My wife loves a guy so she don't want to stay with me anymore, i have the proofs in voice recording (wife recorded). Plz consult me a best lawyer in jodhpur..if u can. Give ur fone num.plz She is living with me and threating. No peace, her mother is forcing her to misbihaviour and leave frm - JASWANT


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Anjuru Chandra Sekhar (Advocate )     10 May 2012

Go to Police Station, file a case of Adultery under Section IPC 497 against that boy.  Keep the originals of all the evidences you have gathered with you and supply duplicate CDs to police as evidence to your allegations.  You are working in Airforce.  Are you scared of wife?  How will you counter enemies?


Offense is the best form of defense.  Do not worry about marriage certificate.  I read your Email to me, if you are Rana, then I remember having read that customary marriage took place later.  So do not worry about that fake marriage certificate forget about it.  That will not harm you.  Just declare only about customary marriage. 

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Yes sir, i m rana, boy has fogotten her and not taking any interest. I also met him personally and told everything and then he said to talk to my wife then after 3 days we all (that boy, i and my wife) met together in which he tried to understand my wife that now he is not loving her because of her lies. That boy is good But still she is in love with him, now they r not talking each other. My wife Compares me and says that u cant become like that, she mrrd bcoz of her mother said, she want to be separate but saying that she will not sign anything. her mother is also a big prblm. Sir if i take any legal then i have to finish all.

Anjuru Chandra Sekhar (Advocate )     10 May 2012

Rana, you first decide what you want to do now.  You want to forgive and accept her or you want to divorce her and forget about her.  Based on that decision, you should proceed.  And even if you forgive is there any chance that she will be your wife?  She is saying, she married you because of the force of her mother.  So based on all these you have to decide.


What is your other problem?  How to get back the jewellery?  You have not told clearly about it.  If that jewellery is gifted to her during marriage, it will become her Streedhan, you cannot have any claim on it.  However if you prove her Adultery, then she may lose her right over that Streedhan as well provided it is gifted by you or your family.


And if you do not prove her adultery with that boy through divorce petition, you will have to keep paying maintenance to her till she remarries or till she gets a job or till she dies, whichever is earlier.  So better convince the boy to admit in Family court proceedings that she had affair with him.  Then you will be relieved at least with regard to maintenance part.  As you have soft corner for that boy, you will not file any criminal case against him, but use him to prove adultery atleast so that it works for your benefit.  If he gives evidence relating to Adultery in Family court, it does not harm him.  

Sir, i dont want jewellary and all, my mother in law told my wife to ruin my life, i awake more when 2-3 days before her mother told her that if she leaves me then she would get money or payment as i m govt servant. She called me 'fool, dog and abused more. Her mother and both want money. Then to threat to spoil job.

Anjuru Chandra Sekhar (Advocate )     10 May 2012

They cannot do anything to your job.  File divorce petition on the grounds of Adultery.  Present the recorded tapes and all for evidence in court, take the help of boy and let him accept her relationship with her before court. Don't be scared of losing job.  Nobody loses job with a divorce proceeding.  Even if they file 498A whatever recorded evidence which proves her adultery is sufficient for you to get away from it. 

Respected sir,Thanks a lot sir, with regards

Deep Narayan (learning)     27 May 2012

U can aslo file breach of trust case against ur wife.

and nothing xtra to say as chandra sekhar sir have already given u all the necessary advice.

follow his advice and do what it early

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