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Saurabh..V (Law Consultant)     22 August 2011

Jai hind - inquilaab zindabaad


It’s not just a fight against politicians, but it’s a fight against that every person who is involved in corruption. That’s why we see only lacs on roads and not crores. I just read the news on TOI in which Jama Masjid’s Shahi Imam has urged Muslims not to join this protest. This is the reality in India. We live amongst corrupt and non-Indians. Those Indians would only be interested and worried when our MOTHER INDIA is being raped daily and b*st*rds take bribe under the photo of MAHATMA.


ITS NOW OR NEVER............BE BOLD............SAY IT LOUD.....



Can anyone on this forum tell me how this protest is un-constitutional or derogatory to the fabrication of constitution?





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I don't know much about this as per my knowledege our constitution has provide us the right to speech and expression but this right is relative and not absolute and it as per procedure establish by the law. section 144 is imposed on him and govt is of view that such unlawful assemblies may disrupt the peace and harmony of this country.

Nadeem Qureshi (Advocate/ nadeemqureshi1@gmail.com)     22 August 2011

Dear Saurabh

Jama masjid imam is not God and not he is Leader of Muslims, dont forget to see the crowd in Ramleela maidan in which the muslim are also support Anna Hazare and taking fast with him. This is the reality of india so please dont say that muslims is not support anna, if the jama masjid Imam said to TOI about this, the sahi Imama has lost his mental ability. and if not then you

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G. ARAVINTHAN (Legal Consultant / Solicitor)     22 August 2011

A leader, whom young India is trusting, hope to get relieved soon

Saurabh..V (Law Consultant)     22 August 2011



I salute your contribution with encouraging words. And to be frank I saw muslims also joining hands as I'm supporting Anna since 5days now @Ramlila Maidaan.


This is a dirty political trick played by Congress party which they have been playing since independence. They are actually patriots to the British Govt. who were left to rule India and keep it as a slave country.


Shame on those who are against this movement!!!!!!!!!!!!!






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Saurabh..V (Law Consultant)     22 August 2011



Article19(3) is amongst the 'Fundamental Rights' and as per the interpretation of  Supreme Court of India, none of the Fundamental Right can be sieged. These rights are not relative. These are absolute in nature.


When we try to non-violently make protest the Govt. says its un-constitutional and when naxals take rifled they call them equivalent to terrorists. Both are fighting to preserve their fundamental rights.


The Govt. and many citizens are calling this protest as against democracy, Today I read in TOI that 'Jagan Mohan Reddy' the minister in southern India as threatened to pull down Govt. because an FIR has been launched against him for his alleged involement in 'Mining Scam'. Is this in-line with democracy. Did people of his state voted for him so that he can loot our dear country and when he is questioned why he looted, he pull down the govt.?


Shame shame puppy shame ... oh the donkey CORRUPTION is your game ....




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Saurabh..V (Law Consultant)     22 August 2011

It is Article 19(1)(b) for which permits peaceful assembly................

niranjan (civil practice)     22 August 2011

I agree that muslims are equally and forcefully participating this movement.I have heard Muslim Leader on Baba Ramdev's dias and also seen Shahi Imamas discouraging taking part in yoga and yet many muslims are taking.Imamas Fatvah are usually politically motivated and not religious one.Cast and creed have nothing to do when talk of national spirit comes.

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Rohit Shukla (Engineer)     22 August 2011

Hi All,

Leaders are leaders ....whether Hindu, Muslim, Sikh or Isai ....... They have a similar trait ..... and all of them have nothing to do with hardships of common man, corruption in daily life, mehangai ..... Life is still a struggle for a common man on a daily basis while it is a cake walk for all these leaders . Now our Fauji, Shri Anna jee after seeing all this have mustered courage (in the true spririt of Indian Army) to bring this issue on the forefront, who would not join that irrespective of what this selfstyled leaders say. Anna is not representing any party, class, culture ..... He is just a face of a common man and what you see on the road in terms of lakhs of people is the overflow of pain of our common man which now has crossed a level. So doston relax, koi kya kehta hai, kya sochta hai, kehne do ...... karna hume wahi hai jo hamare iman ko theek lagta hai. Aur humara Iman Anna jee ke saath hai ......period.

Jai ho :)

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