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ram sharma (Software Engineer)     25 November 2013

Is this ground for divorce?

Sir, i have thrown my wife out of house in 8 months marriage life after knowing her affair in the past through old emails  now it has been 1 year she has been to her parents home and put many cases on me. can i put divorce now using emails before marriage as evidence and cruelty as ground. or it is not valid ground?


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Laxmi Kant Joshi (Advocate )     25 November 2013

Relation before marriage and not be continued after marriage has no legal value and not be taken as any cruelty upon you .

Pooja Hegde R. (Advocate)     25 November 2013

Sharma, what is this mentality of leaving your wife because of her affair before her marriage? That has no legal significance in case you file a divorce petition. Make peace with your wife and start living in 2013.

ram sharma (Software Engineer)     25 November 2013

madam, she has filed so many case on me and my family after this. now i want to save my family and want to get out of this.....

mamrav1234 (manager)     26 November 2013


I think you should have talked to her and clarifed all issues regarding her past affairs. What she was before marriage was something she was responsible to her parents and no one else. You could have taken all these EXs information before marriage. And now you are married and she is not having any affair. Many a time person falls in love/ infatuation in that tender age which has no base at all.

But now since you had thrown her out , and she went to the police with tons of complaints like 498-A etc , right - just to settle scores with you. Dear , belive me this game has nothing to yield but only money , time and hassasment. i have wasted some 8 yrs of my life in court , though won all cases but this has been very painful.

You have 2 options here :-

1) Think 100 times before you finally go ahead with court and fight all cases and also divorce case in parallel.- Be ready for some 10 yrs when you will be free from all that with a minimal guarantee of winning as you have all allegations like adultery and affairs agaisnt your wife which was before marriage and no proof that she is continuing with all that.

2) Go and talk to her - Just ask if she has any past relations being continued ? or , if she has any love affair still going on with someone? if she says "NO" and ready to move forward with you then you decide what to do.

"Everyone has a past - yes sometimes those past come and disturb your presence and sometime it just disappears..... this was just your wife's mail which were still in her inbox which resulted in all this."

God bless you

Pooja Hegde R. (Advocate)     26 November 2013

Sharma, you made the first mistake by throwing her out of your house on the basis of her past. Accept your mistake and talk to her. She only responded legally to your mistake of throwing her out and nothing wrong with that. These days even school going kids have affairs and will these kids not grow up and get married?

Madhu (network engineer)     26 November 2013

Mr.Ram sharma,

if she is not continuing her affairs after marriage , and if she is good with u during her stay at ur home , think before u apply for Divorce.

as she already filed cases she may even come up with more cases.

coming to her past , these days it has become very common and also only based on mails it is not so easy to prove if it is not continued after marriage.


forgive her and try her giving a chance 

even if u want to remarry . you will end up loosing so many things to come out of all these cases


This only a Personal advice , not any legal suggestion .

Before taking  a quick decision . Think  very carefully.


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