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HARISH KUMAR (-)     25 May 2015

In-laws and wife misbehaving and denying to visit my kid

Hi, I belong to Hindu Community and got married in Feb 2013. My wife got conceived in April 2014 and for some paltry reason she left our house and went and stayed with her parents from June 2014 for almost 4 Months without returning to our home. We finally told that we are not interested in continuing the marriage relationship and proceed legally to get separated. My wife's family planned to threaten us through some external forces but we told the facts and behaviour of my wife. The mediators were convinced that there is nothing wrong either from me or my family. Hence the mediators who came from my wife's family side scolded them and asked them to send back my wife to my home. Finally she returned home after 4 months as their plan of threatening didn't worked out. She stayed with us for about 2 Months and we sent to her parents in the month of November (9th month of her pregnancy) by doing customary rituals as per our tradition. She delivered Baby boy on December 8th. After delivery she continued to stay with her parents as we have a practice of the first baby to groomed by wife's parents for the first 3 or 5 months. I used to visit my in-laws house every week or fortnight to see my Baby and wife. I never used to stay in my in-laws residence. My parents requested my in-laws to send my wife and Baby back to my residence in the fifth month i.e. in the month of may. But my in-laws denied to send them back and they told they will send only after my Baby is one year old. As I am very fond of kids and I wanted to enjoy my fatherhood with my baby i thought of visiting more frequently and stay with my wife and kid to spend some quality time with my son. My in-laws including my wife started quarrelling with me that I should not visit frequently to see my son. Then I told them to send my wife and son so that I will take care of them at my own residence. They told me that they will send my wife and Baby only after one year that too if I make a separate residence for my wife's living. That means they want me to separate out from my aged parents. My parents are aged and I am the only son to take care of them. They also try to avoid my kid playing with me as they take away the kid from me whenever I wanted to spend time with my son. This behaviour of my wife and my in-laws has disturbed me mentally. I have recorded the conversation held between me and my wife's family and also their family advising my wife to force me to send my parents out of my own residence and stay with her and my son. Request you to kindly advice me how to address the issue. It looks like they are trying to ransack me by keeping my son as a weapon against me. I want to stay with my wife and son and want to enjoy the moments of my son growing up. Please advice

 I have collected lot of audio recordings which involves conversation between my inlaws and my wife advising my wife to force me to send my parents out of my house as I am paying the housing loan for my existing residence.
My sister stays in the same locality as my residence. She visits my family quite frequently along with her kid and husband as our guest .  My in-laws  also advice my wife to pressurize me not to allow my sister and her family to come to my residence.

I have audio recordings to prove the above things. Please let me know will it help on filing suit on restitution of conjugal rights.

Also they have behaved very rudely whenever I visit their place to visit my son by talking filthy language. It is actually harrasment from my wife and their family against me. Please let me know if I can initiate some action against my in-laws for trying to create such kind of issues in our lives and trying to ransack me and my family by using my son.

I am very much fond of kids and love to play with kids and I believe they are thinking that it is my weakness and wanted to capitalize on the same. At the same time I can't separate from my parents.

My in-laws are money minded and they want only the wealth inherited by my parents but not the parents to stay with us. This really hurts me. To test the same I told my wife I will make separate house and we will live together and I put a clause that neither we both of us will visit our parents nor our parents will visit us. She replied stating that she can't agree for the  same and she wants to visit both my parents and her parents whenver she wants or whenever our parents invite. That shows she and her family wants only wealth of my parents and not my parents.

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Rama chary Rachakonda (Secunderabad/Highcourt practice watsapp no.9989324294 )     25 May 2015

There are at least five "L's" which contribute to strong family relationships.1. Learning, 2. Loyalty, 3.Love, 4. Laughter, 5. family members must get the family to work together and try to solve the family problems internally.

innocenthusband   25 May 2015

You cannot initiate any action against your inlaws. You can however begin the process of divorce immediately as your wife does not believe in the institution of marriage. However please collect as much as evidence as you can before you initiate the divorce. The divorce has to be completely confidential. If she knows you are going to send the notice she can and will put 498A on you. Take the upper hand by sending the notice.

HARISH KUMAR (-)     25 May 2015

Can I file a police complaint against my inlaws for creating nuisance when I try to visit my son. Please advice.


Is their any way to punish the parents who advice their daughter to send my parents out of my home. This kind of parents will definitely spoil the lives of many respected families.



Harish Kumar

innocenthusband   26 May 2015

Are you actually saying a grown woman with a newborn is incapable of making her own decisions? She is not a schoolkid to listen to her parents who insult her husband. Do not depend on the police to sort your marital life. If you do not have the guts to get her out of your life do not consider ill treatment from her parents as an insult. The parents are not the ones spoiling "respected families" It is your better half who stays with them by deserting you and insulting you.

sri   26 May 2015

I field divorce petetion in Nov 2014 on grounds of cruetly. Iam naturlised USA Citizen of Indian origin and my child born in Sep 2013 posses USA Passport like me. My wife returned to india with child as she threatened to kill herself aborad. I was vexed with this constant threats and returned to India. More than my wife whom initially though is brainwashed by her mother and sisters turned out to be longterm conceperciy to get me in india and put me behind bars. Object my assest in India .Not what i earn. So far no maintannce case filed against me.

Wife filed 498A on 20th Dec 2014 in counter to my divroce petetion. I was manhandled and threat to my life was made by my wife family to mediate and take her Jan 2015. Filed 506 341 IPS against her sister and brother in law and some relatives. police closed case stating lack of evidence.

I got bail for my 68yr old mother and myself and got case hearing pending at family court hyderbad for councelling. Want to know what will be the outcome. and how do i claim custody of my child whom i didnt see for past 8months. 

Last diwali when i made an attempt to see my little ones. My wife and her family filed kidnap case against me at local police. I surreder my daughter to them and no case was booked . Police cautioned me that i wont be allowed to leave country .

Please ...advise if i ever get to see my daughter, where i can file visitation rights for my child ? since me and my child are US citizen can i leave India ? Will they stop me at airports. 

Iam vexed with this whole process as it was a complete ripoff getting bail paying my lawyers...Iam in a verge of killing all members of her family and at any cost will get my daughter...


Before i do..please give me one point staight forward timelines as to when  and whether i ll be granted divorce and custody of my daughter. As there is emminent threat to my daughter and my life.......



HARISH KUMAR (-)     26 May 2015

My son is only 6 months old. Can I apply for child custody at this small age.I have no issues in taking care of the kid. We have all the facilities to take care of my son. Will the court agree for the same


Dear Author,

U R problem is still premature to be called legal.So don't do anything in a hasty manner which will further ruin the relationships.

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