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Vtech   16 December 2017

Impotency divorce

Hello everyone,

I got married 5 months back however I am not getting erection after seeing my wife.


Till now no physical relation between us.

She is fat and not s*xy to me.

It is my fault only I should have noticed before marriage.

I can see erection when I watch p*rn movies also I can mastuburate well.

I am waiting for my wife to give divorce but she is not triggering any such thing.


I don't want to spoil her life, she is very good and nice.I want her to search for new life.

She is not worried about physical relationship but I am worried bcose no point in life without SEX.

We both reached marriage age thresholds 33+.

She need only baby even she is ready for IVF and IUI.

How to handle such situation?

Again, she is taking care me with love and affection.


Any taughts?












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Vijay Raj Mahajan (Advocate)     16 December 2017

Discuss with her about divorce by mutual consent on terms and conditions agreeable to both, payment of permanent alimony and maintenance to wife. Marriage without s*xual relationship is absolutely meaningless no doubt about this and it's applies to both parties.

Democratic Indian (n/a)     16 December 2017

Originally posted by : Vtech
How to handle such situation?

Again, she is taking care me with love and affection.

Any taughts?

Since you are asking for "any thoughts", following are my thoughts -


Facts as narrated by you and as understood by me -


1. the girl is of adjustable, co operative and understanding nature


2. you do not have medical problem of impotence. You are able to get errections while watching p*rn.


3. you have psychological problem. This problem is rather very easy to cure(provided if you want it to be cured)


Solution -


1. Since you enjoy watching p*rn, stop watching all types of p*rn except that show fat girls similar to your wife. Get yourself used to enjoying viewing fat girls in p*rn.


2. Stop masterbating.


3. Since you will not masterbate, there will surely come  a time when the urge for s*x will be unbearable and uncontrollable. At that time you will have rock solid erection, your eyes will not see your wife but will only see her v**gina. At that time, not your silly mind but your rock solid penis will guide you into her v**gina. You will then have thunderous s*x with her.


Benefits of this formula -


1. Both of you will start liking and most probably start loving each other.


2. You will save yourself mental and financial agony of litigation and wasting years of your life.


3. Your psychological problem will be cured and outlook to s*x will be become adjustable, broad and colorful.

Chandra Shekhar (Sdc)     16 December 2017

Dear Brother,

I understand your problem is erection and little bit related physological.  Please consult Urogologist who will prescribe you tablets like (ZYDALIS 20 MG) for get full erection (there are many tablets which contains tadalifil which is required for strong erection.  Some people will have this problem at a young age. Dont fear, visit Urogolist. Your problem will be address within one hour. You can put this tablet below your tongue and allow it to slow dissolve. You will see the reaction after one hour, provided you should have urge to have s*x.. This above tablet will not be issued without prescripttion AND ONLY ONE TABLET FOR SEVEN DAYS STRICTLY. God bless you..  

Siddharth Srivastava (Advocate)     16 December 2017

Your wife seems to be much mature. You may consult a good doctor and IVF is good option to have child. You can also discuss the issue of mutual divorce. SEX is not everything. It is mutual love, understanding and respect which ultimately prevail. Think twice before opting for divorce as it is not the ultimate solution to your problem. 

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Kumar Doab (FIN)     16 December 2017

Hope you shall take it positively.

You have asked to share thoughts and impressions are being shared.

You don’t seem to suffering from ED, impotency due to any physiological reason. IT seems to be just some ‘psychosomatic reason’.

Pls drive correct interpretation of ‘psychosomatic reason’ from any blog of your choice or from your own medical specialist.



As per your post, your spouse is unwilling for MCD and is caring and co-operative.

The andrologist/urologist/psychologist/psychiatrist/counselors…………can be of help to advice on medical front and it may work.

In case of contested divorce the facts have to appeal and be convincing to the Presiding Officer. 

I can't help but to pity you. How lucky you are to get a good wife. Instead of adjusting and changing, you are going for divorce? What if your next wife grows fat after marriage? Will you leave her too. Ask your wife to lose fat and get more appealing. Your problem is psychological not legal so solve it with doctor not in court. Democratic Indian gave excellent suggestions. Follow them. Don't ruin your life over divorces and courts. If she is I'll advised by people who urge her to file cases against you, trust me, not having s*x will be the least of your problems!!
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Getting such a caring wife is hard to find in this materialistic world. if every other thing is good except s*x, Don't spoil your life by taking second chance. You get life only once, life can not be retrieved.

There is no guaranttee that the second wife will be better, rather she may be worse or horrible.

Ask yourself what u want exactly, another adventure or riding on smooth road as you are leading today.

N.K.Assumi (Advocate)     17 December 2017

Hmmrommmmmmmmmm, very interesting query and responds from the learned members.

Kumar Doab (FIN)     17 December 2017

Other spouse is willing to co-habit and consummate the marriage. There is no wear and tear of the marriage, posted in the query.

Although, one spouse is hinting towards ‘Irretrievable Breakdown of Marriage’ and deprivation of the pleasures of the matrimonial life. 

The ground for nullity seems to be missing.

MCD is of course the option. But, other spouse in unwilling.

If you wish consider ‘Bariatric Surgery’ and other spouse may lose weight and may not be ‘obese’ anymore.


Kumar Doab (FIN)     17 December 2017

The query is indeed a feast for trained legal eyes and minds.

It would certainly need huge prepartion, irrefutable evidences, great legal expertise, ability to argue and convince the court, drive home the point to think out of the box and to deliver some path breaking judgment to break the wedlock on such grounds....

Still the result may remain doubtful....

As the matter may shake the concience... 

Few years back on the same essence but with slighly different facts the HC had dismissed the petition.

Kumar Doab (FIN)     17 December 2017

The members and experts may contribute and discuss the matter from prespective of any spouse (Husband or Wife).... and share how would anyone prepare to end the wdlock on such grounds.

Kumar Doab (FIN)     17 December 2017

The reason is of course, morality, values, common sense and why should one run to court when one may fail evetually and thereafter live in strained relationship.


R Trivedi (advocate.dma@gmail.com)     20 December 2017

Vtech, How old are you? And did you consult any doctor or counsellor? I don't think you have any problem. And by the way no ground is made out for contested divorce. Can you pin point who is at fault? You or she?

Vtech   20 December 2017

Thank you  everyone for your response.

Coming to point


How Indian judiciary will react when I approcahing court and saying I am impotent to my wife?

This is a known case or it is going to be a  new kind of case.

I am thinking to apply divorce but very hard to get appropriate grounds for divorce.

Apologise, so many people gave good advise but I don't to spoil life her life.

Usually I will not go to temple an demand god for something,

If  god is there means then my demand would be 'Please give another good life to her'

My sincere thanks to everyone who promplty answered my questions.











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