if you're arrested, remember these 5 tips


If You're Arrested, Remember These 5 Tips

Getting arrested is no fun. But remember: Despite how it may feel when officers handcuff you and give you a ride in their cruiser, you still have rights that they can't violate.
Some of these rights, namely your Miranda rights, should be recited to you before police begin their questioning. But there are others that won't be clarified or even mentioned while you're in police custody. Those rights you have to just know.
In the blur after you've been arrestedit might help to keep these five things in mind:
  1. Make sure it's an arrest. There's a difference between being detained and being arrested, which is also different from being asked in for questioning. If no officer says "you're under arrest," ask if you're free to go. If the answer is no, ask why you're being held.
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