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anamika singh (pharma)     23 July 2011

i want to marry a married person

hello law experts,

iam in love with a man since 2003. he was married in 1991 but didnt liked his wife and not lived with her after 1998 and also was not diavorced. then she shifted to her parenteral house.  in 2005 when she came to know about our affair she filed many cases againt him including 498a. since then the cases are going on. he is also paying maintenance to her every month. as per the suggestions of lawers, he is not able to apply for divorce till the case 498a continues. she is determined not to agree for diavorce so that we both could not live together happily. please suggest some solution to my problem.

- anamika


 57 Replies


You yourself are a problem in his life.


You have created the problem of court cases in his life.


Their marriage life is in problem because of you.


But you are so adamant,you are creating problems after problems since 2003 and not leaving him,even if he goes to jail.


Lagta hai aapki shaadi uske saath jail me hee hogi,when he gets convicted.


Now you want a solution..


Please leave him and wish them a happy marriage.Do not continue being a marriage breaker.That is the ultimate solution.Find a single man for yourself.


Otherwise aapko wo bhi nahi milega.


Koi apne ghar me problem create karne wali biwi nahi chahta.Remember this.If any eligible man comes to know you were into a long relationship,that too with a married man,and was responsible for sending him to jail,he will never marry you..


Pata nahi aap jaisi females humesha married men ke peeche hee kyu pari rahti hai?

anamika singh (pharma)     23 July 2011

dear princess,

thanks for your valuable comments. as you suggested the best way to solve a problem is show your back and run away which being a rajput i have never learnt. we both are deeply commited and in love with each other. i would like some law expert to provide some suggestion.



Do Rajput women break someone's home?



What a mean woman!


Lady,I hope your father also leaves your mum and starts staying with a keep.After all he is a Rajput.So he can live like a man!

Suchitra. S (Advocate)     23 July 2011

Legal remedy is to wait till he gets a divorce and to have a live in relationship whcih is not an offence. You cannot marry him without his divorce decree.


Anamaki said that Husband didnt liked his wife .

Now, is this a Game?Marriage is not a game.As per your case i will not advise you anymore.

Gaurav (Advocate)     23 July 2011

As she said that her boy friend is living seperate from his wife since 1998 and she loves her since 2001, i did not find any logic that she is responsible for the problem in the family of his lover...whatever is the reason for their seperation, that is best known to them

Coming to the logal point only solution available is Divorce between and your lover and his 1st wife..only then both of you can marry. Till then, as suggested by Suchitra S. , you can stay together in live in relationship.

nithyarangasamy (legal trainee)     23 July 2011

Suchitra & Gaurav are right. u have wait till they got divorce

koraki advocates (Advocate)     23 July 2011

Dear Anamika

since 498 A is pending in the court way is file a petition in High court under section 482 CrPc for quashing of FIR which according to you is false .498A is separeate criminal proceeding and divorce and maintence is different the time of quashing of FIR in High court there is possibility of end all criminal proceeding and one time settelment .High court can quash 498 A and also order lower court for divorce and one time settlement for maintence.........this is the best way...................

Bharatkumar (ADVOCATE )     23 July 2011

Without Divorce u can not marry him. U r now leave him and marry with any single man who is in your caste, and don't tell anything about your first love to anyone becuz it's make a problem in feture, So now u r start your new life.     

CS Usha Nimesh (Company Secretary)     23 July 2011

i am seriously serprise upon comments given by Princess... how could anyone speak such word to a agried girl who is seeking a legal advice from this site

Please guys if you can't help anyone don't do that..but don't ill speak to any one




Respected Madam,

Unless the 498-A case is pending the decree of divorce cannot be given as law favors her as in her complaint it hhas stsed that husband has caused cruelty to her .The HC has the jurisdiction to quash the FIR on the basis of merits

Filing RTI against the Police may be the solution about the progress of investigation and nothing comes on records gave the opp to file w.p(cr)-Writ Petition for quashing the same

Then husband has to file the divorce for filing fAKE fIR which may be the ground of causing cruelty

thw whole process may takes time and try to go for MCD (if the wife agree only) BY PAYING ONE TIME ALIMONY TO HER


@ Pincess Its clearly stated that author was having affair to married man in year 2003 and the woman is living separetely with her husband since 1998 .I don't think that that author has committed any fault. Love cannot be genearted at first sight and she has been much attached to man who has already been facing problems. Definately she is very caring woman and can be good wife for him if he get rid off the charges. The woman is one who helps the man in difficult times by her affection which she has done

the woman has filed the 498A case against the man under the out fit of anger and frutrataion who herself didn't care to her husabnd for last decade. She is not the responsible woman

this is the drwaback of the Indian legal system who itself is creating hurdles in the life

Finding man is diificult for her as she has already given 7 years of her life for his affection . She might be torned in between the two. Her qon life will become hell if she chooses another as its very diificult to get out from past

Saurabh..V (Law Consultant)     23 July 2011



It is a known fact that virus of love could not be injected forcefully indeed. Though it flies on its own will and stings anyone and everyone irrespective of gender and age.


In this era of women liberation, such incidences of affection and love are not uncommon. These indences are increasing day after another and that is not far (like USA) when marriages would convert into contract and people would start fearing before getting into this institution of marriage.


In India we still believe that marriage is a pious and sacred institution which should not be breached or stained. It was earlier presumed that it is due to the easy virtues of man that they tend to linger around and find another woman. But now even women are not an exception. Your example is a proof of changing society where women also tend to venture into such relations where they know they would break another home. May be you did not break it as it was already broken, but I've seen many cases where girls keep the relation going-on even after their boyfriends marry another girl and then the boy ends up to a divorce. What was the fault of that innocent girl who married her boyfriend.


Now turning to your query. You have to understand that court case is not a small jump-over-me hurdle race. It's a stigma that someone goes through. you have to support your man by all means and certainly a live-in relation is best suited. You'll have to wait till he formally gets divorce from his first wife then only you can legally marry him.


But I fail to understand that when you have an option for live-in, then why are you trying to find ways to marriage? Let the cases get settled and then you can marry him. I hope you are ready support your man even if he gets convicted in 498a case and appeal to Higher Courts to bring peace in his life........




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