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Perambur Kumar (CEO)     14 January 2013

I want to know whether 100 rs stamp paper agreeent is valid

I am the seller I made the agreement with buyer to sell my flat for Rs35,00,000/- Advance amount is Rs.100000 in agreeent it's clearly stats that agreement will be valid for 45 days from the date of the agreement. I now come to know that purchaser has no sufficient money to purchase this flat. Already 30 days over still 15 days left. From here how can I proceed further. Purcahser is a politician. So how to handle this issue please help me in this regard. I waiting for your reply. The agreement is entered in 100 Rs. Stamp Paper Non-Judicial. Other clauses stats that if purchaser fail to purchase the property in stipulated time limit then seller can sue for compensation. But it is not states that after 45 days the agreement becomes invalid. It says agreement will be in existance for 45 days. I need experts answers in this regard.


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Adv.R.P.Chugh (Advocate/Legal Consultant (rpchughadvocatesupremecourt@hotmail.com))     14 January 2013

1. An agreement to sell or any contract for that matter stays alive for three years - and if not rescinded/cancelled - the buyer can try getting the sale deed executed by filing a suit for specific performance. 

2. Since in this case the time is of essence, you are within your rights to rescind/cancel the agreement at your end by serving the person with a notice of rescission. 

3. You are entitled to retain a reasonable amount of the 1 lac rupees earnest with you. 



Bharat Chugh - Advocate Supreme Court of India

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Perambur Kumar (CEO)     15 January 2013

Adv. Bharat Chugh

Thanks for your quick reply. If I want to cancel this agreement when I have to do this. Whether I have to cancel this agreement before 45 days or after 45 days.

In the agreement it clearly states that "Agreement will be valid for next 45 days from the date of this agreement"

So this sentence clearly states that after 45 days it will be invalid. So how can I proceed further in this regard. As a advacate what is your opinion on the above bold sentence in the agreement

Perambur Kumar (CEO)     24 January 2013

Any senior advocates can reply to this thread as early as possible because there is only 4 days left for this agreement to end.

Adv Akhtar Ali Sheikh (Property Law Consultant)     25 January 2013

Have you given the possession of the flat, naturally may be NO, if so speak with him and what do you desire if you remain unpaid. You want compensation or want to cancel the deal and  keep the token or return the token amount. Choice is yours accordingly replies will differ. 

I will advise Have amicable settlement. 

Perambur Kumar (CEO)     26 January 2013

The possession is with me only.

The only thing is he is politician and from ruling party. That's where all the problems lies. So I want to know how to proceed further in this matter. I request all advocates read all the three updates made by me before commenting. Thank you

Advocate Vishnu (Advocate)     27 January 2013

You will have to send him a legal notice via RPAD that , since he has not fulfilled his promise within the stipulated time of 45 days, you have decided to cancel the agreement and will return his money in a manner that is favourable to him and to you. If you feel , his being a politician  may give rise to some dispute, engage a legal counsel to do your negotiation.

Adv D P Jindal (Advocate)     27 September 2014

U give a legal notice after passing of 45 days about that he has not paid the amount as per agreement, so you are cancelling that agreement.  Also mention about Rs. 1,00,000/- according to the agreement, but will advise to engage a local lawyer to know his intention and also for negotiation to safeguard yourself.

Adv D P Jindal (Advocate)     27 September 2014

One more question here arises, in what/which period such documents will be used/produced after its execution.  Have any expert has any idea?

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