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lexbery (d)     11 November 2014

I want to disown my parents

i am a 29 year old girl,i am in love with a guy since 2008,i reveled about him in 2010 to my family,and since then till today november 2014, i am under house arrest,i cant talk to friends,cant go out.i go out only with parents,no cell phone

their reason to be against my love marriage is he is middle class and we are from higher class(no other issues),there has been meetings with the guys family and all but nothing changed

yesterday i had extreme fight with parents,and since 2010 he had been telling me either i will keep you unmarried or disown you,i told him disown me or let me disown you,in rage he told me you write in stamp paper that you have disowned your parents on your own.

at night i overheard my taugi saying my dad why not implicate the boy in false case /beat up by goons and all


now i am extremely scared what to do..

first i want to legally disowned so that it is proved i left home on my own so that they do not put a false case of kidnap on the guy or his family

second what to do on the day i leave home(the guy will support me)

third how to be married to him legally by court marriage as i have to wait for 30 days,he and his parent will accept me but scared of court case as they do not have source or free money

note:i have come to know about this website from a friend and got to use cell phone of my sister just by chance,do not know if i will be able to read your reply


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kilimanjaro (md)     11 November 2014

Respect your parent"s


Think about your mother who feeded you and loved you all these years 


You met some one fell in love and want to live with him and trust him more than you trust your parents 



Rama chary Rachakonda (Secunderabad/Telangana state Highcourt practice watsapp no.9989324294 )     11 November 2014

Parents are more important than God and third persons. Why ? Because God gives us life with both happy and sad moments but our parents always try to give us only happy life. Try to convince your parents with your knowledge peacefully.

Adv. Santosh K. Dubey (Advocate & Lead Attorney.)     12 November 2014


I respect the views and advice of respected sh. Ramacharya (Advocate), but apart from being emotional and to be precise in answering to your question first of all you can disown what you own, YOU DONT OWN YOUR PARENTS BUT ON THE OTHER HAND YOU ARE OWNED BY YOUR PARENTS ok now, you have attained the age of majority so you are free to choose how you want to lead your live you may abandon your parents but cannot disown them.

beware of the consequences.

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Sudhir Kumar, Advocate (Advocate)     13 November 2014

no use advising you.

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Sudhir Kumar, Advocate (Advocate)     13 November 2014


m.k.r (none)     17 December 2014

Is there no compassion for another human being reaching out for help? Try and not be blinded by your own cultural gender biases. She didn't ask for your personal beliefs on her situation. She posted a question for legal advise. No human being really owns another human being. That's called slavery.


I guess it's ok for her parents to talk about falsely accusing an innocent human being and no one seems to be disturbed by that but everyone seems to be disturbed by an adult woman wanting to choose her mate and live her life as she wishes to. Shame on you!


As for parents more important than God, my father has been attempting to kill my mother, brother, me and my 2 year old nephew. He's 65 years old and at the moment has 2 mistresses and we just caught him trying to fraudulently sell my moms assets but I guess I should worship my father because he's more important than God and parents are always perfect, they aren't flawed like every other human being on this earth.

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