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I already asked this query here before but didn't receive any response, may be I didn't frame my query properly, hence posting again.

1. Parents died Intestate

2. 6 siblings, 2 brothers 4 Married sisters

3. 2 Properties, 1 given to younger brother and 1 to me(I am elder Son)

4. 1 Property registered on my brother's name and other is still on my father's name(the one that given to me)

5. Brother Asking for his share in my property, Because his name is mentioned as a nominee. (Total Evil he is)

6. My brother is all Set, His property is registered in his name, which is not his self acquired, it's been funded by my father secondly he also wants 50% in my share too. EXCELLENT

Well got criticised by many that why in the world I didn't use my brain and registered mine too in my name during the lifetime of my parents, well it's a long story but no point regretting now. I am searching for a solution.


So I with my sister's have come up with a plan. I read here in some thread that married sisters can claimed there share too after 2007 rules. though there name's are not mentioned in the nominee. We have a plan here.

We discussed, worst scenario as of now is it's 50-50 share with my brother, we will try to make him understand that this isn't legit what he is doing but if he doesn't agree all 4 sisters will claim there share too and transfer there share to elder brother (me), thus making it a 16% - 84% share in the favour of me. Atleast this way I can bag 34% more share.

This sounds little impractical, But Still is it possible??? This is just to pressurize him that we all would end relationship with him if he doesn't agree, just for mere 16% Share would you let this happen?

Please shed some light, I am going nuts.

All of you jointly issue legal notice

All of you jointly issue legal notice to him for partition if he deny file suit for partition.he cannot defend on nomination.



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