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pooja (hr)     26 August 2014

I don't want divorce but in laws force my husband to divorce

I am 27 years old got married 2 and a half years back ...when i was 7 months pregnant my husband and i had a fight and he left me and went to his parents house?

it has been 3 and a half months he is not taking my calls not supporting me with money.m unemployed... I HAVE TO GIVE RENT OF MY HOUSE .........in between i delivered a baby boy but now he has filed a complaint in family court against me and threatening me for  DIVORCE.. i have a baby boy ...doctors are telling me to rest but my "In laws are irritating my parents for divorce what to do....m in tension where will i go with a small baby and in this condition...???please HELP..my husband.. he's a mama's boy that's what really bothers me....my mother in law is a typical TV serial mother in law poking me in every situation....i am not that kind.. i don't fight i rather leave the room when she shouts at me.. .my husband is a dummy in front of her he doesn't speak in front of her and behind her back he blames me for everything she does...
  • ..my husband is putting a condition to leave everything ( furniture my clothes and everything..) at our house and telling me if i want to save my marriage then live with my in laws or else is divorce.....actually he's a mama's boy that's what really bothers me....my mother in law is a typical TV serial mother in law poking me in every situation....i am not that kind.. i don't fight i rather leave the room when she shouts at me.. .my husband is a dummy in front of her he doesn't speak in front of her and behind her back he blames me for everything she does...please give me some legal help what can i do?...i want to save my marriage and don't want to live with my in laws or else they will do something extreme i want to protect myself and the new born baby


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Tajobsindia (Senior Partner )     26 August 2014

1. I am not sure of the nature of Complaint in Family Court that you tell me here. Explain the Section of The Act or The Code it is filed under. 

2. If he is seeking divorce and you donot want then wait for the Court to adjudicate his allegations paras read with his produced evidences to come at conclusion if it is fit case to award Decree in Divorce or not to a party. Meanwhile during Counseling you may express desire to return back to shared household as well as interim maintenance. You may also seek relief in Civil Matrimonial Court for sending both parties to a Marriage Counselor to rectify – fine tune respective shortcomings and for improvement of marital relationships. During Counseling you may also request your husband to take separate home on rent as per financial capacity near to matrimonial home and live with you and the minor child of the parties. He can juggle his responsibilities to his parents and towards you equally and thus a marriage can be saved if appropriate steps by both are taken.  

3. Every person to a marriage has his/her own personality and being mama’s boy is not a long term dampener to marriage likewise in same breadth being natal home (your)  follower if alleged by his side to you is also not a dampener in marriage. Both spouses have love, attachment to their parents all that is required is tolerance by other and respect to such attachments. Marriage requires fine handling of day-to-day affairs by both parties and respective ego in spouses does never help. 

4. You may file S. 125 CrPC Application for interim maintenance for yourself and for the minor by arranging an Advocate found via reference. 

Very limited advice could be given on your brief. See what helps in saving your marriage from any/all of the above. 

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Happily Divorced (TL)     26 August 2014

You should have thought before having kids. Now u r in catch22 situation, unrest is the only option available to you couple.


1. Use your ammunition and get divorced with "some" monetary benefits.

2. Stay with ur in-laws and show your tantrums by creating unrest.

3. Wait patiently for better time so that you can save your married life and life of a new-born kid.

pooja (hr)     27 August 2014

i was forced to have a kid my mother in law was accusing me of infertility...my husbands nature was very polite till he was with me but now its 360 degree turned now he's abusive and disrespect towards me and my whole family including every single person who tried to console him to take a separate home and live with me and the baby....i said to him if u want divorce why did you went to family court for reconcile and  Counseling...file for divorce directly!! ....he said he can't directly force divorce against me because we just had a baby..going to  family court is a process of filling for divorce that you first establish that there is a dispute between husband and wife...

my husband is accusing me of domestic violence and domestic dispute  he can't prove it ......i never said or done anything abusive or violent but he's absolutely not in favour of living together NOW.....when he said to leave everything was the last offer he gave me....he said he will not give me another chance of happiness and i am confused what is going on?? i don't know what hapend to him why he's behaving like that all of a sudden...he said his mother told him that a year ago i TRIED to slap her ....A YEAR AGO!!--(NEVER HAPPEND SHE'S LYING)

again after all the love and trust ....my mother in law lied and my husband believed it to be true.


...can family court force my husband to live with me like before ....can family court force him to give maintenance and child support right away....or i may loose my house because of rent problem

pooja (hr)     27 August 2014

the complaint in family court filed by my husband is


...which is false because engagement and marriage was completely sponcored by my parents and my parents has given me furniture and clothes and a car and cash to my husband.

my whole life is upside down right now.....m very much in tension and also i have to take care of a newly born..please HELP

All is NOT well (Harrased by Biased Laws)     28 August 2014



I don't understand what's the harm you have living with your in-laws? Remember history repeats itself...Tomorrow if the same thing is done by your bahu along with other fake criminal cases then...


Or would you mind if the new born will not be mamma's boy/girl ?


So Please think twice and try to save your marriage...for the new born and his future...

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Tapanr (MD)     28 August 2014


My case is the same with gender reversal.....it is MY WIFE DOING the same as your husband.

I let her do what ever she wanted to do.

She applied for 13 1B and irrerievable damage.

My lawyers adviced to not appear in Court at all.

In the last hearing in last days of July, lawyer told me that the Court screamed on my wife.

The case is headed for dismissal.

Since I am not a lawyer, I cannot give you legal advice. Trust God. Marriages are made in Heaven. No human can keep souls apart.

If you are able to, find a job to support your living and ur child. Let him dance his mood out and get exhausted. then he will talk. this is the same medicine i tried on my wife and is working..........I also abused and insulted my In-laws (her entire family) on emails.....you dont need to do that.....stop calling him.......this medicine was prescribed to me by my professor in University who practices Organisational Psychology.

Please read my case on following links....  https://www.lawyersclubindia.com/forum/details.asp?mod_id=107529&offset=1#.U_8eVmMwDRk

the detailed case history thread seems to be deleted.

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pooja (hr)     29 August 2014

now i am in that situation i am willing to go to any extent to save my marriage just for my baby's future...but my husband is not willing to live with me at all .....now he is not willing to stay with me with in laws house also....he just want divorce because his mother says so....he just want.divorce nothing else...now a days i cry a lot ....and remember those days when i was happy with him...my husband and i are not that couple who fight a lot....2 and 1/2 years we argued may be barely 4-5 time we were a very happy couple.....i don't understand what happend.

Tapanr (MD)     29 August 2014


Please do not get depressed.


2. No one partner gets a divorce simply because he/she wants it. There has to be a strong backing ground. Cases do get dismissed.

3. My wife had applied for divorce because I exposed her mother's extra marital affairs and abused my father in law on emails daily for 3 years, CC to the whole family.....

4. In the previous hearing Court had screamed upon my wife. Since I am not appearing in Court, I dont know the details.
 Soon I will let you know.

Dont worry. Your husband is only playing arm twisting with you.

5. If finances are an issue, start working.

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jessica   03 December 2017

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Rishi kumar   04 December 2017

Hi Pooja, 

you accuse your mom in law as a serial type. And you say you are not like that. ie, you are a submissive , good TV type daughter in law. So where is the problem? You won't fight back, you won't complain about your mother in law to your husband. Then how can there be a fight with your husband? It takes two hands to clap. 

Pooja, remember, time flies. In no time your little boy will grow up and ask for his father. You can project him as a villain. But how long? Once your parents are no more, there won't be anyone to pamper you. Slowly your son will think you have denied him all the luxuries of growing up with a father and hold you responsible. Ultimately, he will get married. Then  history will repeat. Our will blame your daughter in law. You were not able to get along with the father of your child and how will you get along with your son's wife.? You can project yourself as a victim and tell every Tom d**k and Harry about how everyone let you down. Not many takers. Accept your husbands conditions  and patch up with mom in law and reign like a queen. Choice is yours. Take it or leave it. 

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