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Radhey (Owner)     09 October 2010

Husband find better solution to 498-kills 4 of wife's family


Husband finds better solution to false 498a-kills four of wife's family

Just watch this VDO and please give your precious views.




If indian government will not wake up this will be a solution for innocent people to protect themselves from false 498A

Join the Social Activism to save the crumbling indian family system and fight against gender biased indian draconian laws

Visit to join


 21 Replies


I know all this sites.

Good thing is that

go to you tubes

And read all those comments. Much more discussion in this forum too.

So Indian govt. are sleeping don’t wake up ,govt is like kumbhkarna

Dekho hum log jagane ki koshish kar rahe hai !

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Roshni B.. (For justice and dignity)     09 October 2010

the man who killed the wife & her family was a big fool.

he'll now be charged with murder case and face imprisonment for many yrs.


in 498A if the case was false,he shud have rather faced trial boldly and proved her allegations wud not have resulted in conviction,as convictions rates are low since matters are settled in a few years if not months.

but he thot by murdering them he'll be free from it...dat was his mistake

it cud also be that he was tempered and egoist,and was a real cud not tolerate the wife challenging him legally.after all which abuser will admit that his wife has filed a genuine case.


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Radhey (Owner)     09 October 2010

May be the husband quite innocent ,but enraged to see that a false case is filed against him and his family,and seeing probable arrest of himself and his family got Mad and did this all.

now Law may convict him for doing this crime,but it would never be seen that who is the real culprit behind this mis-happening.


great man, he has set an example for all bravo to follow.he has remained in jail for 3 months.but i feel he is innocently being trapped into murder case now. he shud be given benefit of doubt.

if such few more examples are set in india say 1000 cases over next three months problem of false 498a and false dowry cases will be over forever.

there was a dialogue in jurassic park

"Ultimately nature finds its way"

Sreenivas V (S/W)     10 October 2010

@Roshini says 'the man who killed the wife & her family was a big fool'

I think instead of saying fool we should say not matured enough person. This is what happening always in angry wife files false 498A which is wrong and again in angry husband killing like this will never end up the things.

My feeling is that he should have tried to fight the case and once win the case then he can do a lot of other things to take revenge instead of killing. Actually the girls who files false 498A should not be killed, but they should suffer their life long without dying for the misatkes they have done, so others will deter in filing false cases.

Also courts should complete the 498A cases verfy fast (in 1 yr and punish the guilty) not prololing it to many yrs like 7 to 10 yrs which is leading to these types of situations.

Democratic Indian (n/a)     10 October 2010

Taking law into one's own hands is absolutely a wrong idea. TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE.
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Radhey (Owner)     10 October 2010

Mr.DI, I know that u are not only a knowledgeable but a very prudent person.

But here sir,when the laws are wrong,and someone is aggrieved enough to take laws in his own hand,who is responsible,that aggrieved person or that foolish law ??

Bhartiya No. 1 (Nationalist)     10 October 2010

The killer person is surely either an insane or cruel/murderer one, as no sane can do this type of things. Taking law into one's own handsmay land up us in civil unrest/anarchy

 He would rather must have been harassing or beating his wife. 

Anyway truth will come out.

By the way Mr. Radhey  how can u support killing and there are so many other routes are available.

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Radhey (Owner)     10 October 2010


I believe there are certain Indian Laws and Indian legal system itself, which are responsible for many many Crimes in India.

Suppose a landlord who knows that he would never get his property vacated legally,if he hires a mafia person and gets this errant tenant killed,who is responsible for this crime---fro me either the Govt.or the tenant himself or the both, but not the landlord.

Similar is the case here, I do not feel that this killer may be a killer in true sense,if the 498 complaint is false,it is either the killed ones or the Govt. or the both ,who are responsible for this crime but never the husband....... 


498a application means he had killed half (3yrs imprisonment).now if he says he did it a rage of anger he killed full(7ys).

he completed wat was alleged half . great man, salutes to him. he did not murder .may be it was culpable homicide d/t sudden aggravation of anger caused by his fathers' death on release from jail.

Bhartiya No. 1 (Nationalist)     10 October 2010

Mr. Radhey Brother,

Then everyone will be on killing spree and only stronger will survive. Also who will judge the killing or the killer is just.


How can one kill anyone with whom he has spent some part of his life?


Wives too will start killing. I think this (so much hatred) is not the answer especially in family/matrimonial matters.




Only thru right of self defense killing can be justified.


What u are telling is something else, sometimes lawless environment is used to be motivational factor for crime. This off course needs change.

J. P. Shah (RTI & CONSUMER ACTIVIST)     10 October 2010

Violence has no place in civil society, but for that society must have just and fair laws and equally just and fair enforcement. Internal terrorism is result of injustice and atrocities by system on tribals who had no  remedy in sight except to retaliate by force and violence.


if this trend of false 498a continues i fear SIFF may be the next terrorist organisation after al qaeda and lashker.

Radhey (Owner)     11 October 2010

Yeah,Mr.JP shah totally agree with U.

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